13 Who Says Role Playing Is Not Fun

Brahma Monarch Star Realm Vault Midnight (1 Year Before Canon)

Emilio steps out of a portal that resembles a wormhole dressed extravagantly. He finds himself in a vault that is overflowing with jewels and gold, creating an endless display of wealth looking similar to the riches of Erebor from The Hobbit.

And as our pure, good-natured protagonist proceeds to look at the mountains of treasure and proceeds to say along with his mechanical assistant.

"I'm stealing all this" [You're gonna steal all of this right chief?] the two say in sync and in the next instant Emilio is loading his inventory with tons of gold and precious metals and minerals and says in his head "It's like the season of giving to me that is, thank you Brahma Monarch Realm".

After collecting a majority of the content of the vault Emilio then notices an ornate-looking seal and it seems to draw him in but being the intelligent being that he is Emilio instead of touching the possibly cursed object uses his portals to send it to his inventory and then portals out of there but not before sending a message to a certain redhead brocon and hearing some cultivator screaming out in rage.

Star Slaughter Realm royal Princess's Chambers

As Princess Xing Tong(Jasmine) exits her bathroom chamber and heads toward her bedroom she opens the door to her room to find a letter on her bed labeled "For a Redheaded Tsundere"

Xing Tong then immediately spreads out her Divine Master-level cultivation and calls for her servants but not before yelling " WHO DARES ENTER THIS PRINCESSES ROOM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION"

A couple of guards soon flood their princess's room and to their surprise, she is yelling at a letter with nothing seemingly missing but there is always one guy that says " Your Highness what seems to be the matter is there an intruder because if there is we will find him an-"

The guard is unable to finish as Jasmine sends him flying into a nearby wall and then tells the other guards.

"Be silent! And do something useful and find the intruder before he escapes as he cannot have gotten far (He is already gone but she doesn't need to know).

The guards then spread out and as the last of the guards leave Jasmine examines the letter as if searching for any curses or traps on a piece of paper. After a couple of minutes of examination, Jasmine opens the letter and it reads.

"Dear Redheaded Tsundere

You probably have sent away your guards to find me, and they won't, you sent your cultivation out to suppress me and it didn't, I was in your chambers and you did not even notice. You shall endeavor to find this senior but you will fail until I design it so that we meet. You will not find me as I am the shadow, invisible yet ever present. Yet here I leave you with a warning and if heeded you may save a close loved one".

Jasmine immediately narrows her eyes and continues to read while muttering "What is this idiot saying? What even is a tsundere?"

" Your brother a light in your life shall soon fall to shadow (Simp Behavior) along with your position as the princess of your realm compromised due to the machinations of the Brahma Monarch Realm whose princess shall manipulate your brother's love for her to lead to his eventual suicide"

Upon reading this Jasmine's eyes begin to widen and her raging aura releases across the palace in rage yet she continues to read the letter.

" You can prevent this, you can save your brother, because even though in this life power rules, a family gives it purpose, save him, keep him from her clutches or lose him forever. You may ignore this warning and suffer for it as is your right but can you look yourself in the eyes knowing you could save him and did nothing?

We live in the dark to serve the light we are Shadow Garden". (Im sorry I had to do it)

P.S: Avoid God-Slaying Poisons

The letter ends with that name and a threat, one she will remember and one she will find out and destroy with all her might but for now she will remember this shadow from Shadow Garden and then grins with unhidden intrigue

"You say we shall meet again shadow then I shall hold you to your word but for now I must focus on saving my realm and my brother from his foolish behavior and if you truly are a being of the dark that serves the light we will meet again and I shall know why you left this message". Jasmine then exits her room with a bloodied look and calls for her brother for they shall have words.

Reese's Retreat Day 2:00 P.M.

[Did you really need to write that note Chief] Cortana asks curiously. Emilio sighed and said " This was personal as to me family is important, its family that helps you when you are at your lowest, when you feel inferior, when you doubt yourself, and when they are gone you lose a part of yourself at least to me so giving her that chance makes me happy. Was it stupid yes, do I regret it no and I never will because now a little girl won't lose her whole world to a princess with daddy issues".

Emilio then sighs and apologizes to Cortana for his outburst Cortana responds dutifully

[I understand Chief as to a majority of sentient beings those who gave them life shall be their icon and their pillar for a decent stretch of their life and losing them would be a shock. It is the same with many others but the important thing is that they were there in the first place as others don't have that luxury]

Emilio then smiles in remembrance of his family as while they are not with him physically they will always be with him through the lessons they taught him with the limited time they had together.

And as quickly as it happened Emilio clapped his hands together and said "Well enough of this cliche character exposition it's time to learn what this seal is and if it s the seal that I think it is I may have just found myself a mentor. A Miyagi to my Daniel, a Roshi to my Goku, or a Gojo to my Yuji".

[Yeah! That is the spirit Chief and on the matter of the seal I believe that it is the Life and Death Seal that holds the soul of Li Suo] Cortana says after scanning the seal in his inventory.

"Whelp no time like the present". Emilio says as he pulls out the seal and feels the very deep energy emanating from the seal and pulls at the remnant soul within the artifact.

Using the soul as a blueprint and with the help of Cortana Emilio proceeds to do the impossible and create a form for the goddess of creation Li Suo in doing so nearly exhausts Emilio but then he remembers he has infinite energy in his dimension and taps into it to finish the process which takes over four hours.

Reese's Retreat Day 6:00 P.M.

Soon the light from the process begins to dim and a figure can be made out from the blinding light as the body floats to the ground (Fully Clothed you Pervs!). Then Emilio takes her from the dimension and returns to the primal chaos.

Uninhabited Planet in the Primal Chaos

Grassy plains surround the two beings as Emilio waits for Li Suo to return to consciousness while thinking of ways to allow him to be taught by her as well as escape plans if she attacks him. This won't do much because Emilio created her body with only her potential and profound veins, not her cultivation level so she is as weak as a normal mortal.

Emilio would be commenting on her jade-like skin or beautiful features and vibrant green hair but it takes more than good looks to intrigue this wage worker.

Soon Li Suo awakens and hears " Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that enemy ambush,". Li Suo then just simply looks at Emilio and asks " Where am I? Although more importantly when? As I feel different as well as the whole of primal chaos feels different?"

That final statement impresses Emilio as even cut off from her cultivation she can feel the changes around her "as expected of a creation level deity I did a good job" Emilio mentally pats himself on the back and proceeds to say.

"Well that will be a long story my lady and I have prepared food for us as this will take some time" Li Suo then just simply looks back at Emilio the food and says "Well start talking" as she sits on the blanket that Emilio brought with him.

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