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Cute Baby: One Plus One

Thousand-Layered Snow

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[Main text completed, side stories in progress] Rumor has it that Big Boss Quan of City S, a man of overwhelming power, was forced into a shotgun wedding overnight, happily becoming a dad. Rumor has it that Mr. Quan's wife is the lucky girl in a rags-to-riches story. Hidden beneath the rumors, their daily lives were like this: "I want to turn over and be the boss!" "In your dreams!" On their wedding night, she drunkenly declared her sovereignty, only to be met with a starving tiger pouncing on its prey. "Sign it! We're getting a divorce!" Looking at the divorce agreement, he sneered, Raised his hand, tore it to shreds, and cornered her against the wall, "Liuying, what right do you have to ask for a divorce?" "She's back!" "What? You think you can push me away with a piece of paper? Dream on!" One day, the woman sighed with a troubled expression, "Ah, husband, people are saying you're the stepdad!" Big Boss Quan roared furiously, "I'm the damn biological father! If anyone dares to spread rumors again, I'll chop him! "