Fairy Tail: I Am Not The Most Terrifying Wizard

Author: Ani_Scout
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What is Fairy Tail: I Am Not The Most Terrifying Wizard

Read ‘Fairy Tail: I Am Not The Most Terrifying Wizard’ Online for Free, written by the author Ani_Scout, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Deception Magic?"It's just a weak magic that merely deceives the five senses, 7 basic emotions and six desires," Everit ...


Deception Magic? "It's just a weak magic that merely deceives the five senses, 7 basic emotions and six desires," Everit would often say, but no one truly believed it! Natsu: I remember spending an entire day with Everit in the forest, only to realize from Happy that we were actually fishing by the river that day! Gray: I thought I had worn clothes countless times until Master scolded me for walking around shirtless all year! Erza: I used to dismiss Everit's magic as mere trickery. It wasn't until my face erupted in acne after unknowingly consuming chili peppers for a month! Lucy: I once underestimated Everit's strength. It wasn't until we were utterly exhausted from battling the Dark Mages that we realized he had already... Wendy: Despite Mr. Everit's gentle demeanor, he’s really scary. Laxus: Everit, I'd rather not fight with you. "..." Everit could only sigh, "I'm just a weak wizard without offensive magic." ********* *THIS IS A TRANSLATION* https://www.69shu.pro/book/57523.htm Fairy Tail: I am not the most terrifying wizard 妖尾:我才不是最恐怖的魔导士 This is a translation of Chinese Novel. **** Support me on my patreon and read upto 15 early chapters. https://www.patreon.com/AniScout

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I know this translator updates regularly and that’s about the only good thing this fic has going for it. The mc is ridiculously weak for his abilities, it doesn’t seem like the main plot of Fairy Tail is going to be affected in any way which would be fine if the character was interesting and impacted the characters at least. Something that absolutely takes me away from this story is the severe inconsistency in power, one moment the mc struggles to illusion some bandits and even fails to trick one of them, but the next he manages to trick everyone in the guild including Makarov and the S-class wizards for several minutes at the same time?!?


It's actually quite an interesting story. Mc is a nice little trickster, an enigma which can even confuse readers. I was smiling the whole story. so good job. this story is indeed better than other Chinese - cultivation hybrids. +1 point, no Pokemon collecting harem +1 point. the translation is good (no MTL things) +1. unique personality mc +1. No Mary Sue +1. From what I know - Fairy Tail World doesn't need overpowered MC that much. because it makes the story too predictable. Being OP is mostly interesting in long or frequent war fics anyway. otherwise, in peace times it's just mostly flexing and simping for MC. good job and more please (:


Bad quality fanfic, translation subpar, Mc got Aizen (Bleach) power. Quite disappointing


It's a great book and I really enjoy it, I recommend people to read it and ignore the one star reviews because in my opinion they are either biased or have too much of high expectation.


great translation but that's about all I can say about this time it's honestly bad disappointing the translator stop this other amazing fairy tale translation for this one there really is nothing more to say than it's underwhelming


the start was pretty rough. because it's full of confusing stuff like who is talking and why he talk about this topic and suddenly talk about different topic kinda situation but as i progress reading. idk if I just adapt or the quality improve a bit altho still have some confusing stuff but it definitely felt better. story was actually pretty nice and when you read this. unlike most boring story where MC just there and not bring anything to the table. this story makes me feel like the MC belong here. also ignore the reviews from people who only read a few chapters. as I said. the start is pretty confusing but as it progresses. it's actually pretty good and can get you addicted if you like aizen type of MC


this is trash its just another canon rehash, the mc is a useless side character that doesn't add to the plot this is trash its just another canon rehash, the mc is a useless side character that doesn't add to the plot


I thought he actually tried to translate this but he just copy pasted it into chat gpt and bro still wants people to subscribe to his patreon, utterly shameless it tell ya.


I've enjoyed the story so far. I see quite a lot of mystery regarding the main character, and I can see how his existence has helped and effected people around him. Truly a job well done! I look forward to more.


Don't listen to the 1 star reviews, its a decent read. The translation is the only thing thats difficult since if your writing about illusions, tricks and mind games, you need to have some decent english writing skills otherwise your just confusing the reader.


The main character is not weak and the work does not simply repeat the canon. So many bad reviews... Although I wouldn't give 5 stars, but to balance out the other reviews


Everybody speaks too eloquently. Even happy sounds too posh. I know it's not the TL's fault but it gets too bourgeois for my taste


je suis desole mais l'histoire est bonne et drole je comprend vraiment pas tous ces commentaires jai failli ne pas la lire a cause de ca si vous cherche un mc surpuissant avec un harem enorme alle ailleurs mais si vous chercher un e bonne histoire rester


The only way I could do that was if you wanted


uma novel boazinha, deu um estilo Fairy tail, divertinho um 7/10, bom para uma leitura casual, a magia dele é bem unica, ele ja começar forte é bom


Nice to read. Everit is quite fun. Even for someone who doesent know much about Fairy Tail.


how strong is mc?


Reveal spoiler


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