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[Desolate] a world where strong prey's the weak, a world where magic and monsters, Gods, Evils and humans exists.. A world that science can't explain... And then a phenomenon that science can't explain and no one expected! Every household on Earth receive a message where a random member of the family will be chosen as the participant to explore the world [Desolate]! They will be called [ADVENTURES]! Those who loves adventures, love survivals and lunatics are jumping in joy and praying that they will be chosen! But... Those who are single ( in short orphan, living on his/her own) are in despair, shock, trembling ( either excited or frightened).. They don't have a choice! Including our protagonist who only know how to play games all-day.. how he survive? =================================== P.S this book is for fun Only, it may be stop midway or no fix time updates.... I only love reading and drawing, but writing a story is not actually a good idea, but I'll try my best just to improve my English bros.. Although my imagination is slightly better, but it is just for drawings not for writing a story.. Ahahah.. maybe you'll be disappointed or even hate my book, I'm already saying this so that you'll be ready.. Sorry about my English, I'm not good at it. And sorry for my sentences, spacing, and not right of use of signs like ( . ! ? , " ' : ; ) Actually i don't have a definite or planned plots and ending or storyline.. So I'm just writing what's come in my mind.. Btw it's a system based, and I'm am straight forward person, so expect that the system is a straight forward one , and I'm not good at MATH!! And I don't have a naming sense! Ahah just reco some pls.. =====================================

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Slime Dungeon*

John was walking through the grass plain, he was heading to the stair that leads to floor 8.

Yes you read it right floor 8, John explored the floors 7 and below for the entire 4 hours!

John really was getting impatient and regretting his decision that he choose this dungeon to explore.

While he was walking some native warriors was walking on the stair but they seems going to exit the dungeon.

"What the h*ll happened in this dungeon? Hayss.. yesterday some warriors said that there was a sudden increase of slimes spawning.. but now why I didn't encounter any slime from floor 1 to floor 8 huh?.."

A man wearing a light armor made and has a bow and arrow on his back.

Then a man who's wearing a mix light armor and some armor made of iron and holding a sword said.

" I also heard that... That's why I agree to you to hunt slimes this time? I also thought were going to have some profit by looting some slime orbs.. but reality is cruel.."

Then he just smiled but it seems forced.


John heard their discussion and frowned.

' should I continue exploring? It seems something strange is happened on this dungeon.'

'arhhh.. since I'm already here why not continue?..'

John think for a moment before continuing his journey to 'find', slimes.


30 minutes later John doesn't find any slimes.

He was staring between the stairs that leads to the next floor and the previous floors. Thinking if he still persists to continue.

More than 5 teams of adventures and some solo adventures he encountered already when he was finding slime, they all disappointed because of what's happening.

Some are native warriors teams also had the same expression.

John think that it's not worth it anymore to continue since he still can't find any slimes even a glimpse of it's shadow.


9th floor**

Looking at the rocky terrain that is void of life, not even a single grass and don't even speak about slimes cause not even it's shadow is impossible to find.


",Looks like I'm really unlucky, it seems my luck runs out after getting my talent..he".

"Better to look for the boss at the last floor.. maybe I can finding something.. it feels like the cause is maybe at the last floor..."

John said to himself before going directly to 10th floor.


The 10th floor was surprisingly world's apart compared from the previous floors, instead of a natural terrain the 10th floor is like you're inside a castle. The floor and the wall was made of stone bricks but the ceiling was the same from the previous floors made of a special stones that emits light.

It look dilapidated, and like an abandoned castle for a hundred years, moss and cracks even broken parts is showing how cruel the time and seems like telling what's happen here from the past.


*Note: every 5 floor has a special spot where a teleportation crystal is embedded, one can use it to exit from the dungeon, but one need to clear all the monster inside the floor, for blthe boos floor one needed to kill the boss. Teleportation cystal won't emit light signifying that it was active if one doesn't clear the floor.*


John was really frustrated to extreme, he really unlucky.

Looking at the pebbles around him, he picked one then angrily throw it to the wall.

*Whoosh... *Danggg..

"I should have pick the goblin dungeon if I know that there was nothing here!!, Or kill some wild monsters outside!!.."


John turned around and walk to the teleportation cystal near the stairs.

But before John could activate the crystal...




"Ehh.. what happened?"

John turn around then he was surprised to find a cave where he throws the pebble a moment ago.

"Ahhh.. don't tell me I really find something in this godforsaken place where not even one can find any slime??.."

He wondered before slowly approach the entrance of the cave.

"Hmm.. maybe there was really something suspicious,.."

"Hehh.. should I continue? I don't want to find nothing again"

John was really hasitateting.

"Ahhh.. there is nothing to lose anyway.. it's still early so if I don't find anything here I should hunt some wild monsters around the vicinity of the dungeon before going back to rest.."


Looking at the entrance of the cave, it was not too dark nor tight so John directly step inside to explore.

"Ehhh.. there's something?!".

After walking for approximately 25 minutes, John did find something there was a grassy plain outside the other end of the cave.

He saw blue things jumping here and there, it was a slimes and it was not just one.

He even got a glimpse of a slime with different color and size.

John got excited because finally he found slimes, but just he was going find some slimes that's not on group he suddenly think of something crucial.

Monsters on a different floor level won't go to another floor without a reason, although monster from high floor level can't go to lower floor level doesn't mean they can't go to higher floor but they usually dydo that.

"Maybe even the boss of this dungeon is here..",

"I should find some hiding spot first.."

Then John carefully slip through some bushes near the cave entrance ( exit in his perspective).


**Note: Got bored to my work just tell me..(P S if someone is reading my work .) Creation is really hard... Much harder that examination...** I'm out of words again so this chapters number of words stop here.. see you on the next chapter.. hopefully there will be next chapter..**maybe**

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