DxD: Gamer in ttl would

Everyone had boring life and will be there are no exception in this if someone is telling you a story then it all started with a shifty previous life just as mine. I had a pretty shitty life and now I am in a world of dxd where if you turn your head you will see a girl with big tits and exposing thighs and where you get those lucky encounter like in anime. but there is a twist I am not just simply here I am here with a gamer system and I am gonna make the most of this life enjoying this world. so I am Vincent lane and this is my story.

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Chapter 2: Some Skills

Chapter 2

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"Ho boy… So what's with the locked option?" I asked aloud, a little confused.

[We'll get to that in a few minutes… First, how much money do you have? Check your inventory real quick.]

'Inventory.' I thought.


[Money: 60 US Dollars]





[-Key Items-]



"Sixty bucks." I said putting my gun in my inventory, "I feel poor as shit right now."

[Yeah, US Dollars aren't gonna do you squat in Kuoh buddy, hang on I'll do some conversion real quick.]

[You've lost 60 US Dollars]

[You've gained 6,766 Yen]

"Yen…" I muttered, "I swear it looks like so much more than it actually is."

[Be that as it may, that's how much you've got on you pal… Wanna go shot something?]

"Please." I said pulling my Revolver out once again.

At that moment the area around me had color formed on it until I was standing in a clearing within a dark forest, and rising up in front of my was my opponent.

It appeared to be an empty dark grey robe floating in front of me, on account of the fact there were no feet dangling at the bottom and not hands at the end of the sleeves, and the hood lifted to reveal nothing but shadows on the inside, on it's right 'Hand' was what I could definitely tell was an iron hook that was the size of an adult hand.

[You've developed the Skill Observe… I'm pretty sure this is self explanatory.]

"So what the heck is this thing?" I asked looking at the cloak.


[Level 1]

[HP: 60/60

[MP: 60/60]

"So it's called a Shade huh?" I muttered raising my Revolver at the floating robe, "Hopefully I can shoot it."

At that moment the Shade's body floated back a tiny bit before it began to fly directly at me, hook raised.

I quickly took aim and fired at the Shade, hitting it in the 'chest' causing it to hiss and stop it's rush, as well as losing 12 HP.

"Not bad." I muttered, "Let's keep it - Whoa!"

I quickly stepped back as the Shade and lunged at me once again and tried to swipe at me with it's hook, as I stepped back I fired twice more, dealing a total of 26 damage from the two shots.

"Two more shots needed, three in the chamber." I made note to myself as the Shade swung at me again, this time nicking me in the arm and taking off 8 of my HP.

"Bastard!" I shouted pointing the Revolver at where it's head should be and fired.

What came up was 24 Damage just under a 'Critical' Pop-up.

The Shade let out a loud cry as it's cloaked body burned up in blueish-black flames, leaving behind a scrap of cloth, and a yellow blazing orb that floated in front of me.

"The heck is this?" I muttered as I reloaded my revolver.

[As you kill monsters there is a chance that they will leave behind something called a Spirit that you can collect.]

[Spirits have multiple uses, all of them useful.]

[First of all you can equip them like accessories to boost your stats.]

[You could also merge a Spirit into a weapon or piece of armor to grant it special properties.]

[You could also choose to reform that Spirit into an item that is dependent on what the Spirit is.]

[Lastly, you could choose to summon the monster that the Spirit came from to fight on your side.]

[You can find Spirit's under the now unlocked Spirits tab in your menu.]

[There are two ways a Spirit can get stronger, the first is simply by using them as summons or accessories, the second is by merging Spirit's of the same monster. Once a Spirit gets strong enough it can evolve into a stronger form- So be sure to experiment.]

"Now that's some interesting information." I said as the Shade Spirit floated around and into me while I bent down to pick up the cloth and Observe it.

[Shade Cloth]


[A scrap of cloth cut from the robes of a Shade, using this when creating armor or clothing will result in the armor having an ability that is helpful with stealth. A must have item for anyone who uses stealth to their advantage.]

"Nice." I said putting the cloth in my inventory.

[Great, now then let's wrap things up- Head to your quest tab.]

'Menu, Quests.' I thought.


[Tutorial- In progress]

'Tutorial.' I though, this part is always slow it seems.


[You're now the Gamer, learn the basic's buddy.]

[Main Objectives]

[(x) Use your 6 Given Stat points]

[(x) Pick yourself a Weapon]

[(x) Defeat your first enemy]

[( ) Close this Menu once you're done reading it.]

[Reward: 200 EXP, The abilities Create/Escape I.D.]

'Close.' I thought.

[Quest- Tutorial: Complete]

[You've reached Level 2!]

[The Abilities Create/Escape Instant Dungeon have been added to your skill list.]

"Good, now that I already have those two… Wait do I have Gamer Mind and Body?" I muttered, 'Skills'

[[Skills & Spells]]

[Observe Lvl 1]

[The ability to look at stuff… Kinda simple buddy.]

[Gamers Mind]

[Keeps your mind calm in almost any situation and keeps your mind safe from outside affliction.]

[Gamer's Body]

[Makes your body just like that of a Video Game characters.]

[Create/Escape I.D.]

[Allows you to create and destroy Instant Dungeons to help you train yourself.]

"Alright, now that I've got everything checked out… when can I leave!?" I shouted to the sky… Just before everything faded to black.


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