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Double Moon


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##completed## Double Moon is a wolf book, but not the typical one with alpha mates and clichés. If you're looking for that, you're in the wrong place. This book has a supernatural vibe like Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf, but it's also different. You have to read it to understand. It blends technology and fantasy in a way that could be called sci-fi. This book has both ancient and modern elements. The only downside to the book might be too many characters, but it could also be the strength of the book. It's ironic, anyway. Maybe, at the end, I represented these numerous characters very well and fleshed out the theme and plot line, or maybe not. You're free to rate on that. ... Meet Jun Mey - a mysterious figure who defies categorization. In a world where humans crave freedom and wolves fight for survival, Jun Mey stands alone, chased by both hunters and wolves who see her as a dangerous threat to their existence. She is an enigma, an unexpected force that can bring both groups to extinction. But Jun Mey is not defenseless - she pays back her enemies twofold for the damage they cause her. With a fierce determination to show them what it feels like to lose something precious, Jun Mey will stop at nothing to prove her strength.


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