Deoxys: Reborn

[I'm still new to writing, so please cut me some slack! Thanks!] A life born through the enigmatic depths of the universe. A life extinguished by the inequities of the world. A life was reborn in a land foreign to its essence. Shall it remain a passive pebble, swept away by the relentless waves, or shall it rise to become the formidable force shaping the currents? [Source for cover art: https://artemispanthar.tumblr.com/post/189734406786/deoxys-for-an-assignment Credit to Hobermen for the image]

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Location: ??????

'So you're not the human race?' Deoxys asked as it followed after the girl.

"Yes, that's correct, we're a species known as beastmen. Specifically, our tribe has the panther lineage." She explained: "My name is Erika, by the way."

The girl, Erika, smiled and interestedly walked around the alien: "Do you have a name?"

'Name...' Deoxys repeated and shook its head: 'I don't possess a title. However, my species was named Deoxys, which originated from deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA.'

"DN what?" Erika fumbled with her words and smiled wryly: "Well, Deoxys, it's nice to meet you."

Suddenly, one of the beastmen beside Erika whispered something into her ears. Despite the distance, Deoxys could easily hear what he said: "Why are we bringing this monster into our village?"

Erika shrugged and answered loudly: "Not that we have a choice. Consider the facts here; we wouldn't be alive and talking if Deoxys is truly dangerous."

"But still..." 

"Don't worry," Erika smiled reassuringly: "I know it meant no harm, right?" She said and glanced at her new friend.

'Upon our agreement, I will not attack your people.'

Its telepathic communication still felt eerie to the rest of the group. Even Deoxys was far away, and its voice travelled clearly into their heads.

"See," Erika laughed: "We owe Deoxys a big favour. Our tribe don't have to starve for a few days."

She turned her head and glanced at the Giant Mantis carcass being carried by Deoxys's Psychic. Erika explained that their tribe was relatively poor, and it was rare when they had this big of a meal.

'Through my observations, you were hunters. Have your harvest not been successful?'

"Eh, he..." Erika chuckled awkwardly: "Calling us hunters is a bit of a stretch...."

'Then what are you?' Deoxys asked curiously.

Averting its gaze, Erika blushed: "I think it's fair to call us scavengers..."

At Erika's declaration, everyone in the hunting party seemed a little depressed but nodded along, unable to refute her.

"We're getting stronger, though..." 

Deoxys glanced at the back of the group, where Jyn, Erika's brother, was walking briskly as he muttered that line. He had a similar appearance to his sister but was much taller with a broader chest. There were still red markings on his neck where Deoxys almost strangled him.

'You,' Deoxys called out, causing Jyn to flinch: 'What was the projectile you fired at me? It looked different, and its power is extraordinary.'

Jyn coughed awkwardly, remembering that scene, but he still answered: "That's the only arrow we had made from magic ore."

'Magic ore...' Deoxys's pupils gleamed: 'To think there's such thing... How does it work?'

"Well, magic ores are minerals that have absorbed much mana. Then, when used for weapons, it's highly resilient and strong, even allowing the tools to exert extraordinary powers." Jyn said and showed Deoxys the arrow.

'Mana...' Deoxys shook its head: 'I really don't understand...'

Mana, magic ore, beastmen. There were really too many terms that Deoxys weren't familiar with. However, instead of being at a loss, Deoxys's thirst for learning grew. It hasn't felt this emotion since the journey to search for its kind.

"We're here," Erika announced.

Gradually, the covers of the leaves began to wane as they emerged into a large clearing. Deoxys noticed they hadn't exited this forest, as trees could still be spotted from everywhere.

"Ah, can you wait here?" Erika requested: "The people that haven't seen you might be scared."

'I understand...' Deoxys nodded and returned to the forest.

Watching the alien leave, the hunters exhaled with relief, finally away from that monster. 

"Three of you, go and carry the carcass." The hunting party leader regained control and ordered: "Rest of us... Let's go and explain to our people before things go to hell."

With heavy steps (except Erika), they strode towards their homes. As they reached the centre of the village, countless women, elderlies and children appeared as they greeted the returned warriors.

They were surprised to see the humongous mantis corpse, and some shed tears at the prospect of finally eating a proper meal. However, despite being the one who brought this miracle, their expressions were extremely stiff.

Sensing the shift in the atmosphere, the villagers stopped as the leader of the panther beastmen opened his mouth...


Deoxys stood on the tree branch and watched Erika's group enter the village. 'To think these beastmen live like this...' Deoxys thought while looking at those makeshift buildings.

Their houses were built from clay and straws that would break down at the most straightforward touch. After ten more minutes, Erika and the group returned, bringing the villagers with them.

With the villagers revealing themselves, Deoxys finally saw how grim their situation was. Most women and elderly were so malnourished that they could barely walk, and their bones showed through their skin.

The beastmen's clothes were basically rags, and the alien realised that only the hunters of the tribe had actual equipment, possibly to give them a better chance of securing food.

"Deoxys!" Erika yelled: "Please come out!"

Listening to Erika's call, Deoxys flew into the air before gently landing in front of the group. Gasps erupted from the crowd. They stared at Deoxys with various emotions: fear, caution and anxiety; those feelings were pouring into the Psychic Pokemon.

'There's nothing to fear,' Deoxys said softly: 'I will not cause harm to the panther beastmen.'

None of the beastmen moved; the people were greatly shocked by Deoxys's telepathic abilities, and their legs refused to budge.

'It must have been difficult,' The alien used Psychics and brought out several fruits it had found while waiting.

Deoxys split the fruit open and held it out as the alluring scent tickled the beastmen's nose. The starving beastmen were practically drooling but were still too scared to make a move. Finally, a little girl broke away from the crowd in a desperate struggle to fight their instincts.

Attracted by the delicious smell, she stared at the fruit, and her stomach rumbled in complaints. Facing Deoxys, she nervously took it from Deoxys's grasp.


The little girl took a big bite, then another and another...

Before long, the girl had devoured the fruit in her hand, her mouth and hand dripping with juices. Staring at Deoxys, she expressed her desire to want more. The alien laughed and lifted her into the air, bringing her close.

Surprised, the girl flapped her limbs wildly before calming down as Deoxys sent another fruit levitating towards her. Snatching it from the air, the girl devoured the fruit as quickly as the first, stuffing every part into her malnourished stomach.

'How pitiful...' Deoxys muttered, bringing the child into its arms: 'What is your name?'

"Lu... Luni..." The girl stuttered

'Where are your parents Luni?' The alien asked curiously.

"Dead," Luni answered with a change of expression, unfazed by the horrible announcement.

'I see....' Deoxys quietly responded, unknowingly that its arm wrapping around Luni tightened.

"This isn't something rare in our tribe." Erika appeared beside Deoxys and explained with a sad smile: "With how dangerous this place is, many people have lost their loved ones due to starvation, monsters, or diseases."

Upon Erika's explanation, Deoxys peered at the crowd, noticing the grimace on their faces. It realised that each of those beastmen had been through the same as itself and that sense of loss was the only thing that united them.

"Ahem..." Erika awkwardly cleared her throat: "It's going to be night soon; I propose Deoxys stay here for the time being!"

The villagers averted their gaze as they nervously fidgeted. Under Erika's cheerful urging, they have no choice but to nod.

She glanced at Deoxys with anticipation as the tail behind her swayed excitedly. The Pokemon gazed at the quiet Luni in its arms: 'I will accept your generosity...'

Thus, although not welcomed, Deoxys has successfully entered the village...


On the edge of the village, Deoxys sat on top of a rooftop, peering down at the beastmen gathering around the massive bonfire. On top of the fire was the corpse of the Giant Mantis that was being slowly roasted, generating a delicious smell.

Unfortunately, they cannot preserve the meat, so the beastmen must eat it all tonight. However, no one complained as they were overjoyed at finally getting a full meal.

'Is it delicious?' Deoxys asked as it watched Luni eating a piece of meat with relish. 

"Yesh...." Luni muttered: "Want some?"

'Thank you, but I will have to pass,' Deoxys waved one of its tentacles in a friendly manner: 'I don't need food to sustain myself.' The little girl nodded and resumed her meal. 

'Luni,' Deoxys called out: 'Why aren't you eating with your friends.'

"Have none," Luni answered honestly.

'Why?' The alien tilted its head: 'It's not recommended to spend your time alone.'

"Luni, make friends, friends die, Luni sad." She muttered: "So, no more friends."

Deoxys gently caressed Luni's hair. Hearing her depressing explanation, the alien felt strangely saddened: 'Then why are you spending time with me?'

Luni turned her head and rested her cheek against Deoxys's thigh: "Because Deo, strong, won't die."

'I see...' It responded, and the two stared at the kindling fire.

"Ah, Luni, Deoxys, I finally found you guys!"

Deoxys glanced down and saw Erika. She agilely climbed onto the rooftops and smiled: "Thanks to you, Deoxys, my people won't have to starve for a few days!"

'I'm glad to be of assistance.'

"You know..." Erika muttered: "I have long forgotten the sight of us having a hearty meal. But today,  even if it is only for a moment, everyone can relax like this, and it's all because of you."

Tears began to form around her eyes as Erika hugged Deoxys with all her strength. Deoxys rubbed her back as she cried while releasing her stress.

'These people...' Deoxys thought: 'I don't think I can't leave them alone like this...'

'Erika,' The Pokemon said, and she lifted her head: 'While I'm here, none of the beastmen will be harmed.'


'Yes,' Deoxys nodded: 'I promise.'


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