1 Earth Destroyed

The mysterious universe spreads, a quiet and vast universe, where the cosmic ballet of destruction and creation is constantly staged.

Supernovas shine, gamma ray bursts illuminate the void, black holes devour greedily, planetary collisions resonate, every cosmic event is a spectacle, but in the vast universe, they are just ripples in the boundless ocean, stars in the boundless desert dust.

Unexpectedly, disaster suddenly befalls the third planet Earth in the solar system.

Mysterious star-like twinkles appear on Earth from vantage point of the Moon.

From the Moon's vantage point, mysterious star-like twinkles appear in Earth's southern hemisphere (similar to Australia's location). An unprecedented super-eruption occurred - similar to a nuclear explosion, but even more powerful than the most powerful nuclear bomb in history, "Big Ivan".

The shock wave swept over an area of ​​more than 3000 kilometers, covering the whole of Australia. Within seconds, the seawater in the Pacific Ocean was evaporated, and the shock wave tore through the atmosphere and penetrated the vacuum of space, forming a huge mushroom cloud as long as 30,000 kilometers.

The scale of the disaster was unparalleled, wiping out a quarter of the planet. Its origin is mysterious - neither a nuclear strike nor an asteroid strike. Human radar cannot give early warning, and disasters strike suddenly before people understand.

The gigantic Earth was bent by this unprecedented explosion. Smaller parts turned to rubble and merged into a huge mushroom cloud. The remainder sparked a global volcanic eruption, which then escalated into a nuclear cataclysm within hours. This violent nuclear chain reaction splits the Earth's crust, spewing molten magma - a crimson torrent.

In a silent universe, the death of a planet seems to whisper its last plea. The earth came to its end with a silent scream.

Amid this cosmic turmoil, a spacecraft 40 meters long, 20 meters wide, and 20 meters high took off hours before the destruction of Earth. The spacecraft, named Victory, narrowly escaped disaster.

Its rallies have spanned multiple countries and raised billions of dollars. The world's most advanced spacecraft, with a designed payload of 500 tons, begins its mission to provide personnel and resources to Moon Base.

There were more than 200 survivors on board, forever changed by the disaster. Instead of successfully escaping, they were disoriented in shock and despair. The earth, the cradle of humanity, is gone, and with it seven billion souls. Humanity faces an uncertain fate.

Inside the ship, fear and excruciating desperation prevailed, culminating in suicides, arguments, and even arson over the course of three days.

At this time, twenty-five elite soldiers surrounded the leader Jack. Although they are exhausted, they are still determined and unyielding.

This is the most important Special Forces - a remnant of humanity's military prowess. After the chaos, they restored order on the ship.

Destined to train for the moon, they unexpectedly endured this catastrophe.

Their captain, Jack, gruffly said, "We've been working hard these days. It's a burden we all bear to witness the sudden destruction of the Earth and the loss of seven billion of our fellow men."

He added: "I hope this is a dream. Sadly, it is not. The earth is indeed dead. It is our solemn duty to accept that fact. Our existence is an impossible gift, but we have lost it now. our world and our loved ones."

Their melancholy reverie is replaced by Jack's determination, "Nevertheless, we must persevere. We live, and with life comes hope."

"Jimmy," Jack motioned to his second-in-command, "update the crew on our situation."

The proven and competent Jimmy reported: "Captain, the passengers have stabilized, except for those who were struggling with trauma. Property has been scanned, cooperation is high and hazardous items have been handed over."

The room echoed with approval, a testament to the resilience of the passengers. Even with devastating damage to Earth, the ship's orders prevailed, under the steadfast guidance of Special Forces.

The riots have subsided since the destruction of Earth. Emotions may be unstable, but as sentient beings, humans adapt. Fear of death prevails, and though the earth is gone, life remains.

Jack sighed and continued: "The destruction of the planet and the loss of loved ones scares all of us. But you, our crew, are unique - orphans. Your lack of personal bonds will speed recovery. For everyone else It takes time to get used to it."

He paused, then asserted, "However, we must face the fact. Remember, we are not alone. Moon Base sheltered 50,000 survivors, and that is only a small fraction of humanity."

He deftly highlights Moon Base on the screen and maps their course. Due to the shattering of the Earth, the turbulent universe dictated a recalibration orbit, changing the orbit of the Moon. The ship's navigation adapted to these changes.

Pointing to the crew, Jack clarified: "We're going to Moon Base. When we enter lunar orbit, the reverse thrust of the spacecraft will cancel the magnetic force for your convenience."

However, he tempered their expectations, "There are two key points: First, when the magnetic system is deactivated, expect to experience weightlessness. Protect passengers and wear seat belts."

"Secondly," Jack's tone became serious, "the rebellion in the base is fermenting. Get ready for the conflict on the moon."

Their journey unfolds - and aboard the Victory, humanity faces the unknown.

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