Evil Devourer: Chaos Bringer in Futuristic World

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What is Evil Devourer: Chaos Bringer in Futuristic World

Read Evil Devourer: Chaos Bringer in Futuristic World novel written by the author MarudameOssan on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering action, romance, r18, magic, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[Hello~ It’s nice to meet you, Rai. Ossa is here to give you an offer.]. An extraterrestrial spirit suddenly appeared before Rai with a contract to play with the Magical Girls in his new favorite novel. He nodded firmly to the sweet offer. In response to helping the Spirit’s evil organization by playing and corrupting Magical Girls, he gained Devour ability to extract Magicule from them. —on that day, an『Evil Devourer』was born in a place that no one knew. Beware, Magical Girls, as that monster was unleashed into the alternate world. A new life full of fun was waiting for him. But who would’ve thought playing with them would be really hard? --- Word Counts = 1800-2000

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Review from your only beloved Ossan. The MC will grow with the story, so I hope you guys can be patient. I will just open it as a Q&A place. Q: Will the MC have Harem? A: Yes, not too big like in the Sins Paradise though Q: How many girls? A: I... don't know. But no more than 3 Q: How strong is the MC? A: Quite strong, but can still be defeated by an individual Q: Is there any NTR scene? A: No Q: Corrupting Magical Girls? What do you mean? A: Just as the title says xD Q: Is there a Yuri relationship between girls? A: The main cast will have no yuri relationship, only friendships The most important one. Q: Any lemons? A: Do you know me? Yes? Okay. Go read Ask your question in the reply! I will answer them as much as I can without giving any spoilers!


So I am kinda a beta-readers? Tester? Either way, I had the honor of reading this when it was still in the preparation phase. The author is already someone experienced with a regular update schedule so don't worry. Now on the story itself, it's a story for cultured people but at the same time it uses special tropes I really like. Mainly: MAGICAL GIRL. I think if you are a fan of Madoka Magika and such a dark turn in the Magical girl type you will like it. Obviously, there will be more... Let's say interesting turn of events. So I will only ask one thing ...Do you like Tentacles?


I like this novel a lot! There are certain elements I definitely like (Magical Girls!) and evil organization! The mascot, Ossa, is so cute. He reminds me of Kyuubei hehe. But, there is one thing that this novel lack. It needs more wholesome moment with magical girls and snu snu! Please add it, author!


Reveal spoiler


Hahahaaha! This book got laughs out of me. I like Rai already, and our little extraterrestrial spirit rat. The whole concept is so new and different, and it has the vibe to make you read more. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone!


I love the idea of a futuristic world that has Magical girls in it. I bet this story is as wholesome as it can be given that it had Magical Girls, right? Right?


As always, the story is iconic and super fun. All of them sci-fi readers should read this one. It has a really cool concept. And ofc, we all love Ossa. The writing of ossan is solid, picturesque, and beautiful. I'm really enjoying this novel so far... hope for more chaps man! Character development is also a 9/10. So -- if you ask me, I'd say it's worth giving a read for everyone!


Ok so, this novel is very good and heres my review on it!World Background: the author did a really nice job on describing the world, only few authors do this MC personality: MC's personality is really good! I like sly and dark MC's veery much! so 5 stars here.Update Schedule: I want more, 4-5 chapters can't satisfy my need! good stories don't have much chapters updated per week, so putting this in my library so I can binge read later!Story Development: Till now, the author did a really good job at story development. I don't know ABOUT the future though!P.S: author, when are you planning to make lock chapters? (if you will do it)


Reveal spoiler


Came here for just one reason. Give me lemon. lemon lemon for the win! Add more lemons, author! I beg you! take those girls! Please please please! this is great novel! please!


one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ... twenty... thirthy... fifty. Why are you counting? Just go and read the novel! It's good and recommended! Magical Girls for the win!!


Coming from Ossan, staying for the story. Tbh, I am one of Beta Readers after our conversation in the past, so I have read this until chapter 13-ish. I will try to review without giving spoilers. The power structure is great; it has Aspect that is connected to their Ability, which means each person has a different ability. Then there is, of course, that scene. It is written well, though not as much as in his other novels. The world-building is also in place, the background is a futuristic city, as written in the title. One most important point here is Magical Girls! I love it. Writing style didn't need to be said anymore. Almost no grammar mistake, and even if there is any, the author will fix it asap. Then rat. I love the rat. Long live rat!!


This novel has forthwith and henceforth gained the stamp of Sloth's approval. Please give it a read, you won't regret it! Now then, to bypass the limit of the character, here's an egg and rice recipe: - wash some rice - Crack some eggs open - Boil the rice - Pour the egg over the boiled rice - I guess that's it, I'm not asian, I don't know rice or egg


Reveal spoiler


I love it man, hope there's more to come!


I saw a review saying do you like tentacles? So I have a question about whether or not there will be tentacles in this novel, someone answer me if they can


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