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[Desolate] a world where strong prey's the weak, a world where magic and monsters, Gods, Evils and humans exists.. A world that science can't explain... And then a phenomenon that science can't explain and no one expected! Every household on Earth receive a message where a random member of the family will be chosen as the participant to explore the world [Desolate]! They will be called [ADVENTURES]! Those who loves adventures, love survivals and lunatics are jumping in joy and praying that they will be chosen! But... Those who are single ( in short orphan, living on his/her own) are in despair, shock, trembling ( either excited or frightened).. They don't have a choice! Including our protagonist who only know how to play games all-day.. how he survive? =================================== P.S this book is for fun Only, it may be stop midway or no fix time updates.... I only love reading and drawing, but writing a story is not actually a good idea, but I'll try my best just to improve my English bros.. Although my imagination is slightly better, but it is just for drawings not for writing a story.. Ahahah.. maybe you'll be disappointed or even hate my book, I'm already saying this so that you'll be ready.. Sorry about my English, I'm not good at it. And sorry for my sentences, spacing, and not right of use of signs like ( . ! ? , " ' : ; ) Actually i don't have a definite or planned plots and ending or storyline.. So I'm just writing what's come in my mind.. Btw it's a system based, and I'm am straight forward person, so expect that the system is a straight forward one , and I'm not good at MATH!! And I don't have a naming sense! Ahah just reco some pls.. =====================================

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"This humans from earth is too weak, just a single teleportation everyone fainted.. sighhhh.. why I am the one who assigned to them.. ughh.. btw I'll wake them up.."

A man with a heavy armor was sitting in a throne made of unknown wood sigh and said. Then he wave his hand, a blue golden colored light suddenly flick in his hand then also disappeared after he is done waving.




Everyone was slowly awaken and slowly standing up with little difficulty. John and everyone slowly sizing their surrounding in a stunned expression.


"Where are we? Is it the heavens?"

"Woah what a gigantic statue!"

Sounds of exclamations and questions sounded around John and lorenzo.

"Hey renz, we should find jeff and Earl.." john suggested.

"Hmm.. but how? There are billions of us here in a single space, how can we find them?.." lorenzo said.

"Ughh.. right.."

John replied with sudden realization of how can they find each other in the sea of people.?.

'hmm.. so being teleported feels like that, haaa.. and I just thought we will feel dizzy but we directly fall unconscious.'

John thoughts.


Just John and everyone was focus on what their doing and thinking, suddenly a cold voice sounded in the entire space, even though it was not that loud everyone heard it.

"Earthlings sighhh... Ok attention everyone.. I am Sion a war God, I am a Saint rank peak..

Also I am your guide for now.. I was appointed by the 'Supreme' of humanity.."

Sion said with a smile.

"Ehh.. war God? "

"Saint rank peak?"

"Supreme of humans?"

"Ehh.. I don't know any of that.."



Everyone was confused.

"Aemm.. for you all earthlings to understand I will first explain that not only the humans on earth was invited to explore the desolate but also humans from other realms and galaxy's acrros the universe.. and some other supremacy were also invited thier kind and other races to joined the fun.. they are some elves and spiryfor example, a living things that you earthlings think it was a fantasy.."

"Each and everyone will compete for the seat of supremacy in the desolate, you are all candidate to be a supremacy. Everyone will be able to awaken thier talents ranging from SSS, SS, S A B, C, D, E, F from the strongest to weakest.."

"It was random and based on your luck, you can awaken after you step foot on desolate, btw you are all currently in a space where a time is 1:100 ratio, 1second here was 100hour outside, this place was a holy land of humanity."

"Monster are roaming in the desolate, also some native creatures including humans, there are some forces in the desolate also some kingdoms.. so everyshould be careful."

"I'll explain the strength system from weakest to strongest

[F-] normal human on desolate

[F] stronger than normal human

[F+] a well trained solder on earth

Well everytime you advance was x2 of your last realm.. the example I give was also corresponds for F to SSS with [-] and [+] , having negative sign on your tier means your the weakest in the same tier, + means your in peak of your tier..

About stronger that SSS+ is you can explore it on your own.

And items tier is the same as the strength system having negative sign item is color violet when you inspect it, no sign is color yellow and the plus sign color red, it was a glow that you can directly see even you don't inspect it.

Having a question in inspect? Hehe.. the moment you all summoned, you all learned it, bit only the basic and weakest inspect means [F-]. You can use that skill to inspect others information or the items, and it depyon skill level and tier..

Skills also range from F- to SSS+, in order to level up your skill you need to level it up to 10 before it will automatically upgrade it's tier..

Tier and the F to SSS and higher..

Level is a number..

You can all see your own status in your interface, also skills and other options on the other side.. you can explore it later..

And you can still communicate with your family on Earth one a day, and there was a earth group chap on your interface, trades and other options..

You all will be send to random kingdoms under the rules of humans, there you'll officially start your journey..

I will teleport you all now .. hehe.. you all want to talk right? Save it.. I'm tired.. you all should leave.. to there is a some information book inside your inventory, just read it.. bye bye.. hope to see you again fellas ..."


Suddenly everyone black out, before they even digest everything they heard.. they where directly teleported.


"Hey Sion guy.. you're something indeed.. ahah.. directly throwing them out.."

A man with a staff suddenly walk appeared in front of Sion, and said jokingly.

"Heee.. they are much weaker that other humans, so I won't give too much hope to them.."

Sion directly saiy.

"Ehh.. be careful of what you said, nothing is possible y

and absolute."