DXD Issei: The Mind of Games

Waking up to reality with the view of a system, the stats that he could see described his powers. Issei died to only be revived once more to see the world in a different view. This view was the supernatural world... the same world that killed him. Getting up and with this new gamer like system, Issei would strive to become the strongest there was. He would be the epitome of strength and resilience just to get his revenge on that fallen angel. (Title cover is not mine and is drawn by Juan Acosta)

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45 Chs

Chapter 20

It was a long time... Issei didn't show up for a day straight... he didn't want to show up... the only time he would show up would be to leave a note for his mother that he wouldn't be home. For the entirety of the day, Issei was grinding it at the dungeon. Obtaining as many experience points as he could... If he could obtain 5 levels in 10-12 hours here in the dungeon, he could easily obtain 10 if he could grind for an entire day... wrong. He only obtained 7 levels from grinding it here in the dungeon for that length of time.


Leaving dungeon

Rewards received: +8 silver coins and 18 bronze coins


That was all that he got... with his current two silver coins, he had obtained 10 silver coins in the last couple of days from this dungeon alone. Opening up the shop, Issei wanted to see what he could get with all his coins. He had 10 silver coins... and that's all. He already spent 3 bronze coins and 15 bronze coins for a health potion and a small mana potion for when he fought the three bosses of the dungeon. So... the 18 bronze coins were just making up for the loss.


• (Rare) Shield of Judgement — 1 silver coin

• (Rare) Great Sword— 1 silver coin and 25 bronze coins

• (Epic) Ruins Great Sword — 5 silver coin

• (Rare) Gold Chest Plate — 1 silver and 5 bronze coins

• (Epic) Great Shield - 5 silver coins and 25 bronze coins

• (Epic) Iron Great Shield - 9 silver coins

• Health Potion — 5 bronze coins

• Mana Potion — 3 bronze coins

• Larger Health Potion — 15 bronze coins

• Larger Mana Potion — 10 bronze coins


Issei spent nearly all his coins and bought the Iron Great Shield.


Equipment: Iron Great Shield

Rarity: Epic

Attributes: +3 Strength

 +10 Endurance

 -5 Agility

 +25% Damage Reduction

Requirements: 50 STR

Details: A shield forged by the warriors of Olympus made to combat the very titans that they fought. These shields would be given to some of the lesser Gods to fight off against some of the attacks from the Titans.


With that, Issei began adjusting his stats to be as prepared as he could be for his next mission.


Name: Issei Hyoudou

Title: Guardian of Kuoh

Race: Iron Golem

Level: 52

HP: 8600/8600

MP: 560/560

STR: 77 (+20)

AGL:67.5 (-2)

END: 65 (+21)

INT: 54 (+2)

Bonus: 63% Damage Reduction

Skills: Iron Flesh

Berserk Wrath

Energy Wave


Standing proud, Issei walked through the portal that opened up in front of him... Wait, portal? What the hell was this portal appearing in front of him for?


Since host decided to teleport to dungeon from school, host will be teleported to outside of the forest and away from humanity.


"Okay..." He didn't really have anything else to say. He walked into the portal and found himself in the forest where Artemis's huntresses had decided to stay at. "Fuck..." That was when he found Artemis staring right at him.

"How did you... where did you even come from?"

"Teleportation?" Issei answered with.

"I don't even... you... Why are you so confusing?" Artemis just didn't understand this boy at all.

Without saying anything, Issei began walking away. Artemis watched his back... hesitant in asking what she wanted to say. She wanted to ask this question... she wanted to get confirmation from someone that wasn't a part of her family. Opening her mouth, she screamed, "WAIT!" Issei, turning around with his same emotionless expression, saw her looking at him with a hesitant expression. "I wanted to ask you... could you accompany me to a walk?"

"A walk?"

"Yeah... just a walk." Issei was going to refuse, but Artemis quickly pressed on, "Please... I just want to ask you something."

Seeing as though she wasn't going to let him go, Issei nodded. "Alright..."

As they walked deeper into the forest, Issei couldn't help but notice the tension in Artemis's posture. Her usually confident stride seemed weighed down by invisible burdens, and the lines of worry etched across her brow betrayed her inner turmoil.

The dense canopy overhead filtered the sunlight into dappled patterns that danced across the forest floor, casting an ethereal glow around them. Issei stole glances at Artemis, observing the way her gaze flickered nervously between the towering trees and the path ahead.

Artemis hesitated, then finally spoke, her voice soft yet tinged with uncertainty. "I suppose you're wondering why I asked you to accompany me, aren't you?"

Issei nodded, his expression neutral as ever, allowing her to continue at her own pace. "It's kind of weird that the Goddess of the Hunt would want a man like me to accompany her in anything."

"I... I've been grappling with doubts," Artemis admitted, her words carrying the weight of vulnerability. "As the Goddess of the Hunt, I am expected to lead my huntresses with unwavering confidence and strength. But lately, I find myself questioning whether I am truly fit to guide them. You saw... my lack of proper guidance had nearly caused two of my youngest members to die." She paused, the silence enveloping them like a comforting shroud, before she continued, her voice barely above a whisper. "I fear that I am failing them. That my decisions are leading them astray, endangering their lives. My decisions are not... the best for them..."

Issei listened attentively, his demeanor calm and receptive. He didn't understand the weight of responsibility, the burden of leadership, and the struggles that Artemis was going through, but he didn't want to be just sitting there and listening on her struggles without being... somewhat helpful. It just didn't feel right to him.

"I'm pretty sure you know that I don't have much experience in that field at all," Issei remarked gently, Artemis could only nod knowing that he was still just a kid in high school, but Issei continued, "But what I could say is that... why do you doubt yourself? Was your father always a perfect leader? I'm one hundred percent positive that Zeus had struggled through the same thing as you right now and doubted himself... and look at where he is right now?"

"No... My father sometimes messed up-"

"Artemis... from the little I have seen of you and the stories I have heard of you... you're the perfect balance between being the perfect leader and the perfect mother figure. You care for your members as if they are your children... you guide them as if they are your children." Issei said while grabbing a small little flower off the ground and beginning to pick the pellets off of it. "I don't know if you watch cartoons or television, but all great leaders from those shows always doubted themselves after failing. I see you in the same way... if you didn't doubt yourself at all... I would have then thought of you as a bad leader."

Artemis wanted to hear the words from someone else that wasn't from her family. Even if Issei's words were cliche and didn't have the explosive feeling that she wanted... just hearing it from someone that she had never interacted much with and someone that wasn't her father or her huntresses... it was refreshing. Hearing the words coming out of this young boy... it was something that she wanted to hear.

"There was a saying out there... I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep but afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion." Issei stopped to turn to Artemis, who was glowing by the moonlight reflecting off her beautiful, majestic silver hair. "To be honest... if I was in your shoes... dear God... everyone must be praying because I sure as hell would be bringing the huntresses down with me." Issei jokingly said causing for Artemis to laugh at the goofball.

Before they could continue talking, that was when a petite, blonde-haired girl showed herself to Artemis again. "My lady! I have done what you asked of me..." When she turned to see who Artemis was talking to, she squealed. "IT'S THE BIG MUSCULAR BROWN-HAIRED DUMMY!"

Dummy? What the-

"I may or may not have told this little girl that all men are dummies... oops." Artemis childishly giggled upon seeing Issei's bamboozled expression.

Issei shook his head and watched as Sofia rushed towards him and hugged him. She began sobbing into his shirt... "Thank you... without you... I would have... Veronica would have..."

Issei did the best thing that he could have... watching all those animes really did help him with this. He patted the little girls head and picked her up. Facing her sobbing face to his face, he could only smile gently. "No need to think of the ifs... think of what happened. I was there and I came to save you. Now... why am I a dummy?"

Sofia began giggling while still crying, "My lady said that all men are big dummies... Are you a big dummy?"

Issei's gentle smile softened as he looked into Sofia's tear-streaked face, his heart warming at the innocence and vulnerability of the young girl before him. He decided to humor the little girl and played along with her.

"Well, Sofia, I suppose it depends on who you ask," Issei replied playfully, his tone light and reassuring. "Some might say I'm a big dummy, while others might say I'm just a regular dummy... and some might even say I'm not even a dummy."

Sofia giggled through her tears, her small frame shaking with mirth as she clung to Issei's shirt. "But you saved us, Mr. Dummy! You're the best dummy ever!"

Issei chuckled, feeling a swell of affection for the spirited young girl in his arms. She was just so... innocent and adorable. "Well, if being a dummy means saving the day, then I'll gladly wear that title with confidence." Placing her on his shoulder, Sofia could only squeal upon seeing the world from a new height.

"I CAN SEE MY TENT FROM UP HERE!" Sofia continued squealing and giggling. Her once sobbing face replaced with a face of pure joy.

"Want to see the world from even higher heights?"

Sofia nodded immediately and Issei jumped slightly. Soaring straight through the trees and into the sky, he was easily hundreds of feet into the sky. Still hanging onto the little girl, Issei watched as Sofia screamed in excitement and widened her eyes more to see the ever-extending view of the forest that she was in. Landing on the ground gently, to make sure that Sofia wouldn't be hurt, Issei watched as Sofia hugged him tightly again.

Artemis watched the exchange with a mixture of amusement and fondness, her earlier tension melting away in the warmth of the moment between her littlest child and her heroic figure, Issei, playing with each other. Seeing Issei interact with Sofia, with such kindness and patience, made her smile warmly as well. She couldn't help but... continue watching the scene.

"You truly are a remarkable young man," Artemis remarked, her voice tinged with admiration. "To think that you could bring joy to a child even while they were traumatized... you truly care for children."

Issei shrugged modestly, his attention still focused on Sofia's radiant smile. "Of course, children are just so... pure and innocent...plus, it's hard to resist the charms of such an adorable little girl."

Sofia beamed up at Issei, her tears forgotten in the glow of his praise. "You're not a dummy, Mr. Issei! You're a hero!"

Placing her on the ground gently, Sofia pouted upon seeing herself being placed on the ground. "Artemis... It was nice being here... but I have a couple of stray devils to deal with."

"I could come and help you." Artemis offered her help, but Issei shook his head.

"Don't worry... I'll deal with them alone. There's no need for a Goddess to come and help. They're just regular stray devils." Issei just didn't want to split the experience points he would get. With that, he began walking away from Artemis and Sofia, not without patting the little girl on the head again.


Reputation with Artemis exploded upwards