Dragon Ball: Back in Black

Author: OmniSpectra
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What is Dragon Ball: Back in Black

Read ‘Dragon Ball: Back in Black’ Online for Free, written by the author OmniSpectra, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Reincarnated into Dragon Ball after an unexpected death, a man must now face enemies and threats that not only endanger ...


Reincarnated into Dragon Ball after an unexpected death, a man must now face enemies and threats that not only endanger the universe, but multiple universes. Given the body of Goku Black and a few other items, this reborn Saiyan will have to transcend his limits time and time again in order to become the strongest. This is the story of a Saiyan who will become the strongest mortal in the universe. In all of the universes.

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A Legend had died. Rest in Peace, Akira Toriyama


The story is fine overall. But I would recommend author to change the first chapter as it was not a good impression overall. To me he felt like a entitled Chinese young master with all his complaints. The rest of the story is good. The character interactions are interesting and he is not a two dimensional character which is great. I would recommend the author to make his own original storylines and not follow the canon too much. Maybe explore magic which is inherent in db universe. You can also add interactions with other aliens that we had not seen otherwise in canon like tuffles. Add your own lore if you want to like him meeting yamoshi and other cool and og stuff. Instead of following the same cliches that everyone seems to follow. Give your own twist to evolution of Saiyan and including stuff from gt and xenoverse and all that good stuff to make it more interesting to us readers. These are just my suggestions. Peace.


someone named Novel Audio Forge is stealing your story and making audio books out of it in YouTube and patreon.


I was skeptical at first due to the fact that I haven’t found a single Dragonball fic that doesn’t fall flat on its face or just retcon everything. However this fic has been amazing so far. The Author clearly knows ALOT about Dragonball lore and is very meticulous with the little details and I absolutely love it. Even though I’m not a fan of harems; this novel has been more than generous with everything else that I would recommend everyone at least give it a try.


Excellent Oc's backstory: From an ordinary non-nonsense man to Goku-Black's new successor and Goku and Raditz's brother. I hope that you can continue with this story and take some time to rest as well. Great job.


I'm giving it 5 stars but I couldn't read it, I didn't like the MC, it's weak even though I know the work, I'm going to wait to accumulate about 70 chapters to read again, although I think the author will give up on the fanfic before then


Author tries to create moments of tension where there is no time for it, an example of this is the MC facing opponents who are strong for his base form, but in his oozaru form would be easily resolved.


Really nice concept and grammar , really hope u continue


cooler is more intelligent and stronger than frieza and unlike frieza he believes in quality instead of 1000 soldiers he prefers 10 with intelligence and strength compared and unlike frieza who doesn't care about his soldiers killing him just because he wants cooler makes his soldiers train to become stronger and smarter at the same time that they gain better equipment cooler treats his soldiers and subordinates like soldiers the greater their achievements and loyalty the better their rewards he is polite and believes in loyalty he will not kill someone because He wants he needs a strong reason to eliminate a useful soldier unlike Freeza who is basically a spoiled and childish person that's why Cooler is more liked and loved by the fans than Freeza it's a shame he wasn't canon who knows with Toyotaro in command of dragon ball he doesn't bring coola and even bojack to the canon


My first review is for you ...and this is excellent, I really love the overall scene you created. Can't wait for next chapters




very good story, i like the plot and the characters. So..., good work author. [img=recomendar][img=actualizar][img=recomendar][img=actualizar]




A really good fanfic on all levels. The main character isn't some cookie cutter piece of wood, and the 'side' characters are actually interesting.


liked the fic and an Db fic but all ends in about 50< less chaps so not much hope on future stability author lmk whats your ideal chap before hiatus/or end?






Great story, uniquish origin story. definitely a quality piece overall. The MC is pretty basic though. definitely the cliche standard everyone on this app likes tho. The fake reincarnator from our world who doesn't mind killing, is a low key battle junkie, and isn't a maniac. just really forced bull that became the norm because sad folk on here don't have any backbone in real life, so they live vicariously. he only likes his family, doesn't care about anything else except training, and lacks any moral compass. just an overpowered NPC basically but I only say it negatively because it seems like every fanfic follows this same pattern presently. Other than that an enjoyable story.


This DBZ fanfic is pretty solid. It's got a cool premise that I haven't seen much of before, which kept me hooked. Shoutout to the author for their work, and good luck to them! I'm gonna let some more chapters pile up before I jump back in.


I'm writing this after the end of the first Arc and before the first chapter of the second Arc. Writing Quality: Really good, i didn't see anything that would make my eye bleed and since English isn't my first language so i don't know about the more..... small grammatical error. Stability of Update: He update every day of the week except the week-end, so really good even if i could have put 5/5 but since i love this story and it would be better for the release to be every day ^^'. Story Development: For now, it follow Canon but only in the grand point. That make the possibility to surprise the reader with how the OC disrupt the event everybody know from the manga/anime. And the Author DOES surprise the reader, i will not spoil but i did pray for the OC when he encounter a certain person before the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Character Design: Simple but a good simple, like yes, he is a saiyan but with a little change in it who is well explained. World Background: When reading, you understand that the author know the lore of the universe as i did have to go to the wiki to understand who is what and from what i read, implement them in their character. Like little vegeta who get trashed around until he learn to cooperate with someone else to fight an opponent. Final: Good fanfic, it's a beginning of a journey that i hope will not be abandonned.


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