Fairy Tail: I Am Not The Most Terrifying Wizard

Deception Magic? "It's just a weak magic that merely deceives the five senses, 7 basic emotions and six desires," Everit would often say, but no one truly believed it! Natsu: I remember spending an entire day with Everit in the forest, only to realize from Happy that we were actually fishing by the river that day! Gray: I thought I had worn clothes countless times until Master scolded me for walking around shirtless all year! Erza: I used to dismiss Everit's magic as mere trickery. It wasn't until my face erupted in acne after unknowingly consuming chili peppers for a month! Lucy: I once underestimated Everit's strength. It wasn't until we were utterly exhausted from battling the Dark Mages that we realized he had already... Wendy: Despite Mr. Everit's gentle demeanor, he’s really scary. Laxus: Everit, I'd rather not fight with you. "..." Everit could only sigh, "I'm just a weak wizard without offensive magic." ********* *THIS IS A TRANSLATION* https://www.69shu.pro/book/57523.htm Fairy Tail: I am not the most terrifying wizard 妖尾:我才不是最恐怖的魔导士 This is a translation of Chinese Novel. **** Support me on my patreon and read upto 15 early chapters. https://www.patreon.com/AniScout

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Chapter 31 : Everit in Bad Mood!

Everit turned around slowly, his hand falling from his temple as he rose from bed without a word. 

With a flick of his fingers, he produced a card and swiftly changed attire: a hat, a suit, sneakers, and a knee-length mage cloak, all in pure black, devoid of embellishments or flair, resembling attire suited for a solemn, weighty occasion.

As he reached for his glasses on the table, Mirajane grabbed the glasses, her hands clasped lightly over her chest, eyes brimming with concern. Her voice carried a note of pleading as she spoke, "Everit, promise me you won't kill anyone."

Everit offered a gentle smile in response. "Don't worry, I'm not one to act impulsively."

Mirajane reached out to grasp his arm, but in an instant, the scene shifted before her eyes. In her hand now rested a beautiful, fragrant lily, while Everit had vanished.

"Damn it. My head hurts," Everit muttered, now seated in a speeding carriage, the jostling exacerbating his headache and souring his mood further.

Normally, Everit would observe Natsu and Gray enduring their bouts without intervening, understanding that such skirmishes and injuries were trifling for the duo. 

For instance, when Natsu faced Kageyama's blows, though he appeared disheveled, it scarcely differed from his routine bath, given his resilient nature.

Recognizing that not all mages excelled in direct combat, Everit believed in alternative paths to strength, steering clear of needless confrontation while honing his own abilities.

But to become strong, Natsu and others skilled in direct combat must practice rigorously and engage in battles.

In the anime, Fairy Tail may seem like a fairy tale world.

However, the world of Fairy Tail that Everit found himself in was a harsh reality!

When he was still very young, he witnessed a gruesome scene of two mages locked in combat. The victor decapitated the loser, turning their head into a weapon of dark magic, and committed heinous acts upon the defeated's wife and daughter.

That was the tragedy, Everit, witnessed firsthand!

At that time, he had only just mastered deception magic and lacked powerful weapons like the cane-sword Haven or the revolver Tier. He could only use an ordinary fruit knife and strike from behind.

The stench was foul, the heat scalding.

Darker than pig's blood.

More horrendous than a pig's squeal.

That human face, mirroring his own features—a nose, eyes, and mouth—twisted into a grotesque and terrifying visage!

Those eyes, filled with anger and despair!

Failure isn't just fainting.

Failure is death!

Thus, Everit never ceased encouraging his comrades to grow stronger.

Even if the pursuit of strength is fraught with suffering and hardship, it is the price of empowerment.

However, this doesn't mean he would allow his companions to be gravely injured!

Not Levy!

Not Lucy!

Nor Gray!

Not even Natsu, whom he was at most ease with, should have his limbs broken or face death at the hands of another!

Everit adjusted his glasses with the ring finger of his left hand, but he kept his hand suspended for a while. Half of his face was obscured by his palm. Behind the lenses, his eyes remained calm, devoid of any emotion.

Phantom Lord Guild Headquarters.


Makarov Dreyar, the Guild Master of Fairy Tail, unleashed a Wizard Saints level magic, causing the earth to tremble!

Jose Porla, the Guild Master of Phantom Lord, sat upon his throne, observing the enraged Makarov with a leisurely demeanor, without a hint of concern.

He swirled the goblet filled with red wine and remarked, "Makarov, it's been six years since our last encounter, probably during a guild master meeting. Unpleasantness arose then. I still recall your arrogant disposition vividly."

"Six years have passed, and your magical prowess has noticeably waned. After all, you're transitioning from old age to death."

Six years had passed.

During the regular meeting of the Guild Masters, Jose and Makarov found themselves embroiled in a dispute. Their inebriated minds clashed over which guild was the first in the Kingdom of Fiore, escalating into a physical confrontation that culminated in Jose's defeat.

This animosity brewed for six long years.

Throughout this time, Jose relentlessly plagued the Fairy Tail guild with trouble. Makarov, however, repeatedly endured, hesitant to instigate a war that could result in casualties and devastation.

But there are limits even to the patience of a seasoned leader.

"No parent can stand idly by while their child bleeds!" Makarov declared upon witnessing the plight of Levy and others. Faced with such tragedy, he resolved to take action.

Jose had crossed a line with a veteran of countless battles.

Makarov unleashed a torrent of formidable magic, declaring, "I haven't come here today to exchange pleasantries, Jose!" 

With a furious punch, he enlarged his hand with magic, radiating intimidation.

"Dead Wave!" Jose countered, twisting dark magic into a massive, high-speed rotating spiral that collided with Makarov's fist.

The impact reverberated throughout the Guild Building, shaking its very foundation.

"Hahaha, Makarov, I had no intention of coming here!" Jose scoffed, but his demeanor shifted as a shadow fell upon the shattered floor.


A blonde girl lay bound and helpless.

"Lucy!" Makarov exclaimed in shock, his attention diverted. Another figure appeared—a member of the Phantom Lord, brandishing a sword, poised to strike.

"Stop, you bastard!" Makarov's outcry echoed through the chamber, catching him off guard.

A silent green shadow materialized behind him!

"Oh, it's so sad!"

Suddenly, towering behind Makarov, stood a tall man, his eyes concealed beneath a white cloth, wailing loudly—the head of the Element 4, Aria!

"A powerful mage on the verge of death!"

Aria unleashed his magic, possessing the formidable ability to drain all of his enemies' magical power!

This doesn't bode well!

Makarov was taken aback, but evading was futile!

In that moment, Jose chimed in with a smirk: "Toying with you, securing victory the easy way, and witnessing your demise firsthand, now that's a satisfying win!"

The magical radiance engulfed Makarov!

In this perilous juncture!


A gunshot echoed.

The magic was disrupted.

Aria was startled. Clutching his pierced palm, he swiftly leaped away from Makarov, avoiding being pummeled to death by the Wizard Saints, who had regained his senses.

"Everit," Makarov exclaimed, surprised by the figure at the doorway.

Everit leaned against the door frame, appearing somewhat embarrassed.

With one hand gripping the gun and the other clutching his chest, he gasped for breath.

Not particularly fit, he had hurried over as fast as he could upon sensing the clash of powerful magic, equivalent to that of two Wizard Saints.

Finally, he managed to thwart the plot against Makarov!

"Breathe—just breathe—"

Everit regulated his breathing.

He shook his head.

The intense exertion had caused his blood pressure to soar, exacerbating the pounding ache in his head.

Adjusting his glasses, he approached the guild master slowly, locking eyes with Jose and Aria as he spoke calmly: "Two against two."

"Ah, what a shame," Jose lamented, his tone tinged with regret, "We can't claim victory the easy way. Makarov, you truly have an outstanding successor."


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