DxD: Gamer in ttl would

Everyone had boring life and will be there are no exception in this if someone is telling you a story then it all started with a shifty previous life just as mine. I had a pretty shitty life and now I am in a world of dxd where if you turn your head you will see a girl with big tits and exposing thighs and where you get those lucky encounter like in anime. but there is a twist I am not just simply here I am here with a gamer system and I am gonna make the most of this life enjoying this world. so I am Vincent lane and this is my story.

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Chapter 1: Starting

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Now, I expected several things when I woke up.

The sun being an asshole and burning my eyes, a pigeon to tackle my window like it does every morning, me beating my alarm clock… again.

[Greeting's -Vincent Lane- You have been chosen to be reincarnated as a new person to be granted the ability known as 'The Gamer']

This was not one of those things.

"So… Looks like I get Gamer powers." I muttered looking around the pure white room I was in, "HELL YEAH!"

[Well someone's enthusiastic, lets see how you'll react to the fact you'll be heading to a new world.]

"So basically I'm not gonna be sticking around my house." I said, "What's the world?"

[You remember Highschool DxD right?]

"Yeah, one of my friends was talking about it in high school during lunch and- waaaaait a minute, that's the world I'm heading to?" I said, just before my small smile broke into a full on grin, "Oh hohohohohoho yeeess, the amount of shit I can throw off there with outsider knowledge." I chuckled as I rubbed my hands together.

[Oh boy, you're already going power hungry.]

[Anyway, you can open your menu simply by thinking 'Menu' Give it a shot.]

'Menu, stats.' I thought smirking, I've read fanfiction, I know how this works.

[Well aren't you getting ahead of things? Well, here are your stats.]

[Vincent Lane]

[Title: The Gamer]

[Age: 17]

[Human (Not for long I'll bet)]


[Sacred Gear: None (You're gonna have to take one for yourself if you want one buddy)]

[Level 1]

[Exp: 0/200]

[HP: 85/85]

[MP: 60/60]

[STR: 5]

[VIT: 5]

[AGI: 5]

[INT: 5]

[WIS: 5]

[LUCK: 5]

There was also a picture of me.

I was 5'9" tall, had black hair that was about the length of my chin with a jagged bang that dangles in front of my face between my nose and left eye. Speaking of eyes, mine were a deep shade of green color.

As for my attire… Well I was in a simple black shirt and grey jeans with a pair of black sneakers.

You'd never think I was a little energetic considering how I'd dress.

"Well, aren't I mister average." I said flatly, "How the heck am I supposed to attract the attention I'm going to try to being Joe Average?"

[Studying, Exercise, these 6 free points?]

"I like you." I said smiling.

'Alright… First off, one point into Strength and Vitality respectively, can't have enough of the two major things that will keep me alive. Two point's into Agility, I'd rather avoid damage altogether over blocking it thank you very much. One to Intelligence, just to boost my magic pools a bit for now. And one to Luck, cause you can never have enough of that shit.' I thought applying those points.

And now my new stats were thus.

* * *

[MP: 70/70]

[STR: 6]

[VIT: 6]

[AGI: 7]

[INT: 6]

[WIS: 5]

[LUCK: 6]

"There we go." I said, "It's no giant pirate's flag, but at least I'm not completely average anymore."

[Next step: I already know the answer, but which side would you start on? Humans, Angel's, Fallen Angels, or Devils?]

"Humans." I said, "I'd like to make allies before I make enemies… Plus video games have completely annihilated my trust in Angels."

[To true… ]

[Next up, you're weapon. Good luck getting far without a weapon bud, you pick one.]

"What exactly are my options?" I asked, causing a list to pop up.

[A Katana]

[A Pair of Knuckles]

[A Battleaxe]

[A Warhammer]

[A pair of knives]

[A gun]

"Gun." I said not bothering to see if there were actually any other options, "Gimme the gun."

[Of course, a gun, should have expected as much from an American.]

"Buzz off." I said as my new gun formed in my hand… A simple Revolver.

Well, at least it will allow me to fight at a distance, I'd rather not get too close to Angels, Devil, and Fallen Angels that are after my guts just yet.

[Seeing as you've got a firearm I think it's best to tell you that you have infinite ammo for your guns, just not an infinite clip.]

[Next on the list I think it's best if you actually looked at you menu.]

"Fine." I said, 'Menu'




[Skills & Spells]




[-Option Locked-]



"Whoa, whoa, whoa hold the pixels." I said firmly, "The hell is with the Lover's tab?"

[Buddy, this is Highschool DxD, more that 3/4 of the main cast is female, but Kuoh Academy has a primarily female student body. No doubt you're gonna grab the heart of at least one non-human creature there.]

"I'm not gonna get out of high school with my virginity am I?" I deadpanned.

[Not unless you chose to be a really big asshole.]


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