Douluo: My Wife is Focalors

{Also Uploaded On Scribble hub} Traveling through the Douluo Continent with Focalors, he unexpectedly acquired the power of an ancient dragon and ascended to become the Water Dragon King. "I've become a perfect dragon, capable of judging the Douluo gods. O tide, I have returned!" Many years later, a harmonious Douluo Continent thrives with love and justice. Focalors remarks, "I regard you as a friend, a fleeting companion, a spouse – it's all quite embarrassing!" Gu Yuena wonders, "Why is the Water Dragon King so formidable?" Qian Renxue dismisses, "Tang San or whatever, just perish, I don't acknowledge you!" Focalors consoles, "Water dragon, water dragon, don't shed tears! Can't I make you a promise?" ••••••• Single Heroine Focalors ••••••••• It is a translation from the fanfiction novel written by author Ruo Tuo save me. 斗罗:转生水龙王,老婆芙卡洛斯 ••••••••• Focalors is a Genshin Impact game character. If you want to know more about Focalors check on Google. •••••• For Early Access of 20 Chapters: patreon.com/Yui36

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Huo Wu was furious, her cheeks were flushed, and with the blessing of the beautiful girl buff, she looked extremely cute.

People with a bad temper like Huo Wu are generally "poor in words". She wanted to curse, but didn't know how to say it.

In her mind, as long as she has a fight and wins, she has the right to speak.

"So strong, I like it so much!"

Looking at Feng Xiaotian whose eyes were "Smiling", Huo Wushuang fell into deep thought.

Finally, he shook his head.

He was relieved when he handed Huo Wu to Feng Xiaotian.

However, Huo Wu doesn't like Feng Xiaotian's current appearance!

Does he have to remind him?

After thinking for a while, Huo Wushuang made a decision in his mind.

He walked to Feng Xiaotian and hooked one hand around Feng Xiaotian's neck.

Huo Wushuang did this, and Feng Xiaotian didn't react at all. If it had been anyone else, he would have exploded.

"Brother in law, what's wrong?"

Feng Xiaotian asked a little confused, why did Huo Wushuang suddenly act so close to him?

"Xiaotian, do you really want me to be your Brother in Law?"

After hearing this, Feng Xiaotian was shocked. After he came to his senses, he said with firm eyes, "Brother, what do I think about Sister Huowu? You know my heart, I can swear that I love sister Huo Wu..."

"Heaven and earth can tell, the sun and the moon are proof!"

"If I break this oath, my martial soul will be broken, and I will not die well!"

After hearing this oath, everyone's expressions couldn't help but change.

Swearing on a martial soul is already the highest oath for a soul master.

Just like the soul beasts in the far north swear to the Ice God, just like the soul beasts of the Star Dou Forest swear to the Dragon God.

Patting Feng Xiaotian's shoulder, Huo Wushuang whispered: "..."


Feng Xiaotian looked at the heroic Huo Wu on the ring, and then at Huo Wushuang beside him.

"Brother, is this really okay?"

"Trust me, it will definitely work!"

"But, what if I hurt sister Huo Wu?"


Huo Wushuang opened his mouth slightly, but stopped talking.

Huo Wu is his sister after all, so he naturally doesn't want Huo Wu to get hurt.

Feng Xiaotian's performance made him satisfied and at the same time very speechless.

What the hell!

"It's okay, I won't blame you, but please be gentle!"

Feng Xiaotian fell into deep thought. After a while, he gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, and nodded heavily.

According to Huo Wushuang, if he beat Huo Wu, easily defeat her head-on, and then confess his feelings to her, the probability of success is very high.

Huo Wu likes men who are stronger than her, but Feng Xiaotian always deliberately loses to her in the past, making her mistakenly think that Feng Xiaotian is just mediocre... and

she can't like him at all!

"Brother in law, I understand!"

"Don't worry, I will treat Huo Wu well after everything is done. If I violate this oath, I will be punished by heaven and earth..."

"With your words, I, the elder brother, can rest assured.

"Hey, we were careless in this case. I'm afraid we are no match for Skywater Academy."

"It's okay. I'll take revenge for you when the time comes!"

On the stage, Neuvillette looked at the two women who were at war with each other.

"There are still procedures that should be followed."

Blazing fire cannot surrender because of tactical targeting. Even if they lose, they still have to be known as Blazing Fire.

What does it look like to retreat without a fight?

If word spreads, how will they survive in Blazing Academy in the future?

"Keep the distance!"

Neuvillette glanced at the two women and said expressionlessly.

The distance between Huo Wu and Shui Yue'er was only five meters. This was before the game started!

This distance is not a private fight...

After hearing this, Huo Wu and Shui Yue'er looked at each other with expressions of wanting to eat each other.   

But they were still very obedient and kept distance. This was the rule of the game.

Besides, no matter who you offend, you can't offend this referee!

"You two have one minute to release your martial spirit. After one minute, the competition officially begins."

"I remind you, you can't deliberately injure your opponent!"

Huo Wu and Shui Yue'er nodded.

This minute is to introduce themselves, but who doesn't know who Skywater Academy and Blazing Fire are?

No need for introduction!

"Skywater and Blazing Fire Academy are really like fire and water. I don't know who will be the winner in the arena. Let's wait and see!"

Time passed, and one minute passed quickly.

The soundproof formation also rose at this moment.

The two girls yelled, and they possessed their martial spirits in an instant.

"Fire Shadow Possession!"

"Jade Dolphin Possession!"

Huo Wu is a four-ring soul Ancestor. She has a more powerful thousand-year soul ring than Shui Yue'er, and her aura is naturally much stronger than Shui Yue'er.

But compared to Tang San, Huo Wu's aura was much lower, and the fear of the royal knights was also reduced.

Fortunately, not all Soul Ancestor have the ten thousand years fourth spirit ring.

As a control soul master, Huo Wu did not take the initiative to rush towards Shui Yue'er, but stood on the spot and remained unchanged in response to all changes.

Shui Yue'er was different. She was an agility-based soul master. Although she had long-range skills, she did not use soul skills rashly in order to consume more of Huo Wu's soul power.

If you just spend it like this, every extra point of soul power you can consume from the opponent is earned.

"What are they doing?"

"They must be waiting for the opportunity, right?"

"But doesn't Huo Wu have an absolute advantage?"

"She has to face more than just Shui Yue'er!"


After almost five minutes, Huo Wu couldn't bear his temper anymore!

The first soul ring flashed. It was a century-old soul ring, and it glowed with dazzling light.

"The first soul skill: Flame Meteor!"

Behind Huo Wu, a ball of fire gathered. When the fireball was about two feet away, it suddenly hit Shui Yue'er.

"Oh my god, the Huo wu was the first to use the soul skill!"

"It's her first soul skill!"

"Small Fireball Technique!"


"Lady Focalors, you explained it wrong!"

"That's right! Ms. Focalors, my sister's first soul skill is called Fire Meteor!"

"Small fireballs that fall like meteors... Uh..."

Huo Wushuang slapped his head. Why did he follow Focalors and talk about small fireballs??

This must have been led astray by Focalors!

Neuvillette's eyes twitched, and he looked at Focalors outside the ring, and then at Huo Wu on the stage.

The names of soul skills on Douluo Continent are sometimes really hard to comment on.

They are really weak, but each of his names is incredible...

The small episode did not disturb the two of them. When Shui Yue'er saw the "Fire Meteor" coming, her face froze.

Neuvillette: "..."

How should she deal with such an attack?

There was no time to think about it. After all, it was an attack from a powerful Soul Ancestor. Shui Yue'er quickly dodged and managed to avoid the attack when the fireball fell.

Of course, she looked quite embarrassed at this time.