Crushing on your majesty Book

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Crushing on your majesty


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His bodyguards closed the door and he turned to look at the nerd "I think you know why I have called you here Miss Williams" The nerd fidgeted with her specks and looked up at the next heir in line to the throne. "If having a crush on someone is a crime then you can call me a criminal your Majesty" He smirked and stood in front of her seat making her drop her gaze to his thousand dollar shoes. "Having a crush isn't but stalking someone is" She kept silent accepting that she did commit such crime,not only once but multiple times. "Anyways what do you like about me Miss Williams?" He asked placing his both hands on the armrests and moving his face closer to her. She held her breath as her insides screamed anxiety.She could feel her hands turning cold while her cheeks burning with fire. "Is it my face or is it my family name ?I demand a true reply Miss please don't bother lying" She looked up unable to form words to express herself.She liked so many things about him ,how can she explain them all to him. "Well my dear stalker if you don't answer I am left with assumption." She still didn't reply.Till he stays this near to her breathing itself was a big task speaking was impossible for her. "okay then my last question Have you stalked about my love life?" She looked up into those pools of blue and moved her head in a no "Well that should have been the first thing you should have googled about me...anyways let me enlighten you a bit ...I don't do relationships...I don't love Miss Williams ..I just fu**...is that what you want from me so that you stop following me?" His straightforward question made her turn hundred shades redder...the word he used was enough to lower her gaze and burn her insides with a new swirl of emotions. "No" She managed to speak "Then stay the fu** away from me Miss Williams because I will only break your heart" He turned around to leave when he heard her "This is what I like about you the most Your Highness..your honesty"