Dream turns into Reality Book

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Dream turns into Reality


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Philip was just a normal boy, you will find in every other house. He was friendly, cheerful, a very loving kid, everyone liked to be with. But soon his life turned upside down when he met someone at the age of seven. Since then Philip was no more the same bubbly, happy boy. He changed his identity and learned to live alone. He started having nightmares, blood, death, gory was all he could see now. His life turned into a scary dream he was forced to live. One day the kids were bullying him when his patience snapped. His furious self wanted to hurt the kid. But he was stunned to find that his wishful thought turned into reality. But soon he learned that all these dreams are the reality of someone's destiny. At the age of 15, he decided to change the fates as he could bear no more. Then one day he found out that he had a twin brother that he was the boogie man, that makes all his dreams should be nightmares... And so he decided to change his fate. But would he be able to do that? Would he think that all of this is just a dream? Come and join Philip on his journey to know more about his destiny.


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