Emperor of Gods

Updating Schedules. 10 Chapters mass release on the 18th of December, 2023 2 Daily chapter releases starting from January 1, 2024. Additional chapter releases for every 150 coin gifts or 100 Golden Ticket Votes. ……… (Blurb) In Li Yu's first life, he watched as every member of his family was butchered mercilessly and fed to the vultures because of his best friends’ greediness. Li Yu was then tortured for several years, and just when he was about to lose consciousness forever, a miracle happened. Li Yu was transmigrated 50 years into the future, into the body of someone with a similar name as him, someone who died in another person's scheme. Fueled with a strong vengeance in him, Li Yu would start his journey back to peak from absolutely nothing, go through many ordeals, and train with his life along the line, countless times so he could take revenge on the people who destroyed him. This is a novel filled with a lot of comedy, schemes, and mysteries. Please give your support; golden tickets and reviews.

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Chapter 26 - Morning After The Battle

Chapter 26 – Morning After The Battle

The news that the gigantic and powerful Li Clan was invaded began to spread around the whole capital of the Xuan Empire the next day.

It shocked everybody to their core, and they began to wonder how it could possible.

"Eh… eh…. Senior brother, the patriarch said and your maid should report to martial field Asap!!"

A member of the Li Clan could be seen running towards Li Yu's courtyard shouting at the top of his lung while breathing heavily.

After what happened last night, everybody had changed their thoughts and views toward Li Yu, and what replaced was a deep shock.

Even Li Yu's father became completely shocked for a long time.

He had gathered everybody after he had returned empty-handed from chasing the invader's leader.

He was so shocked out of his soul that his useless son had turned out to be a ninth-level qi gathering realm.

He had never imagined such beautiful news in his entire life.

If not that he felt his son's tired appearance, Li Zhiqiang would have begun a question session that night.


Li Yu who was still sleeping peacefully in the room suddenly mourned in anger as he was forced to wake up by the loud voice.

'Why would father want to see me now?!' He thought angrily.

"Coming!" Li Yu shouted back from inside his room so that the person outside could know that he heard him.

After that, Li Yu stood from his bed, and the joints in his body began to crackle like fireworks, straightening themselves.

Li Yu stretched happily, then he walked into the restroom.

By the time he was done and fully dressed up, he found Little Liu who had also freshened up and patiently waiting for him outside his door.

"Good morning young master," She said with a tired voice, but her eyes from the two holes in her mask contained deep excitement that could not be hidden.

Little Liu felt had been feeling out of the world's excitement since last night when she saw how her young master that had been so weak some weeks ago had become so strong to the extent of jumping levels to kill people, not one, but people whose real and several times stronger than him.

Li Yu felt very pity for Little Liu when he heard her tired voice and pale skin, not noticing the excitement in her eyes.

"Good morning Little Liu, how was your injury from last night?"

Li Yu's refreshed face darkened, and he release a slight killing intent when he remembered that Little Li had sustained a deep injury on her back last night.

He was the one that had helped her to bandage it when they had returned home.

"Young master!!"

Little Liu suddenly called out shyly when she remembered that her young master had seen her bear back last night, even though it was in a dimly light room.

"Hahaha" Li Yu busted into a load of laughter, all the killing intents he was emitting immediately disappeared when he heard the shyness in Little Liu's voice.

He couldn't help be recall the fair, beautiful, and spotless back he saw last night, although he could not appreciate it then, due to the deep concern he was feeling for his little maid.

"Argh!!" Li Yu suddenly screamed in pain when he felt that something had bitten into his arm.

"Are you a cat? Why would you pinch me?!"

Li Yu asked angrily.

"Look- look at your expression, it looked so perverted?!" Little Liu spoke quietly like a mosquito.

She felt so shy at the moment, and only wished to just disappear.

Li Yu couldn't help but scratch his head in embarrassment.

"Hehehe, Let's go meet father, it would not be good to keep him waiting."

Li Yu immediately escaped while Little Liu giggled softly and followed behind happily.

When they got out, the person that came to call them could not be found anywhere, so the two of them embarked on a journey to the martial field.


"Where are you six old forgies when the estate was invaded last night, hun?!"

An old man asked rudely with an angered voice.

In a huge meeting room, 15 elderly men and woman plus one middle-aged man were seated in a heavy atmosphere.

"What do you mean by that second elder? Is it my sin that I overslept and couldn't hear that the clan was invaded last night?!"

The first elder who could still not contain the anger he felt from last night questioned back angrily.

At this moment, the first elder and his gang were being deeply stared at by the remaining elders, they all felt that the six old forgeys knew something about what happened, but they couldn't just accuse.

Everyone apart from Li Zhiqiang was filled with suspicion at this moment.

Every one of the elders knew how jealous the first elder was of Li Zhiqiang since the two were little, due to Li Zhuqiang always receiving all the goodies, and the first elder always staying in Li Zhiqiang's shadow.

He had always been planning against Li Zhiqiang.

The first elder had also tried to recruit them to join his campaign which they had declined.

And by coincidence or whatnot, the second elder and his recruit had been the ones that had been left in the clan.

They all knew what occurred last night would have been unlikely to happen.

But the Li Clan has a strong rule they follow, which was that apart from a few elders, the patriarch, the youngsters, the guards, and the instructors, the remaining people shall not stay in the capital city.

They shall all be distributed to all the various territories that belong to the Li Clan, which was numerous.

This rule had been into practice since the time of the second ancestor.

That particular ancestor had laid out this rule when he saw all the evil schemes going on in the main clan.

It was Li Zhiqiang that had sent a message with the fastest available means to all the main elders, that they should report back to the main clan this morning, which had caused this scene.

Not being suspicious of anybody at all, Li Zhiqiang tried to lower the tension, although he too felt that it was somehow for the first elder and the remaining elders not to have gotten the news last night that the clan was invaded.

But that was it, he felt no suspicious that anything had happened at all.

"It's okay elders, at least we should thank the heaven and stars for making my Little Yu take notice earlier," Li Zhiqiang was suddenly filled and overwhelmed with proudness for his son.

This had been happening every time he remembered that it was his son, his seed, the only seed he has in this world that had saved the clan from damage last night.

When the first elder heard this, which he had already received since morning, his heart began to bleed heavily while he began to wish excruciatingly death for Li Yu.

If not that he was scared of giving himself away, the killing intents that would be following him. around at this moment would be enough to fully drown a complete city.

'I must definitely and absolutely destroy that bastard who foiled my plans,' the first elder thought coldly in his heart.

Apart from the first elder and his gang who were feeling anger and sadness at this, the remaining elders could not control their shock.

"Patriarch, who would have thought your son who always portrayed a playboy attitude and visit Inn all day long would turn out to be a hidden cultivator," The second elder said to Li Zhiqiang with a sigh

"Patriarch, your son might become one of the best patriarchs we would ever have with how he hid his moves and motives.'

Another elder, a short elderly man praised happily.

"Patriarch, I have a beautiful granddaughter who was the same age as your son, would you mind if we pair them together, they would certainly give birth to beautiful kids," The only female within them, an elderly woman suddenly uttered out, shocking everybody at to their core.


"Hu!!! Old woman, what are you doing"

"You all still have hearts to crack jokes after almost getting the clan destroyed?!"

Just when the place was about to get boiled, a very aged voice suddenly sounded very slowly and quietly, but clearly heard by everybody present.

It sounded so emotionless.

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