Deoxys: Reborn

[I'm still new to writing, so please cut me some slack! Thanks!] A life born through the enigmatic depths of the universe. A life extinguished by the inequities of the world. A life was reborn in a land foreign to its essence. Shall it remain a passive pebble, swept away by the relentless waves, or shall it rise to become the formidable force shaping the currents? [Source for cover art: https://artemispanthar.tumblr.com/post/189734406786/deoxys-for-an-assignment Credit to Hobermen for the image]

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Next day...

After completing a hunt for the beastmen tribe, Deoxys continued its supervision as the workers constructed the remaining fence surrounding the village. To the alien's satisfaction, the male beastman known as Jyn seemed to be working more efficiently compared to yesterday.

Besides building a fence, Deoxys has also ordered digging a small trench on the outside of the wall and planting wooden spikes to deter monsters. So even if a monster can destroy the fence, it could be impaled by the sharp spikes.

"Phew..." Erika whistled: "We're almost done!"

'Indeed,' Deoxys nodded: 'This should keep your people relatively safe.'

In Deoxys's opinion, the wooden fence was a significant deterrence towards smaller creatures that could still cause harm to the weakened beastmen. However, for the more dangerous ones like the Giant Mantis or Crimson Wolves, Deoxys would have to dispatch them with force.

'Speaking of, do you always hunt for meat? Why haven't you tried to feed the people through agriculture?' Deoxys asked curiously.

"Well, it's simple," Erika said: "As the panther lineage, we typically have a carnivore diet. We sometimes eat fruit, but they're usually so high up in the trees that was impossible for us to get, and the ones we do find were already overripe and not really consumable."

'That's a pity,' Deoxys muttered: 'Nonetheless, hunting may not be a stable income for food, and we need to farm something soon.'

"I agree," Erika responded: "We can only hunt so much...."

Suddenly, a scream could be heard from across the village, instantly catching the vigilance of everyone nearby. Deoxys rushed towards the commotion and spotted a humongous beast assaulting the beastman who was trying to build the last part of the fence.

The beast has a muscular body covered with grey fur with some hair resembling the feathers of a bird. The first thought that came to Deoxys's mind was that the attacker was a bear; however, when the beast turned its head to glare at Deoxys, its appearance was anything but a bear's...

'An owl?' Deoxys tilted its head in confusion.

Despite having the body of a bear, the face of the monster was one of an owl with two large yellow eyes and a sharp beak.

"Sh*t, it's an Owlbear!" Jyn appeared beside Deoxys with a bow and arrow in his hands.

'Is it dangerous?'

"They are a ferocious predator that usually lives in the thicker part of this forest." Jyn explained while aiming his bow: "But to think there's one here."

The Owlbear roared and fearlessly charged towards the group: 'Evacuate the people. I will stop that thing,' Deoxys muttered.

The Pokemon clenched its fist, and its body transformed into its Defensive Form. Its arms became thicker, and its size increased; Deoxys's head merged with its upper body, forming a dome-like structure. With a step, the earth was crushed under the alien's immense weight as it spread its arms, awaiting the charging monster.


The monster crashed into Deoxys while it wrapped its tendrils around Owlbear's body. With a push, Deoxys smashed the Owlbear onto the ground. Wrestling against the beast, Deoxys glimpsed at Jyn, who had finished leading the last person away from danger.

"Deoxys, we're here!" Erika yelled as she led the other hunters into battle.

Deoxys lifted the Owlbear and tossed the monster against a tree as the beastmen unleashed a barrage of stone arrows. The Owlbear shrugged off the hands, but before it could recover, Deoxys sent the monster flying across the forest.

The Owlbear groaned with pain as Deoxys landed before the beast: 'This is my last warning, leave now or perish.'

Frightened by the threat, the Owlbear growled in defeat and hurriedly ran away. Erika and the rest of the beastmen arrived: "Deoxys, where did it go?"

'It left,' Deoxys answered.

"Strange..." Erika frowned: "An Owlbear shouldn't be in the area, just what is going on."

'I don't know,' Deoxys shook its head. 'It's unsafe for all of you to be out here; let's return.'

When it was clear, Deoxys ushered everyone back to the village. When the threat was gone, the villagers returned to their chores, and Deoxys watched them on top of a tree, lost in thought.

'There will be times when I'm not here,' Deoxys mumbled: 'How will they protect themselves then?'

Lifting its head, Deoxys glanced at the two objects orbiting around itself. One was the remnant of its child, while the other was the item granted by Arceus. Grabbing the golden orb, Deoxys calmly observed the object in curiosity.

The orb was small enough to fit in Deoxys's palm, and the shape resembled a seed of some kind. Remembering Arceus's words on how vital this seed was, Deoxys finally decided to put it to use.

'Should I just plant it?'

Willing to test it out, the Pokemon teleported to the centre of the village. Using its tendrils to dig a small hole, Deoxys placed the seed within the hole and buried it. Then, Deoxys cast Psychic towards a nearby water basin and poured a small amount of water onto the area.

"Deo..." Out of the blue, Luni pounced on Deoxy's back: "What are you doing?"

Deoxys: 'I'm planting a seed.' 

"What are you growing?" She asked while staring at the uneven dirt on the ground.

'I don't know,' Deoxys answered.

"Hopefully, it grow soon," Luni mumbled in anticipation.


Suddenly, the ground shook as roots burst out of the floor. In shock, Deoxys flew backward as the growing vines destroyed the area around it. Gradually, a humongous tree began to rise into the sky, sprouting thousands of glistening green leaves.

"Woah, it grows," Luni exclaimed.

Cautiously, Deoxys approached the tree and placed its palm against the trunk. As if on command, the tree began to move, and the stalk opened, revealing the golden orb, this time much larger than before.

'Stay here,' Deoxys ordered and set Luni down.

Approaching the orb, Deoxys instinctively touched it. Instantly, countless pieces of information flowed into its brain, and the Pokemon processed them one by one.

"Deoxys, where did this come from?" Erika appeared from the entrance and asked.

The alien reopened its eyes and clenched its fist. Having finished reading all the information, Deoxys has learned the true purpose of this seed: 'Erika, do we have any mana stones?'

"Eh, mana stones?" Erika placed a finger by her chin: "We do have a few... But they're all pretty small."

'I need them, now.' Deoxys said and urged Erika to retrieve them as soon as possible.

A few minutes later...

Erika sprinted back and handed Deoxys five Mana Stones; unlike the Mana Stones from the Crimson Wolf, the one in Deoxys's palm was rugged and dirty, hinting that they had been kept for a while.

"These were low-grade mana stones collected from the Goblin corpses." Erika explained: "They are short ugly monsters that attack in groups."

Deoxys nodded and faced the shining orb. Inserting the five Mana Stones into the artifact, it watched the stones being dissolved and the energy absorbed into the artifact.

'It's not as much as I expected...' Deoxys muttered with disappointment: 'But it will have to do,'

Concentrating, Deoxys closed its eyes and requested the surrounding beastmen to be quiet. Some went back to work while others gathered around curiously at what Deoxys was about to do.

Using the energy stored inside the orb, Deoxys meticulously activates the artifact. Reaching into the sphere, Deoxys brought out three round eggs. Checking the orb's storage, Deoxys made sure that it had spent all of its energy before bringing the eggs to the beastmen.

Placing the egg before the villagers, Erika poked them as they rolled around: "What are those..."


Simultaneously, the eggs cracked as the creatures within struggled to burst free. Suddenly, a small round head popped out of one of the eggs, and it fervently crawled out with its fourteen stubby legs.

The little animal glanced around in wonder as Luni bravely picked it up: "Cute puppy..."

"I think that's a worm," Jyn corrected while staring at its lengthy body: "Also, I think you should avoid touching its tail and head; those horns looked sharp."

'Yes, it's best if you listen,' Deoxys warned: 'The horns excrete poison,'

"Um, so are they supposed to be food?" Erika questioned as two more of the worms emerged from its eggs.

Satisfied, Deoxys instructed the three creatures to gather, and they stood orderly like soldiers: 'Everyone, I present to you all, Pokemon.'


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