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Dream Team

Dream third person.



Alex: what do you want green man

Wilbur: yes Dream?

Toby: yeah?

George: CLAY

I have the best news

Nick: and that is...?

Alex: use your words big man

Wilbur: oh god

Toby: what is it :D

George: your news is never good.

George shut up. Anyways, I'm planning a meet up. With us all, including Aiyla, but she doesn't know yet. Neither does Tommy because he's got a big mouth and we can't trust him. So don't tell them. Me and Phil will pay for everyone's tickets down to the UK that needs one, and we will meet up at an AIR B&B. To surprise Aiyla, you guys heard what happened with her mum right?

Nick: yeah I heard, i feel bad for her.

Alex: what happened to her mom?

Wilbur: she passed away like a week ago.

Alex: oh-

George: it is really sad news. I liked her mum, she was nice to me.

Toby: yeah...

Is everyone down for that?

Nick: why are you asking me😐


Wilbur: of course I'm down, I live

Right by Aiyla anyways.

George: She loves me guys, she'll be happier to see me.

Toby: Dream?

Yes Toby?

Toby: can I talk to you privatly? Like on a call for a mineurt?

Yes of course :)

The man who goes by the name Dream, or some know him as Clay. Clicks off of the group chat, and opens a private chat with the young boy, clicking the call button and raising his phone to his ear. It rang once, before he heard the soft yet some how loud voice of the boy.

"Clay Uhm. About the meetup?" He said, sounding as if his voice was shaking.

"What about it?" Dream asked, he didn't have any reasons on the too if his head as to why the boy would decline.

"Aiyla- me and her aren't really on the best of terms right now... and- and meeting her I don't- I don't think it's a good idea yet..." he said, voice breaking a few times mid sentence. Dream thought for a moment, he had heard about the two teens problem, but wasn't sure if it was resolved. This answered his questions as a no.

"Well, I'm sure she'll love to see you Toby. I know you too aren't on good terms, but you're both really good friends. I'm sure she'd love a visit from you."

"Maybe you're right...I don't know though"

"Listen; she loves you, a lot. You two have became so close in such a short amount of time, and it's astonishing. I'm actually really shocked you two hit it off so well." He took a deep breathing before continuing. "I know you may be nervous she won't like it, but I know damn fucking well she would love it." Dream heard a faint sound of a sigh from the other end. Silence came over the two boys for awhile. Until the young one spoke;

"You're right. I'll try. if she doesn't appereciate- apprecate- appreciate it, then oh well. Thanks Clay" with that, the younger boy Tubbo hung up.

Tommy POV:

Aiylas been doing better, it's been about two days since she got sick and posted that tweet. I've never seen a girl get so much love from other people. I'm so glad that her fans support her, instead of hate on her...well, there's still some hate, but I make sure she doesn't see it. I check Twitter every morning before she wakes up, i go through trending and make sure no hate is there. As well as checking her comments on her account. It takes awhile, but it's worth it to keep her happy.

She's been sleeping on the air mattress beside my bed, I moved my desk over to the far side of the room, instead of in the middle the make room. She's been spending a lot of time in the bathroom recently, she said she was scared she'd get sick again. And she didn't want that to happen. I tried to tell her she was going to be okay, and that it wouldn't happen again. But she doesn't want to risk anything.

She's been being extremely cautious on her eating to. I worry some days, she goes hours without eating, and then only a few moments later she's eating everything she was given.


Tommy| @TommyInnit

Hello hello bitches and bitchettes, how are you all doing? I just wanted to pop onto here, and tell you all how grateful @Alaskaxo is. She says she wouldn't be here right now without you guys, and she promises to stream as soon as possible.

11:15 am



Dream POV:

I can't Believe this is happening, all of the fans- oh my god. I'm finally meeting everyone, after almost two years. I've never been this excited, why am I so excited?. I wasn't this excited when I met Nick, why am I so jittery now?. I'm finally meeting George, oh my fuck I get to meet George. George Davidson. My best friend of how long now? I finally get to meet him.

The best part about this, is Tubbo and Alaska. I'm bringing those two together, they love each other. I can tell, it's hella obvious, of course they love each other they're best friends. Tubbo talks so highly of her, same as her with him. I think they're really gonna hit it off.

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