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{Also Uploaded On Scribble hub} Traveling through the Douluo Continent with Focalors, he unexpectedly acquired the power of an ancient dragon and ascended to become the Water Dragon King. "I've become a perfect dragon, capable of judging the Douluo gods. O tide, I have returned!" Many years later, a harmonious Douluo Continent thrives with love and justice. Focalors remarks, "I regard you as a friend, a fleeting companion, a spouse – it's all quite embarrassing!" Gu Yuena wonders, "Why is the Water Dragon King so formidable?" Qian Renxue dismisses, "Tang San or whatever, just perish, I don't acknowledge you!" Focalors consoles, "Water dragon, water dragon, don't shed tears! Can't I make you a promise?" ••••••• Single Heroine Focalors ••••••••• It is a translation from the fanfiction novel written by author Ruo Tuo save me. 斗罗:转生水龙王,老婆芙卡洛斯 ••••••••• Focalors is a Genshin Impact game character. If you want to know more about Focalors check on Google. •••••• For Early Access of 20 Chapters: patreon.com/Yui36

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Be Civilized Be Ladylike

During the preliminary round, he only used the Purple Demon Eyes, a unique skill of the Tang Sect.

Usually, the Purple Demon Eyes are hard to detect, but the Ghost Shadow Trace is different!

Anyone with a bit of vision can tell that he "Tang Yin" has some connection with the former Tang San, right?

Why, didn't Neuvillette have no reaction at all?

Tang San didn't understand.

Wait, with Neuvillette's strength, the possibility of judging that he was Tang San was almost 100%!

It wasn't that Neuvillette didn't change, but that he knew long ago that Tang Yin was Tang San!

Only this possibility would make him have no reaction at all.

The Barak team members swarmed onto the stage, looked at their captain, and saw that he had only fainted, then they breathed a sigh of relief.

They didn't look at Tang San, they carried their captain and left.

Tang San didn't say a word either, ever since he was scolded by Neuvillette on the stage, he hadn't said a word of nonsense on the stage.

Strength is fought out, not spoken out!

In a moment, the Barak side seemed to have discussed it, and finally chose to admit defeat.

They were all spoiled sons, but not fools.

Tang San had already shown mercy, and after defeating their captain, he didn't have any provocative intentions, but waited quietly for them to come on stage.

He had such strength, and he respected his opponents so much.

They thought about it, the captain had lost, their chances of winning were not great, and they had no grudges, there was no reason to go up and fight, so they directly chose to admit defeat.

Tang San: "???"

Provoke the opponent?

Winning is winning, why provoke the opponent?

Do you have to be at odds with each other to be satisfied?

Seeing Barak Academy admit defeat, Tang San was a little surprised.

He had been in the barraks for more than ten days, and although no one had explained Barak Academy to him, he could tell from his own observation that they were a bunch of spoiled sons.

The key point was, they seemed to be very fearless!

Think about it, a bunch of spoiled sons, all with backgrounds, would they be afraid of anything?

Winning is winning, Tang San didn't continue to dwell on it, let it be.

"I heard that the students of Blue Sunshine have now followed the prince."

The noble sons of Barak, spoiled as they were, but their loyalty to the Heaven Dou Empire was evident to the world, and clear to the sun and moon.

The Heaven Dou prince was the future Heaven Dou emperor.

Not wanting to be given a hard time, when fighting with these people, try to be low-key, and give them some face.

Of course, there was also the factor of not being able to beat them.

Damn it, the captain was defeated in seconds, how could they fight?

They didn't provoke anything, they just acted like they were doing their duty, continuing to go up might be detrimental to tomorrow's match, everyone thought about it, and admitted defeat.

"Barak Academy admits defeat, Blue Sunshine Academy wins!"

"Please have the contestants from Skywater Academy and Blazing Fire Academy come on stage!"

That's right, the second round of the first day was Skywater Academy versus Blazing Fire Academy.

Huo Wu had been holding a grudge for losing to Skywater Academy in the preliminary round.

Wasn't it just relying on the soul fusion technique?

Now it was a one-on-one, she wanted to see how Skywater could beat the Blazing Fire!

The first day was the internal battle of the four-element academies, this kind of thing, the other teams were also happy to see.

It was better to fight to the death, preferably the kind that broke their heads!

As for why it was the four-element academy and not the five-element academy, it was because Elephant Armoured Academy was wasn't in promotion matches...

"Hmph, a bunch of little girls... I have to let them know..."

"Cough cough, Sister Huo Wu!!"

"Be civilized!"   

"Be ladylike!"

Huo Wushuang felt like his head was about to explode, this sister was good at everything, her talent was even better than his, but this rude manner, except for Feng Xiaotian that fool, who would like her?

What if she couldn't get married in the future, wouldn't she be stuck in the house?

Their parents died early, their grandfather couldn't control them.

The elder brother is like a father, he had no authority in front of his sister.

One-on-one, he might not be able to beat Huo Wu, even if his soul power level was higher than Huo Wu by one level.

Huo Wu's appearance was also commendable, her clothing was also good, she knew what her strengths were.

She was not the kind of majestic that couldn't see her toes when she lowered her head, nor was she the kind of flat that couldn't tell the front from the back.

She was also a standout among the beauties.

Otherwise, how could Tang San be "ambushed" by Huo Wu even if he was injured?

Feng Xiaotian: Sooner or later, he would dye his head green!

There was also Meng Yiran, this girl was also pretty, she had a face and a figure, but she didn't have the fate of the female lead...

"Hmph, Huo Wushuang, are you saying that I'm not ladylike, not civilized?"

Huo Wu crossed her arms, her eyes spitting fire at Huo Wushuang.


'If you were civilized, ladylike, I Huo Wushuang would write my name backwards, and die on the spot!'

Huo Wushuang fell silent. Seeing this, Feng Xiaotian swallowed his saliva. Sister Huo Wu was still so charming.


This Feng Xiaotian might have some strange attributes.

His martial spirit may not be the Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf, but the Stormwind Doubleheaded Dog!

"Come on sister Huo Wu!"

Feng Xiaotian didn't say much and quickly cheered for Huo Wu!

"I will, I will bring back my blazing glory!"

After saying this, Huo Wu went directly to the stage.

"Wow, sister Huo Wu is still so heroic!"

Huo Wushuang glanced at Feng Xiaotian, then at Huo Wu's back, and shook his head.

This bastard is usually tougher, and if he defeated Huo Wu once, maybe Huo Wu starts liking him.

However, this guy has been pretending that he can't beat Huo Wu, he just to put some distance between him and Huo Wu, he doesn't practice so hard, he only focus on self created skills.

If you have talent, that's not how you play.

The first person to appear from Skywater Academy was not the captain Shui Bing'er, but Shui Bing'er's sister Shui Yue'er.

At this time, Shui Yue'er was only level 36, and was almost certainly no match for Huo Wu.

According to the rules of the promotion competition, the players who will play the next day must be arranged within an hour after the draw.

When playing the next day, you need to follow the order. It doesn't mean that you just want to play, just play.

If the seventh player comes on directly, the first six players will lose regardless of whether they play or not.

"Shui Yue'er, let your captain come up, I want to challenge her to a duel!"

Huo Wu shouted directly as soon as he came on stage.

This time, she must avenge the qualifying round!

This scene made everyone in the audience stunned for a moment. The girl from Blazing Fire Academy really has a personality!

"Huo Wu, if you want to fight Bing'er, you need to beat me first!"

The corners of Shui Yue'er's mouth raised slightly. They were sure that Huo Wu would be the first one to take the stage!

According to Huo Wu's violent temper, it would be strange if she wasn't the first to appear.

As long as Huo Wu and Huo Wushuang are replaced, they will definitely win this game!



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