Douluo: My Wife is Focalors

{Also Uploaded On Scribble hub} Traveling through the Douluo Continent with Focalors, he unexpectedly acquired the power of an ancient dragon and ascended to become the Water Dragon King. "I've become a perfect dragon, capable of judging the Douluo gods. O tide, I have returned!" Many years later, a harmonious Douluo Continent thrives with love and justice. Focalors remarks, "I regard you as a friend, a fleeting companion, a spouse – it's all quite embarrassing!" Gu Yuena wonders, "Why is the Water Dragon King so formidable?" Qian Renxue dismisses, "Tang San or whatever, just perish, I don't acknowledge you!" Focalors consoles, "Water dragon, water dragon, don't shed tears! Can't I make you a promise?" ••••••• Single Heroine Focalors ••••••••• It is a translation from the fanfiction novel written by author Ruo Tuo save me. 斗罗:转生水龙王,老婆芙卡洛斯 ••••••••• Focalors is a Genshin Impact game character. If you want to know more about Focalors check on Google. •••••• For Early Access of 20 Chapters: patreon.com/Yui36

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Instant Defeat

"Both sides release their soul rings, and the match will officially begin in one minute!"

Neuvillette looked at Tang San and the Barak team members, and said calmly.

"Here, I, as the highest referee of the promotion match, need to remind all the contestants."

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the audience pricked up their ears, and looked at Neuvillette eagerly, wanting to see what he would say.

"First, you cannot use any weapons or props other than your own soul rings."

The props here refer to poison, fire, water and other things that are not in your own element.

Unless the soul master has this attribute themselves, or uses soul power to release it.

Everyone nodded, this was the rule of the match, they had heard it dozens of times before the match, and they would naturally not violate it.

"Second, after you go up to the stage, you must not use any supplies!"

On the Douluo Continent, there are food-type soul masters, and if they use the supplies of food-type soul masters in this kind of 1v1 defending match, that would be too much!

"Third, you must not deliberately injure or kill your opponent!"

"After the opponent admits defeat, you should stop attacking as soon as possible!"

"Some soul skills cannot be stopped, it doesn't matter..."

"I will take action!"

After saying this, he quietly retreated to the side, leaving the stage to the two contestants.

He didn't know why, but he always felt that something would happen in this match, and then it would be his time to judge...

"Hey, can't you just have a good match..."

Actually, according to the original timeline of the Douluo Continent.

When Shrek fought against Barak, Xiao Wu had already violated the rules.

She used external force, and that's how she won the match.

The Yearning Hearbroken Red Immortal herb had nothing to do with the soul ring, and relying on the Yearning Hearbroken Red to win, this kind of thing was absolutely not allowed on the stage.

There was no such rule in private duels, poisoning, finding people to gang up, or attacking the opponent in advance, all were possible.

But, this is the stage!

It is clearly stipulated that you cannot use external force!

Ten thousand years later, Shrek's actions were even more bizarre, and they still thought it was their glory!

Obviously it was a one-on-one match, the protagonist Huo Yuhao used the simulation soul skill and Wang Qiu'er used the soul fusion skill, and that's how they easily defeated their opponent.

This is the strategy of the first academy on the continent, on the stage?

Just don't compete, the trophy, the reward, just send it to Shrek Academy.

They also defended the glory of Shrek Academy, this kind of glory, getting it is a shame!

This kind of thing, not once or twice.

Please "people" to play for you, after all, that is his "own" strength, helping people to play...

Hearing Neuvillette's words, the contestants were shocked, and a sense of security arose.

He will take action!

A "Titled Douluo" level powerhouse!

With him taking action, that kind of security is hard to imagine!

Unfortunately, what they didn't know was that his security was not as good as one-tenth of that of an old man who was six thousand years old still drinking his osmanthus wine. (If you don't understand it is reference to Zhongli another character of Genshin)

Tang San and Barak's captain didn't mean to introduce themselves, they silently released their soul rings, and then their eyes involuntarily looked at each other.


Barak's captain shuddered, and cold sweat slid down his forehead.

"Soul King?"

"No, no..."

Seeing Tang San's black soul ring, Barak's captain thought that Tang San was a Soul King level powerhouse, but he took a closer look and found something wrong.

His opponent was actually a Soul Ancestor with a ten thousand year fourth soul ring!

Isn't this rarer than a Soul King?

Not to mention seeing, even hearing they had never heard of.

The audience below also changed their faces, good guy, ten thousand year fourth soul ring?

It's so exciting to come up?

"Feng Xiaotian, Blue Sunshine Academy is not the first in the preliminary round, how exciting was your preliminary round?"   

Hearing this, Feng Xiaotian twitched his eyes.

Their Divine Wind was the first in the preliminary round, but that was because Blue Sunshine Academy hid their strength.

"It's okay, except for the Blazing Academy, we Divine Wind luckily defeated all the participating teams."


If it weren't for Huo Wu, they wouldn't lose a single match!

"Tang Yin's comprehensive strength is not weak, you better be careful, don't let him finish match with one against seven!"

"Hmph, our academy is not that weak!"

"I hope so!"

On the stage, the two's soul rings showed a sharp contrast.

Barak's captain's soul rings were white, yellow, purple, purple.

Martial Spirit, sunflower.

His stature was not very tall, and compared with other team members, he looked a bit small, and his first soul ring was only a ten-year soul ring.

But, this did not prevent him from becoming the captain.

It was also because he was the captain that he had the first chance to play.

Now, he regretted it!

Being timid before the battle, a big taboo of the military.

As a noble of the Barak Kingdom, he naturally understood this truth, but he really regretted it.

He shouldn't have competed with the vice-captain for the first appearance.


Looking at the opponent's soul ring, Tang San's face tightened, and he was alert subconsciously.

Yu Xiaogang had told him about this kind of plant, very terrifying!

When it became a Martial Spirit, it was equally terrifying.

If you are not careful, you might overturn.

The two looked at each other, and time passed by one minute and one second.

"The match begins!"

With Neuvillette's order, a soundproofing formation rose up on the stage, and the two also moved almost at the same time.

The two's Martial spirit belonged to the same plant, but different types, but they didn't release their soul skills at the first time.

Instead, they rushed towards each other like close-combat soul masters.

Barak's captain's mouth curled up slightly, the opponent was fooled!

Did you think that plant-type soul masters were control-type?

No! He just didn't go for control-type!

He saw his first soul ring flash, and the sunflower in his hand also grew in the wind, turning into a strange weapon more than three meters long.

Holding the huge sunflower, he smashed it down at Tang San's head!

Tang San: "..."

Damn it, this guy doesn't have any martial ethics!

Fortunately, Tang San released the Purple Demon Eyes in advance, allowing him to clearly observe his opponent's movements.

The ghost shadow was then used, disappearing under the sunflower like a phantom.


"Behind you, behind you!!!"

Barak's team members were very anxious, like ants on a hot pot.

Unfortunately, their voices could not reach their captain.

"You are careless!"

Tang San raised the corners of his mouth slightly, jumped up and smashed the opponent's neck with a hand.

Before he fainted, Barak's captain eyes were still full of confusion. Did he lose just like that?

Fast, too fast!

Although there was an element of carelessness in this, Tang San's strength was still worthy of recognition.

Especially with the blessing of Tang Sect's unique skills.

Tang San subconsciously looked at Neuvillette and saw Neuvillette's expression didn't change at all, which made Tang San a little confused.