Deep Ocean Survival: A Submarine From The Start Book

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Deep Ocean Survival: A Submarine From The Start

Dog That Doesn't Know How To Wander

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Everyone was transmigrated and was trapped 2000 meters under the frozen ocean on another planet. Everyone only had a small submarine, to begin with. They were challenged with all sorts of problems such as the lack of food and oxygen, water pressure, turbulence, and even powerful sea monsters and bacterial parasites. There were all sorts of dangers lurking around and the path to survival was deemed to be extremely hard. However, while everyone was worried about their own lives, Meng Lei was able to remain calm as he quickly realized that he could see hints from the system. “A pioneer’s sunken submarine can be found 500 meters away from you. The resources inside the ship will make you the richest person.” “An Apocalypse worm has been detected 1200 meters away from you. Kill it and you’ll become the strongest in the dark abyss.” “A ruin of ancient civilization can be found 4500 meters away from you. Danger level: SSS. What are you hesitating for? Run!”


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