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[Desolate] a world where strong prey's the weak, a world where magic and monsters, Gods, Evils and humans exists.. A world that science can't explain... And then a phenomenon that science can't explain and no one expected! Every household on Earth receive a message where a random member of the family will be chosen as the participant to explore the world [Desolate]! They will be called [ADVENTURES]! Those who loves adventures, love survivals and lunatics are jumping in joy and praying that they will be chosen! But... Those who are single ( in short orphan, living on his/her own) are in despair, shock, trembling ( either excited or frightened).. They don't have a choice! Including our protagonist who only know how to play games all-day.. how he survive? =================================== P.S this book is for fun Only, it may be stop midway or no fix time updates.... I only love reading and drawing, but writing a story is not actually a good idea, but I'll try my best just to improve my English bros.. Although my imagination is slightly better, but it is just for drawings not for writing a story.. Ahahah.. maybe you'll be disappointed or even hate my book, I'm already saying this so that you'll be ready.. Sorry about my English, I'm not good at it. And sorry for my sentences, spacing, and not right of use of signs like ( . ! ? , " ' : ; ) Actually i don't have a definite or planned plots and ending or storyline.. So I'm just writing what's come in my mind.. Btw it's a system based, and I'm am straight forward person, so expect that the system is a straight forward one , and I'm not good at MATH!! And I don't have a naming sense! Ahah just reco some pls.. =====================================

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[Ding.... Awakening... 99%....]

[ Ding.. talent successfully awaken...]


John was nervously and waited slightly impatient.


[Ding... Talent was acquired.. please check you status..]

John nervously opened his status to see his talent.

[Ding..... Opening status...]


Name: John Reed

Age: 23

Title: Adventurer

Talent: [S rank][Devour]

Level: 1 [ 0/100 ]

** note: in f rank every 10 level before can upgrade and 1 free attributes point every level.. always X2 in every tier.( C rank every 20 lvl, 2 free attributes points and so on). Every lvl up automatically add +1 ( not the free) attribute based on the forte of class/profession he/she pick.**

Tier : [F-]

Strength: 5

Agility: 4

Intelligence: 6

Spirit: 5

Luck: 9

Charm: Null



John ignore the others thing on status instead he hurriedly open the description of his talent.

**( P.S ..I am a straight forward person and I love OP.. so expect something OP)

[ Devour ]

[ Tier : S ]

[ Effect:

• Devour - devour the attributes of any beast/monster or other race you kill, to the devoured attributes 50% of it will be permanently added to the host. Only living things you killed or others killed allowed. Talent is only S rank so you can't devour any natural treasure.

No limit of usage.

You need to touch the corpse.

Instantly devour, no need to touch for too long just command directly to your mind.

Note: corpse should have not died for more than 5 hours. ]

[Upgrade unavailable or not meet the requirements]



'ehhhh... OP!! Overpowered really!! Ahahahah...'

John was really happy and jump in joy when he read the description of his talent.

By having S rank talent is already awesome but he didn't expect the effect is so good that he almost Drool and directly kill someone to try.

Of course he didn't try, he was a law abiding citizen from earth so he can't do that but he did really want to try.

'hmm.. alright it's good.., is luck and charm can be devour?'

John suddenly think of something, luck and charm was a special attributes that you can't increase in through leveling, instead it can only be enhance through buff(time limited) and items but not much.

If he can devour them means he can become heavens favorite if he max out his luck, thinking of this John shook his head because it's impossible.

"I should check my skills firsy"

"Open skills"

John commanded.

[Ding.....listing skills..]

•[ Inspect] [ F- ]( automatically upgrade when host advance ): can inspect people of their status. It depends on the strength of the user. If the user level is low it has a probability to failed. No spirit usage.

•[ Appraisal] [ F- ] ( automatically upgrade when host advance) :can appraise items, checking it's attributes at description. No spirit usage.

• [ Devour ] [ S ]( talent skill, strength based on talent tier ) : devour attributes the others, 50% of it will be permanently be addedto the user.

conditions: touch the corpse, corpse not died for more than 5 hours. No usage limit. No spirit usage.



"So I only have this two skills if I don't awaken mg talent huh...",

John said after checking his skills.

One can gain skills through practice and actual combat or skill books drop by a monsters.

One can extract loot from monster using the assisting system, monster won't disappear when looted, food especially meat can't be looted using the assisting system.

Practical items like monsters body parts or physical weapon won't be looted with assisting system, you need to do it yourself.

Only some special items can be looted through assisting system like skill books and other magical items.

"Tommorow I should try ko kill some weak monster outside the ground city to try to have skills and try my talent.."

John said before going to the bathroom to clean himself before sleeping.


Early in the morning John and some adventures started to wonder in Dust city, a city that under floating cloud's islands.

Some adventures are still trying to familiarize themselves in this new world, but John was starting to walk on his adventures.

John was thinking where he wants to try his talent and to practice, there are some dungeons and wild monsters outside the city with different level of strength.

He was thinking to start from the weakest for now.


Outside the city gate there are some people with a modern types of clothes that checking the plains trying to find some unknown.

They were the adventures and John was one of them.

John first buy a map before going out.

Now he was checking the map, choosing which way he was going.

After thinking for a moment, he choose the weakest dungeon that has less adventures and less native warriors that adventuring on.


[Slime Dungeon] [ F tier ]

[ Only normal slimes and some rare elemental slime monster ]


**Note: I really don't know what to do next, I don't know if I still write and continue since I don't know if someone reading this story or someone is interested on it. Since I don't have any experience about writing a story I always out of thing to write.***


[Additional information]

[ F tier rank even if it is low(-) or high(+) or mid tier, every level will add 1 attribute in strength, agility, spirit and intelligence.. only in D tier one can choose to have a profession, then atleast 2 attribute point, 2 on strength or other forte attribute of the chosen class/profession. In F tier they can still get free attribute point. ]


In front of the gigantic old stone door of the dungeon, John was silenty staring at it and wondering how it was made..

Note: entering dungeon doesn't require one to push the door open.. just need to touch the door and just will to enter, one will be teleported to the lowest floor level. For existing one will just find the similar door inside, every 2 floor has.

(It was really hard to write arghhhh.. felt like my brain is lagging with 999fps...)


John started walkingto the door then touch it's surface before focusing and willed to enter.

Then.... *Whossshhhh....

John disappeared in front of the door in a blink of an eye..

.. .