Deep Into Space

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What is Deep Into Space

Read ‘Deep Into Space’ Online for Free, written by the author JayZee_007, This book is a Sci-fi Novel, covering ADVENTURE Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Light Novel, SUPERPOWERS Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Deep into Space, the galaxy is shining brightly, and there are countless civilizations...When earth's destruction become...


Deep into Space, the galaxy is shining brightly, and there are countless civilizations... When earth's destruction becomes an inescapable reality, the remain humans in Lunar Base have to find their own way to survive! Luckily, they found a huge Alien spaceship! It is the last hope of mankind, and survivors named it... Noah! Author: Ultimate Eternity ======= This is one of the very few Hard Sci Fic novels in Webnovel. Your support is so important to author. Please Vote for this novel, and add it to your collection! The goal is to make it the best Hard Sci Fic novel in Webnovel! With all your helps and supports, we can achieve it together!

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Hi all, This is your author. Thank you very much for reading my hard sci fic novel. Your support is the key for me to continue. This novel will be completed and have a great ending. Please vote for it, add to your collection, and write your reviews and comments. Deep into Space is a stunning hard sci-fi novel that starts the story of Noah, a super Alien warship human found on the moon, that is the last hope of humanity in a galaxy full of dangers and mysteries. The novel starts from the present date, but another earth in the parallel universe, where the Earth has been destroyed by a super nuclear explosion, and the remnants of mankind have fled to the Lunar No. 1 base. There, they use the alien ship Noah to explore the deep space, find a new home for humanity, and encounter various civilizations and challenges along the way. The novel is full of action, suspense, science, and adventure. It creates a vivid and immersive world of deep space, with realistic and detailed descriptions of the galaxy, the planets, the aliens, and the technology. The characters are well-developed and have their own personalities, roles, and conflicts. The plot is fast-paced and unpredictable, with twists and turns that keep the reader hooked. The writing style is engaging and intelligent, with scientific explanations and terminology. Deep into Space is a novel that will appeal to fans of hard sci-fi, space opera, and exploration. It is a unique and original story that will make you feel like you are part of the crew of Noah, witnessing the wonders and perils of deep space. If you are looking for a novel that will take you on an epic journey of discovery and survival, then Deep into Space is the book for you. Welcome on Board and Enjoy your ride to Deep Into Space! Regards, Jay Zee


extremely bad grammar, I read just 1st chapter, and I had to stop and reread every single paragraph to understand what the author wanted to convey. It's basically unreadable.


English doesn't seem to be the authors native tongue. The consistent issue of missing words combined with the overly flowery writing style makes it so I'm incapable of immersing myself within the narrative. The way this is written makes this story not for me. I hope others have better luck with it.


Wow! This book is just... Excellent. I am definitely following this story to the very end😄.


This might be the only book I gave 5 stars. Not only is this top-quality writing, the research the author has put into this is just really impressive. The way they describe each thing in scientific detail, and the realistic settings in this story just make it a hundred times better! Though, I am sad that your book would be buried under other overrated novels, I am happy that there is originality, pure, divine originality in all of the elements in your story. Keep up the great work, I loved every part of this!!!


The moment I read that earth was destroyed, I felt sad about it. But then when I came to know that there are still 50,000 people alive, I felt a wave of relief. There is something in your characters that you may not have realized!! It's Aura. I can feel their aura even through the screen. The right amount of tension, puzzles, conflicts and solutions make your story a great piece of work!! Plz keep writing it.. And I would like to give a suggestion.. You can slow down your update frequency. There is an invisible rule in this world.." The more you can't get something, the more you want or desire it". Keep your updates at a moderate pace, like do only one chapter update a day, or five chapters update a week. This will help you attract readers attention and curiosity about 'What Happened Next?'. If you feel offended, then I apologize for it. But work is seriously worth it!!!!


Wow. Top tier. I'd give a more informed review if I was caught up😂 give me a few days! (Bloody fast passes) No, but the book is awesome. The chatacters and writing style just sucks you in. The way the author gets you to care about the story is captivating in a way that's hard for a writer to do. You've got yourself some powerstones for the foreseeable future!


I must say my head bubbles when I read sci-fic stories because of the heavy theories in it, but this, I must say is a good read. I've been following the story so far and the writing technique is amazing. This will be my first sci-fic novel I will read and enjoy. If you come across this novel, thrust me you will enjoy clicking and reading it🥰


It's a well-written story with nice characters and interesting world-building. The way that the author describes the characters is nice and the mc is likable. I hope it gets even better and better over time.


This is really a well written and very detailed book. I don’t typically read sci-fi books but this one is super interesting so far. The author has put a lot of research into the story which I really appreciate


Wow... This is a great sci fiction novel. I glad I found this book! Never read any cool science fiction novel like this. Don't ever stop! I want to know what happen next!


this is a very good hard sci fic novel. there are very few of hard sci fic novels in webnovel. a lot of stuff are based on the real tech. great jobs.it can be read as a science book too.


Would love to see this one grow, this story has potential to get more of what it is now. Hope you will be able to bring out its full potential.


Fantastic and interesting novel. The story and the writing quality is so fantastic as it never bores me, I really like how the pace of the story is going. Good work!


Your story is quite unique among a few other stories I’ve read here….But it’s refreshing. Your descriptions help the reader visualize what is going on, and in my viewpoint, I can envision a post-apocalyptic scenario with a little hope for humanity. I like the detailed descriptions of the current setting we’re in, especially the spaceships and “gamma ray bursts.” So far, I’m too much of an inexperienced writer to nitpick on the flaws of this novel, my only complaint is that everything flows too fast. Anyhow, these are just my thoughts on your novel. I added it to my collections and am willing to read more! Overall, I give this a 4/5. Keep on pushing, author!


Early review It my first sci-fi novel and i like the thrilling journey through the galaxy. With strong themes of survival, it has a captivating story and well-crafted world-building.Good job.


please continue. this novel is so good!!


Really good novel.Solid backstory and very good development of the main story.In contrast to many other novels the development of the content makes sense and it's not fast paced.Overall the novel is very good written with a well thought out story and it takes the reader on an emotional Rollercoaster.


I read through the chapters and I must say this book has the potential to be one of the best of its time! It kept me going and I was happy to understand the story without any hurdles. Well done Author you are doing a wonderful job!


Reading through your book was a delightful experience from start to finish. The plot kept me fully engaged, eager to know what would happen next with each turn of the page. The way you crafted the storyline and developed the characters was truly commendable. Moreover, the grammar and well-structured sentences added to the overall pleasure of immersing myself in your writing. Your descriptive prowess transported me to the settings and brought the scenes to life, making the whole journey incredibly immersive. I sincerely look forward to more of your work, as you have a remarkable talent for storytelling. Keep up the fantastic work!


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