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The Spirit Valley!

An old man in a dark Taoist robe tried to float in the air.

When he could see the entire Spirit Valley, he finally stopped and stood in the air with his hands behind his back.

He looked at the people who were cultivating hard and nodded.

"Everyone, stop! I'll make an announcement!"

"The outer sect disciple assessment will begin at the end of this month. Those who pass will be directly promoted to inner sect disciples. Those who do not pass will be expelled from the sect!"

"I hope that everyone will make good use of their time to cultivate and strive to shine in this assessment!"

The voice spread in all directions and finally reached the ears of everyone in the valley.

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man's figure disappeared in the air, as if no one had ever been there.

"What's the situation?"

The outer sect disciples who were cultivating all looked up when they heard the sound.

However, they did not see anyone.

He didn't know where the voice came from.

"There's an assessment this month?"

After asking around, he found out that it was an elder who had told him.

In a short while, a few people immediately gathered together and started discussing.

"No, I'm only at the fourth layer of the Qi cultivation!"

"You're not bad, I'm only at the peak of the third layer!"

"Alas, I won't be expelled from the sect, right?"

"What's there to be afraid of? there's still Zhou Yun at the bottom!"

"That's right, he's only at first layer of Qi cultivation. I'm at the second layer of Qi cultivation, what have I got to be afraid of?"

Zhou Yun also heard the news at this time. He laughed bitterly in his heart.

"Have they decided to lay off the staff? It seems that the spiritual Qi in this world is really not enough!"

For some unknown reason, the spiritual Qi in this world had started to decline a thousand years ago.

It became thinner and thinner.

In the past one thousand years, countless spiritual Springs had dried up due to the dissipation of spiritual Qi.

Many powerful sects that relied on the spiritual mountains and spiritual s prings were also destroyed.

There were even some places where the spiritual Qi was thin to begin with. The spiritual Qi completely dissipated, and they were reduced to ordinary soil.

The resources of the entire cultivation world were becoming more and more scarce.

As a result, the various sects became at daggers drawn.

They all started to fight for resources.

Many forces would not hesitate to fight for a bit of cultivation resources.

In the past few decades, the entire immortal cultivation world had been in a state of chaos.

Countless powerful forces were reduced to ashes.

Later on, the various sects realized that it was not a good idea to continue fighting like this.

They could only find another way out.

In the end, everyone unanimously decided to fire the sect's outer disciples to reduce the pressure of the shortage of spiritual Qi.

This was the only method the sects could think of.

By reducing the unnecessary consumption of immortal cultivation resources, they could slow down the rate of spiritual Qi depletion.

As a result, the major sects began to lay off disciples.

It was only now that the Spirit Valley had finally decided to lay off members.

As soon as the news of the dismissal was announced, some people in the Spirit Valley were happy and some were sad.

The inner sect disciples were naturally delighted.

Many of the inner court disciples gloated when they heard the news.

"This year's outer sect disciple examination will definitely be very exciting. Who knows, there might be quite a number of people who will risk their lives!"

"Haha, it's good to see more blood!"

They teased him with a relaxed expression.

This was because they didn't need to take the test and could still watch the show.

Moreover, reducing the number of outer disciples was equivalent to increasing their cultivation resources.

As early as a hundred years ago, there was news that the Spirit Valley was going to lay off desciples.

At that time, they were still outer sect disciples, so naturally, they had been in a state of apprehension for many years.

Only when he broke through to the Qi cultivation stage and became an inner sect disciple did he finally relax.

And the news of the layoff was not necessarily good for the current outer disciples.

Especially for Zhou Yun, who was at the bottom of the outer disciples, it was definitely bad news.

Zhou Yun had entered the sect for a year.

The students in the same batch as him had already broken through to fourth or fifth layer of Qi cultivation.

They all joined the various instructors.

He was the only one who had not been able to break through.

He was also an outer sect disciple, so he naturally had to participate in the outer sect disciple assessment this time.

And among the outer sect disciples, his cultivation realm was the lowest.

First layer of Qi cultivation!

The juniors who entered the sect a stage later than him had basically broken through to second or third layer.

In other words, he was probably the cultivator with the lowest realm in the entire Spirit Valley.

So, if everything went as planned, he would definitely be first on the layoff list.

"There's less than a month left. If I can't break through by then, I'll be in trouble."

Zhou Yun could feel the weak spiritual Qi in his body and he smiled bitterly.

Cultivation was already very difficult.

He was afraid that he would never be able to break through in his life.

If one wanted to step onto the immortal path, cultivation resources were indispensable.

In terms of wealth, companion, law, land, wealth referred to spirit stones.

In this era where spiritual Qi was scarce.

Without spirit stones, it would be impossible to break through just by absorbing spiritual Qi.

Originally, cultivating in the Spirit Valley would give them some leftover cultivation resources.

If he left Spirit Valley, he would not even have these scraps.

At that time, there would be no more hope.

Even though he had already expected this outcome.

After all, it wasn't just a year or two since the Spirit Valley wanted to lay off employees.

It was already known to everyone.

However, he still felt a little unwilling in his heart.

He had been cultivating all this time, but he was stuck at the first stage.

He had been unable to advance an inch.

"Could it be because of transmigration?"

Zhou Yun kept thinking about the reason why he could not break through.

Other than transmigration, he could not think of any other possibility.

He was originally an office worker on planet Bluect, and when he woke up, he found himself in this place.

He had even transmigrated to a host with the same name as him.

When he first came, he was already at the first level of essence. Now, a year had passed, and he was still at the first level.

"It should be because I transmigrated, so I can't absorb the spiritual Qi here."

Zhou Yun recalled the students who were originally in the same batch as him but had now entered the tutelage of their respective instructors. He sighed in his heart.

He was clearly the most hardworking student in his batch.

However, his cultivation level was the lowest in the sect.

Even some of the juniors slowly turned from admiration to disdain.

Now that he was facing the risk of being laid off, he was very unwilling.

It wasn't easy to experience such an exciting life.

How could he be a mortal again?

Just as he was in despair, an emotionless voice sounded in his mind.

"The God-level sudden enlightenment system has awakened!"

Zhou Yun suddenly raised his head.


His originally disappointed eyes were immediately filled with hope.

Then, he was a little uncertain.

"The system is a God-level enlightenment system. Would you like to bind it?"

The system's cold voice was like the sound of nature in his ears.

Having read all kinds of novels, he naturally knew the weight of this sentence in his mind.

Zhou Yun's heart, which had been tensed up for many years, finally relaxed at this moment.

His plug-in was in his account!

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