Dragon Ball: Back in Black

Reincarnated into Dragon Ball after an unexpected death, a man must now face enemies and threats that not only endanger the universe, but multiple universes. Given the body of Goku Black and a few other items, this reborn Saiyan will have to transcend his limits time and time again in order to become the strongest. This is the story of a Saiyan who will become the strongest mortal in the universe. In all of the universes.

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New Perspective

Lila and I were back at it again, sparring in the clearing once more.

Even though we were in the middle of a heated spar, Lila proceeded to ask me questions about multiple subjects. I didn't mind, as it was a good way to better my ability to multitask.

Although this conversation was a little different.

"So I'm curious." Lila suddenly says as she blocks my fist and shifts it away from her face. "You've told me about your experiences with Super Saiyan and Saiyan God, but why not Evil Saiyan?"

Using the momentum from her shifting my fist's direction away, I pick up my hind leg and try to catch her with my heel, only for her to easily tilt her head away from my foot.

"That's because I don't have any experiences with it." I told her, regaining my footing and charging at her again.

"But I thought you said that you accessed the transformation before?" She asked, her brow raising with curiosity.

I close in and try to hit her with a flurry of blows, but she blocks each one with barely any effort.

"I did. I just don't remember." I replied.

She cocks her head to the side and looks at me with confusion before suddenly striking out her palm.

The strike hits me right on the chin and I stagger back a bit.

"Don't lose focus." She says.

I feel a sharp pain coming from my abdomen and I look down to see her digging four of her fingers into the soft spot under my ribs.

"You lose focus, you die." She said before removing her hand.

I grown and rub my side, trying to get the pain to fade faster.

"I think you're enjoying this way more than you're supposed to." I said to her, my eyes narrowed.

She smirks and shrugs her shoulders playfully.

"Maybe. Now go back to the part where you said you don't remember anything." She says, expecting me to say more on the matter.

"What else is there to say? My vision went black and I woke up on Cooler's ship. The only reason I know transformed is because of the recordings that were taken." I told her.

Actually it was because of Astral, but that was technically a recording he showed me. And Cooler also had recordings as well, I saw them whilst looking through the Cooler Force's database, I just never watched them.

"Do you think you can show me these recordings?" She asked.

I raised an eyebrow, clearly not expecting her to ask that.

To be honest, this entire conversation was a little unexpected. She's never shown an interest in my ability to transform before.

Then again, it has only been a couple of weeks.

"If you want to see them, I would need to get aboard Cooler's ship. And he could be halfway across the galaxy by now." I said before stepping towards her, holding out two of my fingers.

"What are you doing?" She asked, placing one of her fingers and halting mine from reaching her forehead.

"It's a technique that I developed. Sort of an advanced form of telepathy where I show you a glimpse of my memories." I explained.

I've used this only once since I've developed it, and it was Shugesh after he smacked Gohan into a wall. Apparently I gave him nightmares for weeks.


He deserved every second of them.

"Oh, memory sharing?" She asked, her eyes widened.

"You know of it?" I asked.

"Some of the Kais used to do this instead of speaking verbally. Saves time on long winded explanations." She replied. "Usually it's supposed to be contactless, but I'll give you some credit since you developed it on your own."

Lila put her hand down, allowing me to place my two fingers on her forehead.

I send her glimpses into my memory, showing her the recording Astral showed me during our second conversation. After showcasing it in its entirety, I remove my fingers from her forehead and look at her as she puts on an inquisitive face.

"A... a Frost Demon...?" She muttered before looking up at me with a gaze I don't quite understand. "This Frieza that enslaved the Saiyans was a Frost Demon?"

"Yeah." I replied, looking at her strangely. "Why, what's wrong?"

She doesn't hear my question, as her eyes look as if she's somewhere else.

"Lila?" I called out her name.

Hearing her name, she snaps out of her trance and finally looks over to me, "It's nothing... Um, so... this Evil Saiyan transformation, can you transform into it at will?"

I furrow my eyebrows at her, wondering why she was acting so strange, but I moved on despite her odd behavior.

"I can." I nodded my head.

"But you never did." She responds.

"I didn't." I shook my head.

"Any particular reason?" She asks.

"Every time I try to access the form, I feel myself slipping away. As if I'm losing control." I tell her.

"Mm-hmm..." She hums.

She looks down and turns away, pacing back and forth as she seems to be lost in her own thoughts.

"Remind me what Evil Saiyan is again." She says.

"It's a transformation based of the user's selfish desires. As Saiyans, we strive for power above all else." I reply.

"And so Evil Saiyan makes you strive for more and more power?" She asks, stopping her pacing and looking at me with a raised eyebrow. "I'm guessing to an almost obsessive level?"

"That's basically the gist of it, yeah." I nodded, agreeing with her statement.

She nods and steps towards me, looking at me up and down before bringing her hand up high before bringing it down, smacking me hard on the top of my head.

"What the-?! OW!" I exclaimed, rubbing the top of my head. "What the hell was that for?!"

"You're an idiot." She said, looking at me with a criticizing gaze.

"You mind telling me exactly why I'm an idiot?!" I asked, still rubbing my head from the smack she gave me.

Jesus, that hurt. It's like she used all the power she had into it, trying to literally smack some sense into me.

"I suppose you've tried to gain control of the form the same way you gained control of your other form?" She asked.

"Yeah, why?" I asked back.

Lila suddenly closed her eyes and brought her hands together, taking in a very deep breath.

"Zyleth, the reason why you are having so much trouble with the form is because you are trying to suppress it." She says. "A form caused by selfishness and desire for power can't be suppressed."

"What exactly are you implying here? That I should just... willingly transform into a form that causes me to lose control?" I asked, looking at her incredulously.

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm implying." She nods without an iota of hesitation.

Her blunt response to my question causes me to look at her as if she had just lost her mind.

"So you're telling me that I should transform and just rampage across the universe?" I asked, not what kind of logic she was using.

She can't even measure up to me in my Great Ape form, and that was a twenty times multiplier. What the hell is she going to do against a transformation that boosts me two-hundred and fifty times my base?!

"Yes, because you're not going to rampage." She replied, causing me to look at her with confusion. "Zyleth, from what you've explained to me, Evil Saiyan isn't inherently evil. It's a form that brings out a Saiyan's deep desire for power, right?"

"Yeah. What's your point?" I asked.

"My point is that if your sole desire is power when you've transformed, then you're not going to be any different than how you're acting right now." She replies.

That explanation just made me even more confused than I was previously. Seeing this, Lila rolls her eyes and explains it further.

"Zyleth, if Evil Saiyan doesn't make you evil, then it just brings out what you already are." She says before grabbing me by the shoulders, her fingers digging into my skin a bit. "I'm saying that you aren't a damn destroyer, Zyleth. You aren't a mindless, unreasonable, killer. Sure, you're a scum bag that lies and manipulates to get what you want, but you're not a barbarian out to cause misery."

Hearing this, I think I finally understand what she's trying to get at and I shake my head, denying her words.

"Lila, I appreciate the sentiment, but what you're saying just doesn't apply here." I said as I grabbed her hands and pulled them off my shoulders.

"And why doesn't it?" She asks.

"My memories, remember? The second I transformed, I--"

"You what? Beat the crap out of the tyrant that enslaved you, your planet, and your people?" She asked, cutting me off. "You ask me, it's exactly what he deserved."

"That's not the issue here. The issue is that I was completely out of control." I told her.

"Were you?" She asked, raising a brow at my statement. "I don't remember seeing anything like that in your memories."

That threw me in for a loop.

Were we watching the same memory? Because if we were, I'm a hundred percent sure she wouldn't be saying any of that.

"Zyleth, putting aside your sadistic actions and the... substantial amount of structural damage you caused, did you really lose control?" She asks. "You didn't hurt anyone in your rampage but Frieza. On the contrary, you were hyper focused on him."

I open my mouth to refute, but I couldn't. Because she was absolutely right.

The entire time, I was solely focused on fighting Frieza.

"You're right..." I muttered.

"Of course I am." She said with a lighthearted grin. "When am I not?"

The small falls and she suddenly grew serious, taking a step closer and placing her hand on my chest.

"You're not a destroyer, you're not a tyrant, and you're not a killer." She says. "All the transformation does is make you more you. So just think of the yourself right now, only a little bit more blunt. If that's even possible."

I couldn't help but let out a chuckle on that last dig she made.

"Always got to say something slick, huh?" I asked.

"Look who's talking." She responds with a small smile, the hand she had placed on my chest forming a fist and she softly shoves me away. "Go ahead and try, hmm? I'll be here."

The thought of transforming into Evil Saiyan again caused a slight shiver to run down my neck.

I wanted to argue. To find some reason as to not transform, but everything she says made sense. And the thing about it, I don't even know why I'm so cautious about the Evil Saiyan transformation in the first place.

Maybe it's because when I lost control the first time, it left a bad impression. Or maybe it's because I thought I would end up like Cumber, battle hungry and always wanting to fight no matter what happens to those around me.

Or maybe it's because I'm more like Cooler than I initially thought. I always commented on his need of wanting to be in control of everything. And here I am, doing the same thing.

But I suppose letting go isn't so bad.

At least every once in a while.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath before searching deep within myself, trying to find the familiar spark of that dark power somewhere deep inside.

I dig through the layers and eventually find that familiar darkness, reaching out and grabbing hold of it, feeling the familiar cold chill run up my spine as the dark energy washed over me like a cold shower.

I feel myself starting to slip away, and I start to fight against it, desperately trying to hold on to my mind.

The dark energy starts to slip away from my grasp and I suddenly hear Lila speaking to me in my mind.

"Don't fight it. Don't be afraid of it." I hear her say. "There's nothing to fear. You're want to be the strongest, don't you? The strongest Saiyan who ever lived? This is what you have to do..."

Her words, her voice causes me to relax and I allow myself to let go, feeling myself sinking deeper into my own mind, feeling nothing but an endless stream of dark energy that begged for little else other than to be released.

I bring that stream of dark energy inside of me, feeling it flow throughout my entire body. My heart pulses with it, my veins bursting, my nerves on fire.

I feel a presence and I open my eyes, seeing not the sight of Lila or the calming scenery of the planet I was previously on, but the glowing bright crimson eyes of the Great Ape that seemed to be staring right back at me.

Almost instinctively, I knew that this wasn't just some ordinary Great Ape that was looking at me. This was my Great Ape. This was me.



On the outside, Zyleth's body suddenly erupted with an enormous volume of dark ki, the wind blowing and pushing everything around him in a chaotic torrent of overwhelming darkness.

"Zyleth!" Lila yelled out as she tried to push back against the force of his power, but it proved fruitless as she was unable to stop herself from being pushed back.

Being blown off at high speeds, Lila tried to orientate herself, but was unable to do so with how fast she was flying through the air.

The wind eventually slammed her against the side of the mountain, causing her to groan in pain as she tried to push herself out.

Without even getting the chance to properly register what has happening, there was this sudden sense of dread that filled her body as a loud roar erupted from where Zyleth had been standing.

This wasn't like anything she had ever heard before. The waves of pure power that came from this primal roar caused the hair on her arms and legs to stand on end, almost as if staring down the eyes of a predator.

Suddenly, the wind finally seemed to dissipate, allowing her to dig herself out of the mountain.

Not hesitation even for a moment, she dashed towards him in a panic, landing right behind. She saw that he looked different. His hair, while not a different color, seemed to have grown longer.

It reached around the middle of his back, and it was even more wild and unkept than before.

Lila felt the large amount of power and pressure emanating from Zyleth's body, and it both shocked and frightened her.

After all, what if she was wrong?

Hesitantly, she called out his name, "Zyleth?"

She saw his body suddenly tense up at her voice before turning around and facing her. She saw him looking at her with a cold demeanor that left her feeling frightened.

The red eyes he now sported locked with her own, causing a slight gasp to escape her lips.

This wasn't like the red of the Saiyan God form she had witnessed weeks ago. These were darker. Almost blood-like in color.

"Are... Are you in there...?" She asked hesitantly.

Zyleth looked at her for a moment before his mouth slowly formed a small smirk, letting out a slight chuckle at her question.

"Were you expecting someone else?" I asked, with a lighthearted tone.


Zyleth - [5,979,000,000]

Evil Saiyan Zyleth - [1,494,750,000,000]


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