Devour X multiply

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What is Devour X multiply

Read ‘Devour X multiply’ Online for Free, written by the author Daoist_Nothing, This book is a others Fanfic, covering ADVENTURE Fanfiction, SYSTEM Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: [Desolate] a world where strong prey's the weak, a world where magic and monsters, Gods, Evils and humans exists..A worl...


[Desolate] a world where strong prey's the weak, a world where magic and monsters, Gods, Evils and humans exists.. A world that science can't explain... And then a phenomenon that science can't explain and no one expected! Every household on Earth receive a message where a random member of the family will be chosen as the participant to explore the world [Desolate]! They will be called [ADVENTURES]! Those who loves adventures, love survivals and lunatics are jumping in joy and praying that they will be chosen! But... Those who are single ( in short orphan, living on his/her own) are in despair, shock, trembling ( either excited or frightened).. They don't have a choice! Including our protagonist who only know how to play games all-day.. how he survive? =================================== P.S this book is for fun Only, it may be stop midway or no fix time updates.... I only love reading and drawing, but writing a story is not actually a good idea, but I'll try my best just to improve my English bros.. Although my imagination is slightly better, but it is just for drawings not for writing a story.. Ahahah.. maybe you'll be disappointed or even hate my book, I'm already saying this so that you'll be ready.. Sorry about my English, I'm not good at it. And sorry for my sentences, spacing, and not right of use of signs like ( . ! ? , " ' : ; ) Actually i don't have a definite or planned plots and ending or storyline.. So I'm just writing what's come in my mind.. Btw it's a system based, and I'm am straight forward person, so expect that the system is a straight forward one , and I'm not good at MATH!! And I don't have a naming sense! Ahah just reco some pls.. =====================================

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The premis of the story has potential, especially for those who like OP MCs. The English needs some fine tuning but it is readable and the author has already acknowledged this point. I believe that if the author can sit down and come up with a major problem for the MC to try and fix or a goal to achieve, like one of the Beast kingdoms or a monster from the revine try to destroy the kingdom the MC is currently in, as well as some small problem that can be fixed in just a few chapters, like defeating a stonger monster, joining an academy, clearing a low-level dungeon, etc., then it would be easier to peice together a fuller story line. Author, I hope this story can go far and you have fun while writting it, you're doing great so far.


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