DXD Issei: The Mind of Games

Waking up to reality with the view of a system, the stats that he could see described his powers. Issei died to only be revived once more to see the world in a different view. This view was the supernatural world... the same world that killed him. Getting up and with this new gamer like system, Issei would strive to become the strongest there was. He would be the epitome of strength and resilience just to get his revenge on that fallen angel. (Title cover is not mine and is drawn by Juan Acosta)

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45 Chs

Chapter 18

His meeting with Artemis was something. After purchasing the Gundam, Issei was walking along the sidewalks to his house, Issei was interrupted when another emergency quest line came in.


Emergency Quest: Some of Artemis's huntresses are in deep danger while she is paying attendance to her father.

Details: There is a cyclops near them, make sure to save them.

Rewards: +++Reputation with Artemis

 +Reputation with the Huntresses

This will bring you to have more connections with the Greeks. This could result in more protection and more rewards.


This must be strange... He just met the woman and here he was saving her people. Was the system trying to lean him into being a hero? Was it trying to choose his future... I mean, he could ignore the quest... but now seeing the rewards from Rias from helping her out... He could only wonder what he could get from helping a Goddess out. Opening the menu once more, he noticed a map icon. Opening the icon, Issei noticed that it was a large map of Kuoh and the forest near it. There was a yellow arrow that was highlighting where he needed to go for the quest.

While Issei was running towards the event, what truly happened for Artemis's huntresses to be fighting against a cyclops?

A few minutes ago, one of her huntresses was collecting sticks. She was the youngest one... Her name was Sofia... A petite woman with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She didn't know what she was doing but she wanted to be helpful since Artemis had given her a home when she could have been rotting on the streets. She wanted to be useful to her lady.

With Sofia was her friend Veronica, she had purple hair and was slightly older and taller than her friend Sofia. Veonica was making sure that Sofia wasn't walking into death trap around the area. They may have been more powerful than regular humans, but they weren't as strong as some of the larger and more dangerous beings in the supernatural world.

"Veronica... I collected 15 sticks!" Sofia exclaimed while showing her arms filled with sticks. "Is this enough for our tent?"

"With my 20 sticks... Not even close to being enough. We may be able to borrow some cloth from the others, but we still need sticks for the fire and to sustain the fire." Veronica spoke while collecting a few more sticks. "Just place it inside my bag." Veronica pointed towards her rather large heavy duty black bag on her back. Sofia nodded before opening the bag and placing the sticks inside.

"Do you think our lady will appreciate our work? I even collected some shiny rocks for her..." Sofia spoke while having her big, adorable blue eyes glued to Veronica.

"I don't know... But we can hope that our lady will be happy. We worked together and did everything that all the big girls need help with all by ourselves."

Sofia squealed before the ground began rumbling. "What was that?"

Veronica shrugged her shoulders, "Probably just a bear or something. Come on, let's continue finishing the job."

Sofia nodded, being a little shaken up, but nevertheless, she continued helping Veronica. However, the rumble continued again... That was when Sofia noticed a rather large branch sticking out of the ground in the middle of an open field. Seeing the sheer size of the branch, she knew that she needed to get it. It would easily be enough to make a fire last all by itself... Walking over to the branch... Once touching the branch... That was when a huge body began rupturing through the surface.

Sofia could only scream upon seeing the black skin belonging to the towering giant beginning to appear clearer to her. The single eye that the monster had begun opening which showed the vicious glare that the creature held onto her. Veronica, upon seeing the cyclops, grabbed Sofia and brought her back. A few huntresses near the area gathered around. They knew that they were in hell. Once the cyclops finally registered where it was, it roared.

Shaking the entire place around with the roar, Veronica and the huntresses began drawing their bows. They shot the arrows, aiming for the eyes, but the cyclops was far too quick. Using its arm to shield itself from the arrows, the cyclops, being easily 10 meters in height, slammed its arm down onto the ground and shook the entire surface around.

The sheer power behind the slam caused the trees nearby to collapse. Veronica watched as the nearest tree to them began falling on top of them, but the cyclops wasn't done just yet. Eyeing Veronica and Sofia, the cyclops rushed in at alarming speed. Slamming its hands down, Veronica could only watch as the hands narrowly missed her entire body but crushed her legs.

Screaming in pain, she needed to get Sofia away. Turning to Sofia, she could only watch in horror as Sofia had her arms crushed from the impact. The cyclops released another scream before attempting to go for another slam to crush the puny huntresses. However, before he could, the huntresses released another barrage of arrows... which did absolutely nothing to him.

The only thing that the arrows did was anger the cyclops. Closing her eyes, Veronica could only apologize to her lady for causing her huntresses to be in danger... However, the fatal blow never came... but she heard a screech belonging to... the cyclops.

"Fuck... I missed the head again." That voice... it didn't belong to any huntress... Opening her eyes, standing in front of her was a brunette that also easily dwarfed her frame. What she noticed was the cyclops had a missing right arm.

Issei had arrived... While the cyclops was focusing on the two girls, he threw his sword into the right arm of the cyclops and quickly spun his sword within the cyclops's arm and ripped straight through the arm. On the ground next to the cyclops was the missing arm...


Name: Cyclops

Race: Cyclops

Title: Cyclops

Level: 37

HP: 3350/4650

MP: 320/320

STR: 52 (+20)

AGL: 23

END: 62

INT: 32

Bonus: +30% Damage reduction


This was going to be an annihilation. Grabbing his Great Sword and rushing in while activating Iron Flesh, Issei simply charged his sword up with his magic and activated Berserk Wrath. Since he was eight levels higher, he not only had 80% extra damage reduction, but he also dished out 80% more damage. Aiming for the head, with his immense speed advantage, Issei was able to slice the cyclops clean in half.

"Well... Now I know what I can do to Rias if she was to get on my bad side." Issei jokingly said to himself.


Emergency Quest Completed: Some of Artemis's huntresses are in deep danger while she is paying attendance to her father.

Rewards: +++Reputation with Artemis

 +Reputation with the Huntresses


Issei turned to see Artemis already being here. She looked at him with widened eyes and turned her gaze to her two little huntresses. Rushing over to them, she hugged the two tightly. Kissing the two on the foreheads and beginning to tear up, she could only say, "I'm so glad you two are okay... What were you two thinking going here all alone?"

Veronica, even through the immense pain and sobbing, responded for both her and Sofia, who was barely clinging onto her consciousness, "We wanted to make you happy... my lady. You have done so much for us... we didn't want to bother you, so we decided to work together and... and... build our tent alone."

Artemis could only slap her on the face, "YOU IDIOTS! WHAT MATTERS TO ME IS IF YOU TWO ARE ALIVE! I brought you into my group because I wanted you two to have a family... to become a part of my family."

Issei only watched this in... sadness. This reminded him of his mother... crying a couple days ago when he went missing. Speaking of which, he needed to get back home. Knowing that he got his reward, Issei began walking away.

Artemis, upon hearing footsteps moving away, turned to see Issei walking into the forest. "WAIT! Don't leave just yet!"

"Sorry... but my mother is waiting." Did this woman truly tried stopping him? Did she not know who his mother was when she was angry? Still carrying his Gundam on his arms, Issei quickly dashed away.

Artemis could only watch the figure of Issei moving away into the darkness. Without him... she would have lost two of her family members... she would have lost Sofia and Veronica. Artemis was truly grateful of Issei... even if she disliked men... She was truly grateful... and happy to know that Issei was there to save her children.

"That boy... He's... A hero..." Artemis said while still holding onto Veronica and Sofia for dear life. "I want to know... your name boy."

With Issei, he was swinging from tree to tree trying to get back to his home as soon as possible. It was 3:56 PM right now and his mother wanted him back home by 4:00 PM... His father was also wanting him to be back home by then. "Gotta lock in..." And he began moving even faster than before.


Reputation with Artemis has increased:

Artemis —> Is grateful to you and sees you as a good man. She thinks of you as a hero in some sort... She is definitely not going to let you go.


"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Now he had to deal with Rias seeing him as a hero and a fucking Goddess seeing him as a hero. He better get a good reward for this or something...