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Class Villainess


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[Note: On short hiatus. Author is participating in WSA 2022 with "Divorced My Scum Husband, Married his Evil Brother" Will try to update this book once I have more free time, should be about 10 chaps a month starting from November.] [Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the short hiatus notice.] "I am the snake who will bite you at your weakest, break you until you beg for mercy. Kiss my feet, so I can stomp your face with my boots, you evil bitch." - Emmelyn Jones. -- Tormented for three years and killed on prom night by her bullies, eighteen-year-old Emmelyn Jones returned back in time when she was a freshman. Fueled by the thirst for revenge, she had nothing but a mission: to ruin the lives of everyone who had bullied her before. And she would do it... Mercilessly. ** Current cover is not mine. Credit to the artist. *** -- Join Discord Server and check Pupa's other books: https://linktr.ee/Author_Pupa Instagram: @ForeverPupa


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