Fairy Tail: I Am Not The Most Terrifying Wizard

Deception Magic? "It's just a weak magic that merely deceives the five senses, 7 basic emotions and six desires," Everit would often say, but no one truly believed it! Natsu: I remember spending an entire day with Everit in the forest, only to realize from Happy that we were actually fishing by the river that day! Gray: I thought I had worn clothes countless times until Master scolded me for walking around shirtless all year! Erza: I used to dismiss Everit's magic as mere trickery. It wasn't until my face erupted in acne after unknowingly consuming chili peppers for a month! Lucy: I once underestimated Everit's strength. It wasn't until we were utterly exhausted from battling the Dark Mages that we realized he had already... Wendy: Despite Mr. Everit's gentle demeanor, he’s really scary. Laxus: Everit, I'd rather not fight with you. "..." Everit could only sigh, "I'm just a weak wizard without offensive magic." ********* *THIS IS A TRANSLATION* https://www.69shu.pro/book/57523.htm Fairy Tail: I am not the most terrifying wizard 妖尾:我才不是最恐怖的魔导士 This is a translation of Chinese Novel. **** Support me on my patreon and read upto 15 early chapters. https://www.patreon.com/AniScout

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Chapter 32 : Uninvited Guest!!


Jose's magic surged forth, breaking through the tension of the moment.

Aria stood facing Everit, who despite his covered eyes, sensed the intense gaze fixed upon him.

Everit adjusted his glasses, bracing himself for the impending clash.

As the imminent battle loomed, Everit furrowed his brow.

Suddenly, a familiar and unsettling sound echoed through the air.

An elderly man emerged silently onto the battlefield.

His unkempt white hair and clean-shaven face mirrored the sorrow in Aria's eyes. Clad in a white priest's robe, he carried a large black coffin.

In his left hand, he held a weathered brown book, while his right wiped away tears.

"Ah, let us not resort to violence," he implored with genuine sincerity. "The world is a beautiful place, and we must protect it with peace, not conflict."

Both sides turned their attention to this unexpected guest.

"Please, let us not fight. Let us not forsake peace," the old man pleaded tearfully.

Jose and the others exchanged glances. "Patrick, what brings you here?" Jose inquired with a smile.

Patrick cried as he responded, "I heard the commotion and felt compelled to intervene. Master Jose, Master Makarov, let us embrace peace and harmony. Violence is not the answer."

"You witnessed it as well," Jose remarked with a smile. "They attacked my guild, and I merely defended myself. If you truly seek to maintain peace, then you should stand with me."

"Is that so?" Patrick cast a mournful glance at Makarov and Everit, his eyes brimming with tears. When his gaze fell upon Everit, he hesitated for a moment.

"Indeed," Jose continued, feigning indignation. "Look at how they threaten the existence of my guild."

"In that case, Master Makarov, as the leader of Fairy Tail, can you condone such acts of aggression? As a member of the guild alliance, you should uphold peace, not trample upon it," Patrick appealed, his tear-filled eyes betraying a sense of dread.

"Three against two," Jose boasted triumphantly to Everit.

"Patrick," Everit addressed him sternly. "Do you truly understand the consequences of your actions?"

With those words, Everit advanced, his magic surging forth and causing the very air to tremble. The members of the Phantom Lord Guild felt an overwhelming sense of dread, as if standing on the precipice of an abyss.

"Everit?" Natsu inquired, lifting his head to the upper floors. "I sense his mood... it's not good."

"When did he arrive?" Gray questioned, perplexed by the sudden turn of events. 

"It seems that what was vaguely noticed just now was actually Everit arriving," Erza frowned slightly.

"Everit, don't act impulsively!" Makarov waved his hand to halt Everit behind him.

Jose's strength was not much different from his.

If the two were to clash, Everit would have to face both Aria and Patrick.

Aria was manageable. In a one-on-one fight, Everit would have no trouble defeating him.

But Patrick is not weaker than Jose, so he must not be careless!

Moreover, Patrick can definitely be considered an extremely challenging enemy, especially with his magic, which presents a relatively difficult type for Everit to handle!

It's unfortunate that Laxus and several other S-Class mages are not in the guild; otherwise, they would never find themselves at such a disadvantage this time!

But for now, this situation can only be accepted.

"Your words are too ominous," Patrick remarked.

The attack came suddenly, as a sharp spike shot up from the ground, aimed directly at Everit's face, incredibly fast!

Makarov, who was always vigilant, instinctively reached out to block it.

However, the spike pierced through the giant's hand, drawing blood, and came within mere centimeters of Everit's eyes.


Makarov struck with force.

Everit looked slightly moved and remarked, "Master, you know I'm an illusion; there's no way he can harm me."

"But, Everit," Makarov said without turning back, "it's a parent's instinct to protect their children from harm."

Everit fell silent.

Makarov withdrew his bloody left hand, glanced at Jose, and spoke in a solemn tone, "I will present my case to the Magic Council and await a fair judgment."

"Everit, let's go."

With that, Makarov turned away.

"Are you going to leave just like that?" Jose smirked.

"Do not provoke a lioness protecting her cubs!" Makarov snapped back, sharply turning to face Jose.

Jose's proud smile froze, and a bead of sweat trickled down his forehead.

There's still a little time left!

Now is not the time to completely anger Makarov!

He had orchestrated a surprise attack previously, and it remained the optimal strategy to capture Makarov without causing any harm.

If he couldn't prevail, he truly didn't wish to engage in a life-or-death battle with Makarov today. Even with Patrick's assistance, facing the Wizard Saint was perilous. 

He wasn't willing to jeopardize his own life or the path of magic for the remainder of his days for a slim chance at victory.

Furthermore, he harbored no trust in Patrick. Patrick was not an ally. He was a psychopath. Placing his faith in such an individual was out of the question.

Makarov escorted Everit away, and neither Jose nor Patrick uttered another word.


Confusion clouded the faces of everyone in Fairy Tail as they looked at Makarov.

"Let us halt the conflict for the time being. We have inflicted injuries on their side, and they, too, have casualties. We shall leave the matter to the Magic Council for judgment. They will administer justice," Makarov declared.

Though he doubted the Magic Council's ability to make any meaningful decisions, he presently required a pretext, if only to avoid further confrontation today.

Patrick was a formidable enemy, and his magic posed grave danger. Engaging in combat further risked grievous harm or worse.

"Yes," murmured the discontented members of Fairy Tail, though none voiced their objections.

The Phantom Lord Guild possessed considerable level combat prowess, and they were nearly equally matched. But with Makarov's injury just now and the absence of several S-class members, they are now at a disadvantage.

Continuing the battle would prove detrimental to their cause!

"Master, Lucy has been captured," Erza reported.

"Fear not, I have ascertained Lucy's whereabouts," Everit's voice resonated throughout the room.

"Lucy..." Natsu's concern ignited his flames uncontrollably.

As they exited the guild, Everit's voice reached them.

"Let's go."

Natsu offered no response.

Following the Master's lead, they departed the Phantom Lord Guild and traversed the streets.

With Everit's magic aiding them, Natsu and Happy discreetly broke away from the group.

Makarov glanced in their direction and inquired, "Can Natsu handle this alone?"

"I 'investigated' and concluded that Natsu is more than capable of handling a mere handful of opponents," Everit affirmed.

At the top floor of the Phantom Lord Guild, Jose and Patrick stood by the window, observing the departing Fairy Tail members below.

He lifted a goblet, pouring a measure of red wine, swirling it gently before speaking with a hint of emotion, "Makarov had grown old and timid."

Patrick wept softly, murmuring, "As age advances, so does the longing for sanctuary beneath a just order. Fear of loss is not a mark of shame. It is but a yearning for tranquility."

Jose glanced disdainfully at Patrick.

In that moment,

He stepped back abruptly—

Sensing the subtle flux of magic!

Though faint, nearly imperceptible!

Without hesitation, he enshrouded himself and Aria in darkness.


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