DXD: Reincarnated as the descendant of barbatos

[Welcome to your new life!] One day in my life I just slept and woke up in another place, I don't know how I got here, I never saw anyone or asked for anything but I won't waste my new opportunity. [See you in a few decades, enjoy your new childhood!] And that's when my problems started... Note: The main character won't have the level of 'Aha! I'll kill big red in one blow and fuck ophis at the same time' His race is demon and he will remain a demon with the advantages and limitations of a demon, if you don't like the idea anyway I invite you to give the book a chance. Disclaimer: I OWN NEITHER HIGHSCHOOL DXD NOR THE FATE FRANCHISE, CREDITS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. ANY ORIGINAL CHANGES ARE MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

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Chapter 8

"You don't understand Sirzechs" In a dark room dimly lit by a chandelier there were 4 people "It's not only the Barbatos, the Agares family, Andrealphus and Sitri demand blood".

The girl who spoke was petite, had beautiful purple eyes, was wearing a common business suit and her hair was tied in two pigtails "It's been 10 years, they demand an answer NOW" Serafall Leviathan

"Serafall, both you and I know that we are closer than ever to peace" The speaker was a man wearing a purple and gray robe with golden borders and decorations, what caught his attention was his beautiful red hair. Sirzechs Lucifer "I will not let this opportunity slip through our fingers".

"The heir to the house of Barbatos was brutally murdered Sirzechs..." He answered him with a blow on the table "We can't let it end like this".

"You have had the same conversation every time we have met for the last 10 years" A deep voice came from a tall man who had nothing special to mention, simple clothes and he was bald, although a bushy goatee gave him a look of seriousness. He was Falbium Asmodeus

"And it always has the same result" spoke the last man in the room. Ajuka Beelzebub is a handsome young man with blue eyes and dark green hair that is combed back.

They were the four most powerful beings of the underworld, those who inherited the title from the original demons. The 4 Maous

"That doesn't make it any less true Ajuka" Sirzechs replied "Besides, how do you suggest we 'collect' revenge? Should I talk to Michael and demand the Pope's head on a plate? Or do you suggest we attack the Vatican and start the Great War all over again?" 

Serafall was about to answer but was interrupted by Falbium "Besides, my intelligence has reported that the Pope has contracted an illness, he won't live much longer."

"Once he is dead we will finally remove the ban on addressing Europe in the human world. We have lost a lot of valuable resources in this time" Ajuka said.

"Kuh..." Serafall gritted his teeth "What am I supposed to tell the family!!!? 4 families of the 72 pillars are breathing down my neck, I can't just let this go" Then he looked at Ajuka "Leonardo Barbatos was also crippled, House Barbatos doesn't have a powerful heir at the moment"

"Kukuku" Ajuka started laughing "Please Serafall! That boy is only 'weak' because he can't manifest the full power of his family, I wouldn't be surprised if a Rating games tournament was held today and he came close to winning!" 


"Enough Serafall! There will be no more talk on this topic, we have more important things to discuss today" And with Sirzechs' words the meeting could finally begin.


"Today is the day brother" I speak to no one in particular, I have never really done this before in my life, not in this one or the previous one. But today I felt the need to do it "I lost the ability to solidify my illusions, and I am also incapable of producing illusions if I don't have an object in between" I put my left hand on top of the handle of my sword "But I will still honor home as the new heir of the Barbatos house".

The beautiful gardens of home gave me an uncomfortable feeling, the cold wind of the underworld crashing against my face "I will become an Arbitee and surpass you. So wherever you are, don't worry about me." It was a rare thing to be asked to do, especially by believing humans.

But I don't know, I was glad I did it, like a weight off my shoulders.

"Anchin-Sama, it's time to go" I hear Kiyohime's voice speaking to me and without saying anything I stand up and look at her. Unlike in the past she is now wearing gray hair and for some reason her eyes turned red.

It has been a long time since that fateful afternoon when I realized how weak I was. 

Since that day everything changed in my life, the first thing I did was to write in a diary everything I remembered at that time of my life, not only things about the DxD world, but also not to forget my past life.

As I said, my life before was really good, my family loved me, I had good friends and I finally finished my studies, I ignored those memories for a while but I felt the need not to forget them.

"Kiyo, gather Simo and Edmond, I'll meet you at the door in a little while." 

"Right away Anchin-sama" The first 3 years I was annoyed that he called me as if he was my brother, but after a while I got used to it.

Now, why did Kiyohime obey me? The answer was simple, he was now my servant too!

Once my brother was buried Kiyohime was marked as a rebellious devil, eventually the magic of the devil piece would twist her mind and body until we had to assassinate her.

Obviously that was something I was not going to allow. I immediately objected to that designation and made her my rook

But that wasn't all about my peerage! "Status... Peerage" And the screen opened before me.

[Name: Kiyohime

Occupation: Leonardo Barbatos Rook

Age: 1516 years old

Magic Attitude: Fire magic.

Strength: 103

Speed: 95

Resistance: 87

Luck: 14

Intelligence: 56

Magic container 305000/305000

Traits: Living legend. Corrupted princess. Stalker

Special Abilities: Tenshin Kansho Zanmai

Magic: Fire control

Items: Dragon princess fan].

Kiyohime was stronger than me in almost every way, the only reason I can have her as a servant is because I'm literally SO lucky.

[Living legend: Songs, stories and paintings have been made in her name, the more people close to her know the story of her the more strength she acquires.

Corrupted Princess: She was once known as the princess of purity. When she was betrayed she learned forbidden magic. It allows Kiyohime to transform into a dragon serpent.

Stalker: She can't stand lies so she keeps an obsessive eye on the people she cares about. Bestows a lot of stealth].

[Name: Edmond Dantes.

Profession: Queen of Leonardo Barbatos

Age: 37 years old

Magical Attitude: None

Strength: 52

Speed: 129

Resistance: 99

Luck: 26

Intelligence: 83

Magic container 2000/2000

Traits: King of the cavern. Iron determination.

Special Abilities: Enfer Chateu D'If

Magic: None

Items: Thunder God Pendant].

My trusty queen. I was surprised when I saw him status for the first time and discovered that he had no magic, it was all thanks to the pendant and although he had a magic container like any demon she didn't need it to use her lightning.

[King of the cavern: Having been betrayed and ended up in the prison Chateu D'If he acquired a lot of knowledge and once he escaped he started his plan of revenge. Grants +40 intelligence

Iron Determination: Even with everything against him and without any ally Edmond Dantes was able to overcome everything and start his plan of revenge. Grants +30 stamina]

And finally my new acquisition, I found it while walking in Finland during the cold winter. Thanks to Shambhala I was able to find him and because of his skill he deserved 2 pawns to reincarnate him.

[Name: Simo Hayha

Profession: Pawn of Leonardo Barbatos

Age: 75 years old

Magical Attitude: Telekinesis

Strength: 61

Speed: 40

Stamina: 140

Luck: 49

Intelligence: 90

Magic container 37500/37500

Traits: Perfect aim. Living legend. White Death

Special Abilities: Talvi Metsä Mestari

Magic: Control over metal. Rejuvenation magic

Items: Demonic Sniper MKA]

It was surprisingly easy to convince him to be reincarnated. He begged me to eliminate his nightmares of the war that tormented him so much. When I told him that he would have practically eternal life and youth he agreed to be reincarnated. My mother taught him how to rejuvenate his appearance and already, I had my first pawn.

[Perfect aim: Being the most lethal sniper in history ensures that it is practically impossible to miss.

Living Legend: Stories, books and tales have been made in his memory thanks to his fantastic achievements. Meanwhile.

White Death: The figure used by the Finnish army to instill fear among the ranks of the Russian army during the winter war that it was decided was incapable of dying. Grants +80 endurance and +20 strength].

Simo Hayha is definitely everything I thought of him and even more.

I walked slowly towards the mansion to prepare to leave for the Agares district, the Arbitees' base of operations. 

"I'm still not used to it yet...." I adjust my Katana holster as I feel it fall. 6 months after losing my trait 'genius of illusions' and being considered technically a cripple according to the standards of the underworld I was visited by someone... interesting?

Green hair slicked back to look 'intimidating' according to him, and a penchant for joking that honestly irritated me at times, I was visited by one of the 4 Maou.

Ajuka Beelzebub came only for political matters as Serafall was busy trying to carry out a vendetta and Sirzechs was busy preventing her from restarting the Great War. But she certainly seems to have caught his attention.

Long story short, 2 weeks before my trip to Finland to look for Simo I came across something I never knew. I inadvertently embedded a rock with magic, a rock that became capable of, for a short time, putting someone into an illusion!

After returning to the Underworld I ran to Ajuka's lab and told him my plan on what kind of weapon I wanted to make, I also told him to make me a sniper rifle for Simo.

I wanted a long sword, you know, like those classic medieval English swords, but Ajuka insisted on making me a Katana. As the sniper rifle was already a gift for allowing me to experiment, I didn't put much objection, I still had to pay for my Katana...

So since that moment, 3 years ago, I have a Katana in which I can pour my magic in blade to create illusions, the only requirement was to look at the blade to be able to do it.

Yes, basically now it was Aizen.

It didn't help that the system gave me an 'easy' main quest.

[Objective: Enter the Arbitees division as a recruit.

Reward: Kido

Punishment: Lose any magic ability]]

At first I was scared because I didn't know how hard it would be to enter the Arbitees force, being something like the police or special agents of the underworld I honestly expected at least something as intense as Naruto's chunin exams.

In the end it turns out that you only needed to fill out several forms, a small written exam about the laws of the underworld and pass a physical exam to evaluate your health.

Basically getting into the Arbitees was practically easier than getting into most of the police forces in the human world...

They didn't even take a psychological test! That's totally stupid but hey, I guess I'm thankful it wasn't a difficult mission.

[Congrats user! You are now your idol when you were 14 years old!] No need to make fun system....

Of course I didn't take Aizen's look or anything... not for the moment at least! 

Of course, even though getting Kido gave me the option to use it, I'm currently just a beginner at it. Currently I could only use Bakudo #1 Sai and Hado #1 Sho. But in the future I will definitely train that more!

"Anchin-sama" Eh? So fast? "We're ready to go." 

"Thanks Kiyohime, tell them to wait for me for 10 minutes, I'll go get ready and I'll be right down" I smile kindly at her and go up to my room.

Technically I was already dressed, the uniform of the Arbitees was simply an English police uniform of the twentieth century, but in red and with gold details. I only needed to wear a white cape with the word 'Rookie' written on the back. 

I fixed my hair a little and left my room. I always liked it to be a pretty dark red color, but the ends for some reason started to get lighter as I grew up. Growing up stuff, my mother said.

Now it looked like I had black hair that I dyed the ends of...

"It's about time you showed up Master "Edmond was the first one to see me. Since the day we fought the Pope he only called me that when we were in the presence of other people, like the servants of the house or my parents.

"I'm so sorry Edmond... I got a little busy" Yes, I think I keep getting carried away by my thoughts...

"Pff, you always as distracted as ever aren't you?" Spoke Simo "You should learn more about punctuality" .... I was being scolded? Or was it a joke? Damn I never know for sure when I talk to him....

Edmond was wearing his gray suit with shades of green, white shirt, black shoes, his long tie and a hat the same color as his suit, the pendant I gave him on his chest as usual.

Simo was wearing a white military suit, totally white... he also had black combat boots and a white winter cap, on his arm was his sniper. Also, thanks to the rejuvenation treatment, what should have looked like an old man with a disfigured face was now a beautiful young man who looked to be in his 30s.

And Kiyohime was wearing her green/navy blue kimono that she had always worn.

"Let's go, we don't want to be late" I looked at Kiyohime and she nodded activating the teleportation seal.

Within seconds we were in the Agares district.

Unlike my family, the Agares were a large family with many inhabitants in place, so they ran a BIG city, one of the largest in the Underworld.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to this...." Said Simo trying not to throw up from the dizziness.

"It's always weird but you'll get used to it" Edmon told him putting his hand on Simo's shoulder.

"Come on guys, we have to get there fast so we don't fall behind" Kiyohime already belonged to the Arbitees force, in the jailers, Edmond and Simo decided to come with me when I told them what the job was about so me and all my servants will basically be cops.

The Arbitees institution was huge, like a small city of about 500 hectares in which there were the training camps, the 3 buildings for the main forces, the teleportation circles and the huge main building.

I wasn't sure if this was really what I wanted to be my whole life, but it had certainly been a while since I had been this excited about something.

It can be hard a lot of times but I definitely like my new life.


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