Dragon Ball: Back in Black

Reincarnated into Dragon Ball after an unexpected death, a man must now face enemies and threats that not only endanger the universe, but multiple universes. Given the body of Goku Black and a few other items, this reborn Saiyan will have to transcend his limits time and time again in order to become the strongest. This is the story of a Saiyan who will become the strongest mortal in the universe. In all of the universes.

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82 Chs

Distress Call

Reaching out, I blocked Lila's punch with a singular finger, flying backwards as she tried to follow up with a flurry of blows to my face.

Each time her fists seemed to even get remotely close to connecting with me, I either blocked or dodged them without any effort whatsoever. It got to the point of that I just stopped blocking all together and just dodged around her as if I wasn't even taking her seriously.

"How do you feel?" Lila asked as she sent out an attack aimed at my side.

The violent urge to just swat her away like an annoying bug suddenly rises to the surface, but I quickly push it out of my head and focus on maintaining control.

I jump into the air, placing my hand atop her head and using her as a springboard. As I land a few feet away, I ponder over her question, not really sure on how I should answer.

"Hmm." I hummed as I make a fist, staring down at it for a moment before replying with, "Powerful."

Hearing this, she proceeded to roll her eyes at me and say, "I obviously know that, but how do you feel mentally? Any improvement?"

"The urges are still there, but they're manageable." I said as I crossed my arms. "The intensity has calmed down a bit since our first session, but not much since the last time."

Ever since I had transformed into Evil Saiyan and learned that I'm not some mindless berserker, we put a pin on increasing my technique and skill for the moment, instead shifting our focus on making sure that I master my new form.

This was more of a thing that I had pushed for more so instead of Lila, but she didn't have any problems with it.

She agreed that the time mastering this volatile transformation would be useful in the long term, especially with how much Evil Saiyan gave me in return.

To train it, I'm basically using the same method I used to master Super Saiyan, in which I had just tried to keep up and sustain the form as long as possible without reverting back or losing my head.

It seemed to work, as I had drastically improved on how long I can stay in the form, but that ended up causing an entirely different problem to arise.

The longer I stayed transformed, the darker my thoughts and the more enticing the urge to just let go and fight at full throttle became.

It was a very strange thing to feel, as they didn't feel like as though they were my own thoughts.

It's like there was that devil on my shoulder trying to tempt me into taking the path of least resistance, whilst I was the angel on the other end trying to tune him out.

"That's good. Progress is still progress. Even if it is slow." She responds.

"I suppose so." I nodded slowly.

"Just be patient a little. After all, you're coming along nicely." She says, smiling and patting me on the shoulder. "This is longest that you've held it up."

The contact from her touch caused goosebumps to appear on my shoulder.

It seems whilst in Evil Saiyan, I really got to come up with a better name, I was hyper aware of whenever Lila came into physical contact with me.

This was something that I had noticed before, but Evil Saiyan just makes it more obvious.

"I know. It's just that the urge to go all out just becomes more and more intense as we go along." I said before I reverted back to my base form, my hair and eyes returning to their natural state. "I don't know. Something about this just seems... unsatisfactory..."

I stretched out my arms, feeling sore from the prolonged transformation.

"I suppose it makes sense. After all, I'm not exactly the one who that should be testing you." She replies. "We need someone to actually push you. Right now, I'm basically a fly pushing against a mountain."

She was right, of course. She shouldn't be the one training with me whilst I'm in the Evil Saiyan state.

Having to spar against her was like going up against someone made of wet cardboard. I have to be careful so that i wouldn't break her into pieces by accident.

Which is fine for maintaining my sanity, but not good for actual control.

So far, maintaining control against a weaker opponent was fairly easy. But again, the longer I'm transformed, the more violent my thoughts become, but they were easy enough to push down and carry on currently.

If I was an against someone stronger, someone who actually pushed me, I'd probably improve leaps and bounds over what we are currently doing, as I wound actually get a feel for how much power I have.

But there was something else that we would need to address before this conversation could even start.

"If you have any candidates in mind, I would be more than happy to hear them." I told her.

There's literally no one in the universe that can help me with this. There's no way I'm gonna risk waking Beerus, and I've surpassed Cooler long ago.

Although I could just bring him up to my level.

I had no problem with that besides the massive amount of time it would take to actually accomplish this, to which I could just use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

I was avoiding heading to Earth since I didn't want to mistakenly change any of the events that led up to Dragon Ball Z, but it shouldn't be a problem if I just head to the Room of Spirit and Time.

Though I'm pretty sure that around this time, the chamber had a limit.

I could just summon Bahamut again and just ask him to point me in the direction of the one Frieza had found. Or I could just ask for the knowledge on how to make my own and just build one on Celvana.

Maybe I could even make some improvements...

"We could go into the afterlife? Otherworld has droves of strong people that you could fight against." Lila says, bringing up an excellent point.

Otherworld does have a lot of fighters, but are they really that strong?

The only one I could remember that would be worth fighting was Pikon, and that's only because I wanted his techniques.

"I have no doubt about that if I was just going to be sticking to my base, but with Evil Saiyan? There's not a lot." I replied.

"There is one..." She says, looking at me with a bit a hesitation.

I look at her with a raised brow before I suddenly realized who she meant and immediately started to walk away.

"No, absolutely not!" I exclaimed.

"Zyleth, you don't have a lot of options here!" She said as she rushed over and started to walk beside me.

"Lila, you may have thought that I was exaggerating when I was talking about him, but let me reiterate so that there's no more confusion." I said, bringing my hands together and holding them both towards her. "Cumber is the most powerful mortal that has ever existed. I am not going to Hell just so I can die to a man who's already dead!"

Even in Evil Saiyan, I had enough sense to know that I should leave that monstrous Titan of a Saiyan alone.

"Cu--?! I was talking about Yamoshi!" She yelled.

"Oh..." I muttered, bringing my hands down to my side. "Well that makes a lot more sense..."

"Yeah" She says, looking at me as if I was an idiot. "Besides, King Yemma would never allow someone like Cumber to just let loose in the afterlife."

Huh, so he's most likely bound then? I guess that it would be safe to say that the afterlife was the Super version and not the Z version.

Fine by me.

It's nice to know that Frieza will soon be strung up and forced to be listen as he's serenaded by Teddy Bears and fairies.

"True enough..." I muttered. "But will he even let us go in to see Yamoshi?"

"Who says we have to tell him? You and I can just teleport in without him ever being the wiser." She says with a mischievous smile.

I don't know where this side of her came from but I've got to be honest... I really like it.

Before we can discuss this topic further, I suddenly feel sense something and I snap my head towards the sky, looking off into the distance.

"Are you okay?" Lila asked, looking at me with a bit of worry.

I don't respond immediately, still staring off in that direction, but not able to sense whatever that was anymore.

"Did you sense that?" I asked her.

"Sense what?" She asked back.

"That... I don't know..." I replied, unable to give her a straight answer. "For the briefest moment, I swear that I had felt a powerful wave of energy and then it just... disappeared..."

"I didn't sense anything like that." She shook her head.

I continue looking over in the direction I had felt that powerful energy, wondering if I had just imagined it before shaking my head and letting it go for now.

"Forget it, it's probably nothing." I told her, scratching the back of my head. "Let's go home."

Lila stares on for a moment before nodding, walking back to the cave with me.

As we reach the cave, I hear the familiar sound of the ship's communications ringing out from inside.

"What's that sound?" Lila asks.

"It's the ship's communicator. Someone is trying to get a hold of us-- me... Trying to get a hold of me." I correct myself as I walked towards the ship.

"You know who could it be?" She asks.

"There are a few. It's between either my family, my previous team members, or Cooler." I answered. "My bet is on my family. It's almost time for my mother to call and check on me."

"Aww, that's cute." She teased.

"Shut up." I told her, rolling my eyes.

My mother would usually call once a month to see how I was doing. It was usually just to make sure that I was alright and telling me to visit more often, that kind of thing. But it was a bit strange. She usually doesn't call until the end of the month.

We walk towards the ship's computer and I answer the call, seeing Sela on the other end, looking quite distressed.

"Sela?" I asked.

"Who's that?" Lila whispered in my ear, placing her hand on my shoulder and leaning in to see the screen more.

"The former Queen of Saiyans." I whispered back.

[Sela: Zyleth! Please, you have to help!]

The desperation in her voice was apparent and I immediately knew that something was very wrong, "Help with what? What's wrong?"

[Sela: Something's happened to Vegeta and the others! I... I can't...]

The moment that she said those words, my heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach, but I quickly calm myself before I do anything rash.

"Hold on, I'm coming over now." I told her as I cut the communication.

I quickly stood up and went towards the container we kept the pouch of Senzu Beans, tucking it into my waist before turning around to see Lila standing there with a determined face.

"I'm going with you." She says, her tone suggesting that she won't take no for an answer.

"You see me arguing?" I retort.

Her eyes widened as I held my hand out towards her, but she quickly nodded and took it without any hesitation.