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What is Elusive Miracle

Read ‘Elusive Miracle’ Online for Free, written by the author Metztli_Night, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering COMEDY Fiction, MAGIC Light Novel, VILLAIN Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Legends foretold, the spark of lightFallen from the heavens to bring delightThose who follow in her goddess's lightShall...


Legends foretold, the spark of light Fallen from the heavens to bring delight Those who follow in her goddess's light Shall be brought to lands that heavens compare Darkness however knows they won't fare Against this gracious sunbeam's shimmering might Snuff this ember before ruin is brought upon the dark Go forth, my faithful beast of darkness! Engulf the spark before it destroys us all! _ One of heart, one of mind, one wish that made the heavens open their pearly gates. A miracle, born to lead the world into a new age of peace for the light elves. Unfortunately, that would mean the end for the dark elves. The crimes of their ancestors were pushed down through generations. The new age of peace has no place for half-demons, someone must put an end to the newborn Messiah. Unfortunately for Philomel, this death sentence of a mission was pushed to her, courtesy of the Chief's son, Asclepius. Asclepius, an ambitious, short-sighted dark elf, determined to bring the dark elves to their former glory. A person Philomel made the mistake of pissing off. Dragging along the oblivious entrance guard, (Amon) they begin their emotional rollercoaster of a journey. Daggers in hands, can they become the villains their tribe so badly needs, or will the guilt finally drag them under? _ A voice bellowed and screeched from all around him. It sounded like a million cries through the echoes of a cave, that shrieked as it spoke. The shadows reach out toward the blood-red sky, forming a huge dark figure, the figure of a roaring dragon. Its eyes shine through all the darkness, one a brilliant blue, the other a golden yellow, slits of black in the middle, when the dragon blinks, it blinks sideways. From the corner of the eyes to the other corner, rather than one eyelid to the other. " Was anything but pleasant." The distorted voice of his father reminded him as the dragon stomped around. Each stomp crushed the homes of many and killed screaming villages. " Is this what you wish for? Is this what your heart desires?" The disfigured voice questioned. __ " I win." Philomel smugly whispers to Lenny. Completely pleased with herself before noticing Lenny's heart rate beating against her own, matching her speed but was off her pace. It felt like her heart was pounding at an unnatural speed which felt scary but at the same time interesting. She barely noticed Lenny's hazel eyes sparkling as his shocked expression slowly melts into a blissful goofy smile. Her attention finally returned to Lenny when his chiseled jawline moved closer to her. Lenny's head leans forward kissing Philomel on the cheek as he stares at her with such soft eyes. Philomel instantly blushes as she gasps at the sudden kiss. Her lips trembling trying to think of something to say but her brain malfunctioned. Lenny let out a deep chuckle as he ran a hand through his mahogany chestnut brown hair, extremely happy at Philomel's cute reaction. _ There will be romance but it would be slow-paced since it's friends to lovers. No smut scenes. There will be battles and tons of emotional trauma. Super in the middle can go both ways. This book is experimental writing. It shall be written in script format, detailed, and have a rhythmic beat/freestyle poem to certain scenery descriptions. The story shall also have switched target audience, where certain chapters are tailored to male/ female readers. There will be a notice to inform which chapters are which. Female Tailored Chapters (FTC) will have more cute scenes between characters. Male Tailored Chapters (MTC) will have battle based on the Dungeon and Dragon format where the victory or defeat of a match is based on a dice roll. Upload Every Saturday I will also be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com and Inkitt. ______________________________________________

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Nice story. Keep up the good work. First few chapters made me intrigued and waiting for the updates. Fantasy romance is my favourite genre and this is the first time I am reading a story about elves which is totally worth it..👍


Chapter 20 seems like a good time to do a shameless review by me the author. So far the my writing skills are able to roughly convey each chapter's theme. The plotline and ending has already been roughly written, just have to write the actual scenes out and figure out the side characters backstories. Oh, right. FYI I'm obsessed with the colour blue. Good luck with that. Those who also love the colour. Hi five!


I like that these movements and descriptions in over all 'paint the clear picture'. It's easy enough to follow. 😊 And this story has descriptions of many things: Sights, feelings, thoughts, inner demons, having a hard time with own morals because of a situation at the hand. Sometimes offering descriptions even about things that would otherwise be 'obvious' for most of people. Like the feeling of greenery, an oasis, how someone might view these things when seeing them for a first time. There's a good amount of comical moments as well. So far loving the humor. 🤣 Also, I can't help but notice that at those parts in which Amon interacts with the baby... And how the baby acts. It seems like it's done with great perception, very much like it could be from real life-like moments. 😊 Big + for that! They're so heartwarming! I've a feeling that author has the very least some sort of experience of babies. 😄


This is nice, it was well written, the explanation of the background was nice too. The plot was interesting. The storytelling was great. Keep it up.


Definitely a good read. Got me hooked to my seat from the first chapter. Not going to lie, author has a very good storytelling abilities.[img=recommend]


This is one of beautiful story, I think, yeah. With a very precise and perfect explanation, as well as a very cool plot and so on. Well, I like it, really


Though it was short, which was perfect for me to have a good head start I really loved it. The detailed description, the action and how you were able to make your world and names up which I'd not easy in fantasy. You have a good work and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.


The plot is dramatic and unique. Easy to be swept up in the emotions and scenes. The characters are very sweet and cute. It's developing well with time and the writing style has a beat and rhyme to it in certain parts like reading the Lorax. Hope to be reading more from you!


Interesting story and a great way to build up the world. The characters are well written and you can feel the emotions of the characters clearly through their dialogue and actions. I look forward to the progression of the story as the world gets larger and more secrets are revealed.


beautiful story ,the plot and the details of the story was just perfect. Very interesting story that draws the reader within just the first chapter through its description and slightly rhythm way of writing. Love how the character interact with each other and can't wait for more chapters.


Truly an amazing story! The story flow is admirable and the characters are diverse. What i liked the most about this story is that the conversations are easy to understand and i can imagine the scenes in my head as if im watching a movie. I great novel to be precise! Want more chapters[img=update][img=update]


it was nice and the background is also and plot is also interesting 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


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