Deoxys: Reborn

[I'm still new to writing, so please cut me some slack! Thanks!] A life born through the enigmatic depths of the universe. A life extinguished by the inequities of the world. A life was reborn in a land foreign to its essence. Shall it remain a passive pebble, swept away by the relentless waves, or shall it rise to become the formidable force shaping the currents? [Source for cover art: https://artemispanthar.tumblr.com/post/189734406786/deoxys-for-an-assignment Credit to Hobermen for the image]

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Next Day...

Erika opened her eyes as the morning sun shone upon her face. Sitting up, she realised that she had fallen asleep on the roof and was surprised that she managed to stay on without falling off. Pushing away her straw covers, she found Luni hugging the side of her leg.

"Luni, wake up," Erika said while tapping the girl's face.

Luni frowned and begrudgingly woke up. The girl yawned and rubbed her eyes; when her vision became clear, Luni glanced around and asked: "Where's Deo?"

"I... I don't know..." Erika muttered, and anxiety sprouted in her heart.

Have Deoxys left? Was their conversation all a dream? Erika clenched her fist. Disappointment appeared on her face, but it swiftly disappeared. Now wasn't the time to dwindle; her tribe needed food, and their hunting group was the only one that could get them.

Stretching her tired muscles, Erika prepared herself for another strenuous journey, but before she left the roof, she heard Luni's excited scream: "Deo!"

Following her finger, Erika saw the familiar red humanoid leaving the forest. Trailing behind the monster was a wolf carcass, bloody with a pierced hole in its chest.

Placing the corpse at the centre of the village, Deoxys's pupils fell upon Erika: 'Good morning, did you have a comfortable sleep?'

"Yeah..." Erika said, and her eyes wandered towards the carcass.

Staring at the wolf's distinguished red pointy fur darkened by blood and the enormous razor-sharp canines protruding from its lips, Erika's body stiffened: "That's a Crimson Wolf...."

'Is that the name for this species?' Deoxys tilted its head.

Jumping down from the rooftop, Erika nervously approached the corpse, fearing it might suddenly return to life and kill her: "It's a very dangerous predator. They're fast and agile as they hunt in packs. A lot of our hunters have fallen to this monster."

'I'm sorry for your loss,' It spoke respectively, and Erika smiled.

"By the way, what happened to the rest of the pack? A Crimson Wolf never hunts alone."

'There were twelve in total,' Deoxys answered truthfully: 'However, this was the only corpse still fully intact.'

"I see..." Erika glanced at Deoxys strangely: "Anyway, I hope it's edible..."

Erika dug into Crimson Wolf's skin using a stone knife from her boot. She cut out small pieces of flesh and sniffed it: "It looked and smelled normal,"

Then, using her hands, Erika dug into Crimson Wolf's body, taking out a relatively sizeable sparkling stone.

'What is this?' Deoxys asked curiously: 'I'm not familiar with this organ.'

"It's not an organ. It's a mana stone." Erika corrected: "Unlike magic ore that needed to be mined, these materials can be found inside monsters. Similar to magic ore, they can be used as materials for tools, armour and more."

'How fascinating...' Deoxys muttered: 'What should we do with it?'

"For now..." Erika dropped the mana stone to the floor and crushed it under her heel: "We can do nothing but destroy it. You see when hunting monsters, we either have the option to collect its body or the mana stone. By removing the mana stone from its body, the monster's flesh will began to dissolve. But by destroying the mana stone completely, we were able to keep its flesh clean."

'Is that so...' Deoxys muttered with fascination: 'In the end, it's either food or equipment.'

"Yep, thankfully, the fur from the mana wolf can make a great leather gear, so it wasn't that much of a loss."

Suddenly, Deoxys felt a weight on its shoulder and noticed Luni had jumped on its back. Like a koala, her limbs wrapped around Deoxys's body as she rubbed her face against the back of the alien's neck.

"Luni, don't do that! You're bothering Deoxys!" Erika said worriedly.

'I don't mind.' Deoxys interjected, and it felt Luni's cheeks digging deeper: 'Besides that, shouldn't we do something about this corpse?'

Remembering the Crimson Wolf, Erika gasped: "Oh right! I need to skin it before it spoils!"

Using the knife, Erika skillfully removed the remaining organs, separated the pelt from the flesh and sliced the meat into sizeable chunks.

'Do you require any assistance?' Deoxys asked as Erika wiped the sweat on her forehead.

"Thanks for asking, but Deoxys have already done enough." Erika laughed, using the pelt as a makeshift blanket. She brought the meat to the campfire and made a flame by striking a flint with her knife.

Gradually, the cooking meat's smell wafted into each tent, luring out the people sleeping inside. The beastmen gathered around the delicious beef with drool hanging from their lips. However, the people soon froze when they noticed Deoxys's presence, but their hunger was too much to bear, and they decided to ignore the alien.

'Are you hungry?' Deoxys said in a soft tone and glanced at Luni.

She nodded, and Deoxys grabbed one of the meat from the campfire and offered it to the little girl. Deoxys turned to Erika, who was distributing the breakfast evenly. Now that the beastmen have eaten, it's time to put them to work.

An hour later...

Deoxys gathered all the people from the hunting party and led them to the edge of the village. Staring at their malnutrition physique, it felt that they probably wouldn't get much work down, but their health would get better with time.

"Ahem!" Erika raised her hand: "What are we doing?!" She asked, and the rest of the group nodded.

'Your village is too poor, too weak, and you have nothing to defend yourself.' Deoxys said factually: 'I believe its time to improve your lifestyles.'

'Please construct a fence around the perimeter of your tribe. It may not be able to protect you from strong opponents, but against small enemies, it's possible.'

'Any questions?' Deoxys tilted its head and scanned the crowd.

In the corner of the group, a meek man raised his hand: "Usually, when we wake up, we help our people gather water; what should we do about that?"

'Water...' Deoxys muttered.

It aimed its palm far away, unleashing a chilly beam onto the ground. To the beastmen's shock, a tall ice pillar rose from the floor that reached the sky.

'The process may be slow, but you can gather water from there.' Deoxys replied: 'Is there anything else?'

Then, a woman at the centre of the crowd nervously raised her hand: "How should we make a fence? We don't have the tools to chop down those trees.'

Deoxys quickly sliced several trees into pieces with a flick of its tendrils. It effortlessly lifted a few tons of logs and refined them into planks before placing them in front of the quiet beastmen: 'Now, those fences aren't going to build themselves.' With its urging, the beastmen began to move.

Three hours later...

Jyn panted like a beast in heat as he planted the twentieth stake into a hole. Exhausted, he fell onto his back and gasped for breath.


Suddenly, a shower of cold water was sprayed onto his head, and the beastman groaned in comfort: "Thanks..." He mumbled while lifting his head, where he saw his sister's smiling face.

"You alright?" Erika said while tilting her head.

"Barely..." Jyn grunted and laid on the floor: "I have never been so tired."

"It's refreshing, isn't it?" Erika grinned while pouring another cup of water onto her brother's face.

"I guess," Jyn mumbled, raising his hand to cover the sun: "But I don't understand. Why are we listening to that thing anyway?"

"That thing has a name," Erika pouted: "Don't be disrespectful."

"Why!" Jyn snarled, baring his fangs: "We have always been united, where we relied on each other. Why should we follow the order of a monster?"

Erika sighed and glanced at Deoxys in the distance, who was playing with a group of children: "Do you want the reasonable answer or my answer?"

Jyn: "Both."

Placing a finger by her lips, Erika said with a smile: "For the reasonable answer, it's because we don't have a choice. Deoxys is stronger than us and could wipe us out without lifting a finger. Also, Deoxys provide us with food, so how can we say no to that."

Patting his full stomach, Jyn averted his gaze: "Still, what if it's all a lie to get us to lower trust? What if it's scheming on a way to enslave us right now!?"

Erika punched Jyn in the back of the head: "Deoxys would never do something like that!"

"And why's that!"

"Because I have seen what it seen!" Erika yelled while clenching her fist: "So you should take what you said back!"

"Erika," Jyn grasped her shoulders: "I know you cared about the mo... Deoxys... But what if it's lying? I can't forgive myself if you ever got hurt."

"Jyn..." Erika took her brother's hand: "I already knew that Deoxys might not be telling the truth, but there's one thing I'm sure of: it was that its feelings were genuine, and that's good enough for me."

"So if you still have doubts, why not ask straight from the source." Erika smiled: "Anyway, we should get back to work."

Being dragged along by his sister's enthusiasm, Jyn returned to planting stakes into the ground while suppressing the complicated feeling in his heart...


Deoxys gently pushed against the newly made fence and was satisfied when it didn't budge. By planting several wooden stakes deep into the ground and connecting them with planks, the beastmen could build a passable fence around their village.

'Although the nails have to be made of wood, in the future, we can replace it with metal,' Deoxys muttered.

Turning its head, Deoxys noticed a young beastman sitting on one of the roofs. Curious, the Pokemon quietly sneaked towards the man and observed his melancholic expression.

'Hello.' Deoxys appeared beside the beastman, and he startled in fright: 'Is there something bothering you?'

The beastman was instantly on guard: "What does it mean to you?"

'Nothing,' Deoxys answered: 'But I learned that listening to a distressed individual may benefit their health."

Deoxys sat beside the beastman: 'Your name is Jyn, correct?'

"Yes..." Jyn nodded.

'Then may I ask what's disturbing your consciousness?'

Gritting his teeth, anger enveloped his face: "Do you want to know what the problem was? The problem was you!" Jyn said accusingly: "One day, you just appeared out of nowhere, promising so many good things for us, but in my opinion, you can't be trusted!"

Calmly accepting his rageful outburst, Deoxys tilted its head: 'Then would me leaving solve the problem?'

"I... I don't know..." Jyn frowned.

'Then what is it that you want to do?'

"I...." Jyn gritted his teeth: "I want to know the truth."

'I see...' Deoxys thought about Jyn's words: 'I understand.'

Standing up, Deoyxy grabbed his hand, and Jyn's body stiffened. Bringing his fingers close to its chest, Deoxys spoke cautiously: 'What I'm going to show you may be extremely strenuous to the mind, so please warn me immediately if you want to stop.'

Jyn gulped as his fingers wrapped around the alien's core. Deoxys wasn't afraid, as the beastman didn't even have one percent of the strength required to crack it. Gradually, Psychic Energy seeped into his body and travelled directly into Jyn's brain. Like a movie, Deoxys showed Jyn its memory, particularly the ones that explain its arrival. 

"Ah..." Jyn mumbled as a single tear dripped down his eyes: "I didn't know..."

Shaking its head, Deoxys stood up: 'It was never my intention to make you feel guilty as we both have different circumstances.'

Jyn gritted his teeth and averted its gaze. A part of him wanted to think that everything he saw was a mere illusion. However, it was just like Erika said: the emotions were truly genuine, and it wasn't something that could be simply forged.

'It may be difficult to trust me,' Deoxys continued: 'But we have to work together to flourish.'

"I understand..." Jyn muttered with a complicated expression.

Satisfied, Deoxys decided to leave him alone to his thoughts, but it wanted to impart one last advice. Turning to stare into his black pupils, Deoxys said in a trembling voice.

'A parent should never live longer than their child. It would be wise to remember it.' 

With that, Deoxys vanished out of thin air, seemingly to a location where it could gather its thoughts. Jyn gulped as he stared at the empty space while grasping his pounding chest.

The loneliness of being the only Deoxys in the world.

Then, the happiness of discovering another one of its kind.

Then, the despair of losing your only salvation.

Finally, the inconsumable rage that makes you want to kill everything in this world.

All these emotions were unfiltered and transferred fully, leaving Jyn's mind in chaos. He lay down and stared at the night sky. Reaching towards the stars, he sighed: "For the sake of the village... I guess I will listen to what you have to say..."


I hope you enjoy it! That's the first five chapters of my rewrite. As you may have guessed, I decided to follow a different approach, inspired from reincarnated as a slime but incoporating Pokemon.

Unfortuantely, I don't have a schedule for the release of chapters and they may be short (1500 words) But I will try and not make you guys wait to long, but until then see ya!

If you have anything you want to see, feel free to tell me

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