Emperor of Gods

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Chapter 28 - Martial Field

Chapter 28 –Martial Field


Inside the sentry post at the front of Ice Palace, the person assigned to protect and watch over Li Yu suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes and screamed in pain.

"Where am I?" He asked himself while looking very lost around the room.


He screamed again when he suddenly felt a great headache that was about to split his head, and the pain he was feeling from the various parts of his body overwhelmed him.

"I remember now," He shouted aggressively and veins began to bulge all over his skin due to much anger.

"It was that little bitch that knocked me unconscious!!!! She even dared tie me together like this!"

The guard laughed angrily while looking at his arms and legs that were tied together, he felt so hurtful at the moment.

Since last night, when the guard and fallen unconscious and was dragged by Li Yu, he was just waking up now.

He's even blaming Little Liu for his current position.

Little Liu would have been deeply offended if she was to know that she had just been wrongfully accused.

"How would I loosen myself now, I need to go report to the patriarch!!"

The guard began to search around from the position he was tied if he could get something to cut lose the rope used to tie him together.

He does not know the harm he just overcame by being tied here, particularly yesterday.


"The Patriarch is here!!!!!"

Some people within the crowd suddenly shouted while looking toward where Li Yu and Little Liu were standing like status.

Immediately the voices sounded out, the entire place suddenly descended into complete and utter silence.

Li Yu couldn't help but raise his head to look at his front.

Coming towards them was a well-built middle-aged man, and behind him were some guards dragging some people tied together with a hard and strong chain.

'Isn't that the bastard that poisoned his teammates last night?" Li Yu thought coldly as he saw someone he recognized vividly from those tied together.

'Thankfully, he had been caught.'

Within the deep and utter quietness, the patriarch finally arrived a few feet away from Li Yu and Little Liu who were standing at the forefront of the crowd.

"Descendant of The Li Clan," Li Zhiqiang began slowly in his deep voice while looking unblinkingly at the crowd and no one in particular.

"I know what happened last night must have deeply shocked and scared you all."

Li Zhiqiang pursed to look at the faces that were currently looking at him unblinkingly.

"I promised you by my position as the family head that we would surely get to the bottom of this!"

He pursed again to let this sink in the heads of the crowd.

"And to everyone that helps to win the battle last night, I say a big thanks to you, on behalf of the entire clan!"

It was at this point that the little guys, well, most of the little guys finally found their voices while feeling deeply emotional

"Patriarch, please don't. It's our duty and what we deserve to do!!!"

They all shouted emotionally while looking like great warriors.

A grateful smile finally blossomed on Li Zhiqiang's face.

"Children, as you might have noticed, different corpses of at least more than half of the Li Clan's guards and instructors had been found in various parts of the estate," The grateful smile that had just appeared on Li Zhiqiang's face instantly disappeared when he got to this point, and what replaced it was a mournful expression.

His expression instantly affected the little children and everybody there.

The Li Clan's younglings felt saddened by the fact that they would not be able to see their instructors again while the guards were saddened by the fact they would not be able to see their partners again.

A heavy atmosphere had already descended over the field at this moment.

Nobody, not even in their worst nightmare had they expected what occurred last night to happen at all.

"Tonight we shall give them all a respectful send-off, and give them the respect they deserve, as they are truly the heroes of the clan."

Even this said does not seem to change the heavy atmosphere at all, and Li Zhiqiang knew so well, but he was feeling deep remorse at this moment to care about this.

And like that, Li Zhiqiang began to give the crowd a deep emotional talk, making Li Yu become bored to death, and start feeling sleepy.

It was only Li Yu who was used to people dying like weeds in his previous life would feel like this, and not the people with no or little experience around him.

After talking on and on about the time that would be taken for 5 sticks of candles to be fully burnt which was a lot of time, Li Zhiqiang finally came to cease the endless talk.

"I would not be giving much talk now, I shall release you all to go rest your mind, soul, and body first, as I know what happened last night had deeply affected everyone deeply."

"We shall give every one of you an update on how our findings go tonight!!"


'what do you mean by not giving much talk?!'

Li Yu's mind thought in shock when he heard his father's closing statement.

'How would a long talk be if what you just did was giving a little talk?!'

Still, in deep silence, the crowd began to disperse in an orderly manner after giving the patriarch respectful glances and the guys tied together deep glances.

Everyone there was not stupid, so they knew that for those people to be tied and humiliated like that, something must have been found against them, and there is a high probability that they were involved in what happened last night.

Most of the kids that had still not gotten used to the fact that they had their first kills last night unconsciously emitted killing intents at the chained guys when they thought of different possibilities.

Li Yu who has stood unconcernedly since the beginning, even during the emotional roller coaster suddenly thought in shock when he realized that nothing made any sense at all.

He felt like their time had just been wasted on such an unimportant and useless subject.

'Instead of investigating who the masterminds were, you are here busy making unimportant talks," Li Yu thought in anger, and was just about to roll his eyes and leave when he suddenly felt a focused stare on his body, making his hair stand on one end.

'What the f*"

Li Yu was about to question angrily in his mind when he suddenly realized that it was his father giving him the stares he felt on his body.

"You and your maid should follow me!"

Li Zhiqiang said emotionlessly, then he turned to walk away.

'Questioning time?!!' Li Yu's mind screamed in his body.

"Little Liu, let's follow father, he said to follow him," Li Yu said quietly to Little Liu who had been standing like a statue beside him all along.

"Hun?! Oh, okay!"

At this moment, Li Zhuqiang was busy having different thoughts.

He knew his son was definitely not part of the invaders, but he does not know how to convince the grand elder.