Fairy Tail: I Am Not The Most Terrifying Wizard

Deception Magic? "It's just a weak magic that merely deceives the five senses, 7 basic emotions and six desires," Everit would often say, but no one truly believed it! Natsu: I remember spending an entire day with Everit in the forest, only to realize from Happy that we were actually fishing by the river that day! Gray: I thought I had worn clothes countless times until Master scolded me for walking around shirtless all year! Erza: I used to dismiss Everit's magic as mere trickery. It wasn't until my face erupted in acne after unknowingly consuming chili peppers for a month! Lucy: I once underestimated Everit's strength. It wasn't until we were utterly exhausted from battling the Dark Mages that we realized he had already... Wendy: Despite Mr. Everit's gentle demeanor, he’s really scary. Laxus: Everit, I'd rather not fight with you. "..." Everit could only sigh, "I'm just a weak wizard without offensive magic." ********* *THIS IS A TRANSLATION* https://www.69shu.pro/book/57523.htm Fairy Tail: I am not the most terrifying wizard 妖尾:我才不是最恐怖的魔导士 This is a translation of Chinese Novel. **** Support me on my patreon and read upto 15 early chapters. https://www.patreon.com/AniScout

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Chapter 26 : Expressing Love??

"Ur's ice melted, flowing into the sea, but Ur remains alive."

"It's not late yet. Come out and find the right path. Let's not worry Ur and myself any longer."

"Huh, you're the younger one; it's not your place to lecture your elder one!"

Deliora perished.

It signifies the end.

Lyon finally made peace with his past fixations. Though still quite arrogant, he finally acknowledged his mistakes and reconciled with Gray.

However, the resolution of Gray's dilemma doesn't mean everything's settled.

"Awesome, we've completed the S-level mission!" Natsu exclaimed, jumping with joy.

"Yeah!" Lucy stood beside him, admiring. I must say, Natsu's final blow to Deliora was epic!

"Humph." Gray leaned against a rock, his expression relaxed yet proud.

"Ahem." Everit coughed twice as a reminder.

"What's up, Everit? Don't spoil the fun," Natsu grumbled.

"Everit, you look really pale. Have you exhausted too much magic power?" Lucy asked, concerned.


Gray's previously relaxed smile froze. Compared to Natsu, he had a more composed demeanor and had already sensed something amiss through Everit's odd behavior.

"Natsu." Happy tugged at Natsu's sleeve, gesturing towards Erza.

Natsu and Lucy glanced over, their expressions of proud jubilation freezing instantly!

Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Happy all broke out in cold sweats.

Everit lowered his head, remaining silent. He didn't want to bring disaster upon himself.

"Yes, punishment still awaits us!" Lucy said with a pained expression, covering her face with her hands and emitting a silent scream, reminiscent of the famous painting "The Scream."

Erza scowled.

Everyone's bodies and expressions stiffened.

"Before that, there are other tasks to attend to. The mission wasn't just about defeating Deliora," Erza stated.

"That's right!" Lucy recalled, "We need to save the villagers who turned into demons!"

"But..." she continued with doubt, "If Deliora is dead, shouldn't the curse on the village be lifted?"

"Lucy, these two matters are unrelated," Everit reminded her.

"What's going on?" Lucy was bewildered.

"I have a rough idea," Erza said, "Let's return to the village and verify."

Despite her less-than-pleased expression, she still showed concern, "You're all capable of moving, right?"

"No problem," Natsu declared energetically.

"I'm good," Gray nodded.

"Ready to go!" Happy chimed in.

"Though I'm pretty beat, I can manage!" Lucy pinched her calf, feeling the soreness in her muscles.

"Lucy, don't push yourself," Everit cautioned.

"Huh?" Lucy responded hastily. "What?"

"If you keep pushing through the fatigue, you might end up with thicker calves," Everit advised, looking serious.

"Huh? Really?!" Lucy was taken aback. The last thing she wanted was thicker calves!

"Or you might end up all muscly like Natsu," Everit added.

"I don't want that!" Lucy exclaimed firmly.

"What's wrong with being like this?" Natsu grumbled.

He rolled over to inspect his calves, proud of their strength and endurance.

"So," Everit turned to Natsu, speaking solemnly, "the important duty of preserving Lucy's beauty and charm falls upon you, Natsu!"

"Though I don't fully understand," Natsu shrugged. "Just tell me what to do."

"Carry Lucy on your back," Everit instructed.

"You could've said that earlier," Natsu remarked, though Lucy was very—

"Shut up and hurry, Erza is already getting impatient!" Everit cut in sharply.

"Yes!" Natsu jolted, shooting a glance at cold Erza, then swiftly hoisted Lucy onto his back.

"Hey, wait—" Lucy began, but seeing Erza's expression, she wisely held her tongue.

Taking a break might not be a bad idea.

What if my legs actually do get thicker or more muscular?

Erza remained impassive.

Well, she had been expressionless just now, but inwardly, she was thrilled!

How could she not be happy when her idiotic brother finally found a woman?


She couldn't let herself show too much emotion, lest these guys get carried away!

Now, about Everit.

Erza glanced at Everit, and the smile she was about to suppress vanished abruptly, as if doused with cold water.

Natsu's situation was easily resolved, and Lucy was a sensible girl.

Gray was also quite popular.

In truth, the most puzzling character among them was Everit, who seemed to possess the highest emotional intelligence and IQ.

I wonder what sort of girl it would take to tame this enigmatic fellow.

"Alright, Erza, it's time to head back," Everit reminded.

"Of course," Erza replied with a nod.

The group made their way towards the village.

"Hey, Everit," Lucy lay atop Natsu's back, a look of exasperation on her face, as she said, "Even if you're taking pictures, can't you refrain from using your magic? At least let us know.? How can you take pictures with my face like this?!"

"Speaking of which," Gray inquired with curiosity, "Everit, why are you so obsessed with photography?"

Everit set down the camera with a satisfied sigh.

"Life only happens once. Every moment may only occur once."

"The first time holding hands, the first moment of care, the first time carrying someone, the first princess carry."

"The sensation brought about by these first experiences is incomparable to the second, third, or any subsequent times."

"Not just the firsts, there are many seemingly insignificant moments that are actually worth cherishing."

"In essence, these moments are precious and beautiful."

"And so, I feel compelled to capture them."

"I compile them into a booklet and save them for a special occasion to share with you."

"I understand," Erza's eyes softened considerably. She removed her gauntlet, gently patting Everit's head, and remarked softly, "Is this your way of expressing affection? It's quite... unique, Everit."

"Ew, Erza," Everit quickly stepped back, grinning, "I was only joking. I wanted to capture these moments to tease you, haha. Ow!"

Everit let out a few chuckles before Erza landed a punch in his stomach.

The laughter abruptly ceased.

"Can't you accept compliments gracefully?" Gray sighed in exasperation.


Everit flicked his wrist, transforming the camera into a card, and slipped it into his pocket.

The group made their way back to the village.

Erza, being the seasoned S-class mage she was, possessed a level of caution that neither Natsu's recklessness nor Lucy's naivety could match.

She couldn't shake the feeling that things were not as straightforward as they seemed.


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