Emperor of Gods

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Chapter 27 - What An Interesting Boy

Chapter 27 – What an interesting boy

The heavy atmosphere in the room had multiplied a few folds by now.

Everybody in the room, the patriarch included was deeply shocked when they saw who the person was.

It was a completely elderly man with long white hair which was tied in a doughnut style above his head, he has long white beards and white brows, he was also dressed in a white garment which is currently floating in the air, even though no wind was blowing.

Looking slightly below this man's feet, they could be seen floating slightly above the ground.

This is the protector and grand elder of the Li Clan, one of the few Nascent Soul Realm cultivators in the whole Xuan empire, nobody knows the grand elder's age anymore as he has always been like this since they remembered, and the average age of the those present is 139 years.

The grand elder had been aware of the fact that the clan was invaded when he heard the loud voice that called out last night. He decided not to show himself but watch from the dark.

"Grand Elder!!!!"

They immediately stood from their seat and bowed respectfully to the old man.

The old man who was so expressionless looked coldly at everyone's faces.

"I see that you all have been enjoying your lives lately, what would have happened if you have not been notified that enemies have invaded?!"

The Old man's voice sounded so cold and emotionless, making the groups of elders and patriarch shiver unconsciously, especially the first elder and his gang who were not expecting the grand elder that had been cultivating for more than a hundred years to suddenly appear.

"Grand- grand elder, it's my fault, I…."

"I don't need any stories for now, go attend to those kids on the martial field first, our discussions would span for a long time later."

The grand elder interrupted Li Zhiqiang coldly before suddenly shifting his gaze towards the first elder.

"Ye- yes, grand elder."

Like someone who had been granted freedom from a death sentence, Li Zhiqiang immediately lift his legs and began to escape from the heavy room.

"And bring that boy that notified the clan last night along when you are coming back," The grand elder's voice sounded again, giving no expression out.

Li Zhuqiang instantly felt his heart skip a bit when he heard the grand elder's instruction.

He began to hope that the grand elder would not fault his precious son.


Li Yu and Little Liu did not meet a single soul on their way to the martial field.

Everywhere was so deserted and quiet, it felt as if everybody had been taken to a different place.

This shocked the hell out of Li Yu and Little Liu as they could not understand what was happening.

In deep silence, the two walked for a while when they suddenly began to hear loud and wild noise.

The sort of noise one would be unable to pick out which voice belongs to who.

It belongs to thousands of people.

Li Yu and Little Liu were finally able to calm down, they both exchanged glances and keep walking.

A few minutes later, they finally saw the scene.

On the martial field was currently a sea of crowds that were deeply packed together in a disorganized way and currently making noises.

It was the Patriarch that had given an order for everybody in the estate to report there this morning.

At this moment, everybody was only discussing one thing; what happened last night.

Those that went to the scene were narrating what happened to those that were not there.

"Is it true that the useless son of the patriarch was a powerful cultivator?"

This is the question most people that were not there yesterday had been asking.

"Look, look, guys, is that not the patriarch's son?"

Someone suddenly called out loudly in the crowd.

Although not many people heard him as the noise had drowned what he said, thankfully, those that were near the person that shouted heard clearly, and they too spoke loudly.

"What!!! He is the one, he is the powerful patriarch's son that had been hiding his power since these years."

Then those near the people that shouted would look towards Li Yu, then they would also shout, making those near them notice.

Like that, the news that Li Yu is there reached everybody in the martial field.

A deep gasp could be heard by the crowd when everybody had finally seen Li Yu, then, like a non-negotiable order had been given out, the crowd immediately kept quiet when Li Yu and Little Li reached them.

The quietness was so strong that a pin would be heard clearly if it fells down.

Apart from the breathing sound that could be heard, only Li Yu's and Little Liu's organized steps were sounding soft on the perfectly trimmed grass.

Li Yu who felt nothing with this as he was already used to respectfully gazes like this in his previous life, he continued walking with a straight face that showed no emotion.

Instead, it was Little Liu who had been used to the fact that her young master would always receive ridicule from the crowds who were deeply affected by this.

Although her steps were still organized and nothing could be seen on her face due to the mask she wore, if one were to look beyond the mask at this moment, the scene they would see is a face that contained happiness, excitement, and contentment.

Little Liu was so happy at the moment, even though it was not her receiving the praiseful gazes.

She couldn't help but clench her fist with all her strength and became thankful for what had happened last night, it had made the world known that her young master is not a useless person.

Step by step, Li Yu walked towards the crowd, then like the parting of the red sea, the crowd began to make way for Li Yu, it was as if invisible hands shifted them back.

Then Li Yu who does not stand on ceremony at all began to walk through the given way with Little Liu on his tail.

In a time that would take for almost a candle stick to be fully burnt, Li Yu finally walked out of the crowd of thousands of people.

Then like leaders and immortal couples, Li Yu and Little Liu became the only ones at the forefront of the crowd.

It was only after this moment the crowd found their lost soul.

"Wow!!!! Such handsomeness!!" A maiden suddenly called out gently amidst the crowd with a bright light shining in her eyes.

"Yes!!! This is an epitome of handsomeness!!"

"I never knew big brother Yu was this handsome."

The faces of Li Yu's female cousins, nephews, and so on were instantly filled with a bright light at this moment, that they would willingly open their legs for Li Yu if he so much wished for it.

It is a normal occurrence for a family to have such relationships in this world that's only dominated by power.

What the males were feeling at this moment were various emotions.

Some were feeling amazed, some were feeling angry, some were feeling envious, some were feeling jealous, and so on.

"I still feel that what was said concerning that brat was being overrated, how could someone known for his uselessness suddenly become powerful?"

A deep male's voice sounded quietly in one corner of the crowd, making him receive different death glares from the females.

"Even if he is a qi realm cultivation, I'm certain he would still be unable to meet up to senior brother Longwei who is still the best!"

In another corner of the crowd, a boy said stubbornly with unwillingness in his gaze, but unlike the first boy that spoke, what this one said was immediately agreed upon by everybody that heard.

All in all, the place that had been filled with discussions about the war that had happened last night was instantly filled with talks about Li Yu.

Not caring about the crowds or anything, Li Yu and Little Liu stood patiently at the front while waiting for the patriarch to arrive.

The two of them were filled with their thought.


"What an interesting boy," The grand elder suddenly smiled brightly which was so sudden to the groups of elders that sat fearfully in the room.

Everybody had become deeply silent since the first elder had come in and decided not to speak to them.

The groups of elders couldn't help but exchange different glances.

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