16 Operation: Escape From Koneko. Commence!!!

The following day had arrived and Kamijou was now seated in his classroom.

It was nothing special. Just a typical day where he had to sit down in a classroom room with no air conditioning and fully enjoy the sluggishness of the school day.

Ahh, it's so boring. Boring to a magnificent degree. Kamijou sighed. Of course, to a boy such Kamijou Ryuji, boredom was a supreme luxury.

He collapsed limply onto the top of his desk. They were in the middle of math class taught by the homeroom teacher, but Kamijou didn't give a damn. There was no helping it, you know? The place was damn hot.

On sunny days like this, the temperature rose up to 40°C and above. So it was natural that anyone would be drained if they were forced to listen to a boring lesson in a hot classroom especially if that said lesson was about mathematics.

You could go around the world and it would be almost impossible to find any high-school student or middle-schooler that liked mathematics. Of course, there were exceptions but Kamijou belonged to the category of people that hated maths with all his heart.

If he was given the choice to fight with a polar bear with nothing but his bare hands, he will gladly accept it. Of course, he will die. That much was obvious but it was much better than sitting in a hot classroom and listening to a boring lesson about maths.

At least his death will be quick, but listening to this lesson was slowly melting his brain. It was just torture. Truly, he found it unpleasant. In fact, he found the whole school system to be unpleasant.

But if he sat here and complained about it, nothing will change in this world. Who will bother listening to the complaints of a helpless high-schooler. After all, It was the same boy that got overpowered by a naughty cat.

"Ah, what the hell!?"

Kamijou made a strange cry. Anyone would complain if their eyes were suddenly assaulted by the sunlight especially on a sunny day like this. Truly, the sun was evil in the morning.

To get rid of that terrible sunlight striking his skin, Kamijou leaned his chair back, and poked the guy sleeping behind him with a mechanical pencil.

"Hey, hey. Close the curtains."

But the boy in question continued on sleeping and showed no signs of waking up. Perhaps he was a deep sleeper or he was simply pretending to be asleep. Kamijou didn't truly know but he found it unpleasant.

...Hey! Hey! Wake up God Damnit!! Maybe I should shove this pencil up your butthole, you bastard!! Not good, my mind is going hazy.

Kamijou thinned his eyes and glared at that annoying sunlight.

Being on the window side, it was obvious he was obvious he was going to be assalted by the sunlight at that time of the day.

He didn't actually hate the window side of the classroom that much. Honestly, being second from the back on the window side is a pretty good position to be in.

But the sunlight, he really hated it. It was bad for the skin you know but if the sun just magically disappeared out of nowhere, it will be pretty bad. That's why Kamijou hated it so much.

If nothing was done, his brain was going to be like quickly-melting shaved ice when he wake up.

...Alright, I give up okay. I'm going to sleep. I need sleep. Please let me sleep… And please, can someone shut the…

Losing all his energy, Kamijou lost consciousness. Rather, he simply fell asleep.


"Hmm, huh? What?"

When Kamijou woke up from his slumber, math class had already ended and the next class had begun. Or rather, the next class seemed to have ended as well.

When he glanced to the left, he noticed the curtains fluttering in the wind; maybe it was because of the heat, but someone had opened the window. He wasn't sure who it was, he was grateful.

As these thoughts lazily wafted through his head, Kamijou heard the bell chime.

Next is… oh, it's lunchtime, right? Bento time, bento time.

Excited, Kamijou pulled out his handmade Bentobox. But he made sure to look left and right. That person wasn't around, right?

"Hmm, that's some nice-looking bento you got there, Kamijou."

A lone guy appeared before the curious Kamijou. His name was Saji Genshirou. His height and weight were average, and so were his looks. Simply put, he was pretty average to say the least. His only redeeming qualities was his blonde hair but even then, it's not like he magically transformed into a Chad.

Ever since their nursery days, the two has been stuck with each other, and one way or another this guy always tagged along with Kamijou. But Kamijou didn't dislike his company. After all, He was a good friend.

"Hey Kamijou."

"Huh? What?"

"How long has it been? I mean, you always eat at the rooftop. So it's strange seeing you eating in the classroom."

Kamijou released a depressed sigh.

"It can't be helped. If I go to the rooftop, a naughty cat will snatch away my bento box."

"Now, that's a funny name to call the school's mascot."

The school's mascot was a first year who went by the name Koneko Toujou. She's very popular by the boys and girls. She rarely talks so she doesn't have alot of friends but she's cute. For that reason, she's treated as a mascot.

But in secret, that girl was a supernatural creature known as a devil. A being from hell that grants the wishes of humans in exchange for a significant price. As it turns out, that girl had a huge appetite. But her hunger surpass the normal standard. She belonged to the category of people called Gluttons.

But unlike others, no matter how she eats, she will never add weight. It was a true mystery. She could finish one hundred cookies in an hour and the effects will not show on her little body. It was such that it had the potential to enter the ranks of the school's seven wonders.

Indeed, she was a glutton. So the situation was that his cooking has caught her eyes so she would come onto him and use her cuteness to her advantage. Kamijou turned out to be very weak-hearted so he would hand over his bento and take her cookies in exchange.

But Kamijou strongly disliked the taste of those cookies so he always get the short end of the stick.

"Seriously Kamijou, you don't know how lucky you are."


In what way exactly was he lucky? Kamijou couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. Truly, the word 'luck' was a stranger in Kamijou's dictionary.

"Not only did you grab the assets of the School's queen, you also have the attention of the school's mascot. That's very lucky position, if you ask me."

"Shut up. How's that a luck position, huh? Don't you know I'm getting harassed because of said incident. And how is getting my bento box snatched by Koneko, considered lucky."

Indeed, Kamijou was getting harassed by the boys. Even though some time had passed since that incident with Akeno, he could feel the boys glaring at him. A man's jealousy lasted more than a woman's. After that incident, Kamijou fully believed that.

"I mean, this is the school's mascot, we are talking about here. Don't you know? She's very cute but she rarely talks with others. Any boy will do anything to get close to her but here you are, casually raising her affection points as if it is nothing."

Kamijou was dumbfounded. Was he really raising her affection points by giving her food? What was she? A stray cat?

"It's seriously not like that. I'm definitely not a lolicon."

"Don't you know age is just a number?"

"Shut up, how does that make sense?"

Perhaps according to devil's logic, age was just a number. After all, they live much longer than humans. But to Kamijou, that was just unacceptable.

"Dating someone younger than you is not a crime you know. I mean someone who is ripe is ideal but there's also beauty in the unripe."

Saji casually spat words that could definitely get him arrrested as if it was nothing. Did becoming a devil made him this bold?

"You bastard, I finally know the type of man you are."

Kamijou distanced himself from the dangerous Saji. He was giving off 'don't come close to me, I don't want people thinking we know each other' vibe in huge waves.

"Why are you looking at me like that? I think you are misunderstanding something here. Hmm."

But Kamijou was no longer listening. Not because he was ignoring Saji but his attention has drifted somewhere else.

Saji cocked his head to the side. Kamijou was making a strange expression. His face was pale and he was sweating profusely. He looked as if he had seen a ghost.

"Um, Kamijou. What's wrong?"

Once again, no response. Only when his classmates startef making a commotion did Saji turned his head. Soon, he found the source of said commotion.


At the door of the classroom, there was a girl standing there. It's a girl with a small build...

He knew that girl! Saji's eyes widened in shock. She's from 1st year, but she looked like an elementary student because of her childish face and small body. Standing there with a bag of youkan in her hand made her look very cute.

"Toujou Koneko-chan!"

One of the boys shouted, excitedly.

"The school's mascot!"

"Oh my god, she's so cute."

"What is she doing here!?"

As that boy had said, Koneko was looking here and there as if she was looking for someone. But who was she looking for though was the question on everyone's minds.

"Ha ha ha! Looks like she came to you, huh? Kami... ??? Kamijou?"

Saji had a puzzled expression. Kamijou was nowhere to be found. He was no longer sitting on his chair.

Where did he go? Saji swing his head here and there but he didn't catch the sight of Kamijou leaving the classroom. If he left through the school door then surely, he would have seen him.

....Wait, it can't be.

Saji swung his head to the left and saw the window was open and the curtain was shifted to the side. His eyes widened enough as if it was going to escape from his eye sockets.

Could it be that Kamijou had jumped out of the window in order to escape Koneko?

"That Idiot!!"

That boy really underestimated the height of this school. Their classroom were not in a position where they could jump out the window and land safely. If Kamijou jumped from this here, he would probably have a broken leg or even worse.


Saji hurriedly looked out the window and looked for Kamijou. Thankfully, he didn't see Kamijou laying on the floor, helplessly. Instead, he simply saw Kamijou running away with his bento box in hand.


At this point, Saji became even more confused. How was that possible? Namely, Kamijou's action just now. If a normal human jumped from this height then surely, they would have been injured. But Kamijou was fine.

Although Saji was glad, he still found it strange. Only a devil or any supernatural being could jump from here and land safely. According to Sona, Kamijou denied her request to make him into a devil so he wasn't a devil.

"What the hell was that?"

Saji scratched his head. He didn't understand how he did it but he was glad Kamijou was safe.

As for Koneko, She saw Kamijou jumping out the window and quickly exited the classroom and chased after Kamijou. Of course, she couldn't jump out the window. She didn't want to blow away her cover.

That day ended with a strange rumour being born much to Kamijou's misfortune. But he managed to gather enough experience points though.

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