Corrupting Worlds

Avatar: The Last Airbender *** Transported to another world whilst sleeping, Genji found himself on a Fire Nation Ship. Without knowing what is going on or why it happened, Genji could only rely on his knowledge and memories to guide him forward. With no goals in mind, Genji has to grow stronger and find a goal to strive to and become the strongest in the world of Avatar. if he wishes to live in peace and feel safe. However, is the Avatar World truly the only world he will be in? With a system in hand, will he really only remain tied to just a single world and keep himself chained down? *** Disclaimer: Unlike my other stories, this story might not contain any lemon, but just in case I end up writing one, I had left the r18 tag on it.

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A/N: For those who have read my previous stories of Sora/Heaven, I am going to say right now, (many months, if not a year), that I am planning on 'continuing' his story, but about his origin.

Same thing as before, harem, lemons, world traveling, etc…

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Looking around, Genji moved his hands and bent the water in his surroundings before tossing it up into the sky.

Watching with expectation, Genji saw the bird get knocked out of the sky by the water he shot up.

The hawk fell and Genji quickly dashed over to the area where the hawk was falling, using his Waterbending, Genji moved even faster.


With the constant movement of water, Genji had successfully captured the hawk within a ball of water.

The head of the hawk was outside of the water, for it to breathe, and it constantly tried to flee from the ball of water.

Genji ignored its struggles and approached the said hawk with a look of interest on his face.

He slowly bent the water towards him and he grabbed the hawk gently before petting it until it calmed down.

[Ding! Skill level up!]

[Ding! Skill level up!]

[Novice Beast Tamer (Lvl. 19)]

With the hawk more or less tamed, Genji reached for the note on its back and began to read its contents.

A smile spread on his face and he created a small spark on his hand before lighting the small piece of paper on fire.

Shaking his head, Genji took the hawk with him to his house before writing a note himself and sending it back to the princess.

"Let's see what Azula will do," muttered Genji as he looked at the bird fly away into the distance.

It wasn't long before Genji began a daily routine of meditating, going to train some people, and meeting with the council of the Northern Water Tribe and the people to talk with them.


Two days later at the Fire Nation Royal Palace…

A gentle whistle rang in the air, reaching the ears of a particular messenger bird.

Diving down from the air and into someone's room, the bird sat down on the edge of the window before turning to look at a figure inside the room.

Within said room, was Azula, sitting on a chair with a haughty look on her face. An aura of pride and elegance emanated from her body, making her seem like she stood on top of the world.

The bird seemed to sense it and cowered a little under Azula's strong presence.


Azula narrowed her eyes and said, "Come here."

Whether the bird understood or not, it gently flew from where it was and over to Azula's side.

Azula gave it a look and reached out for the note on its back with a smirk on her face.

However, right when she opened it, she frowned in the instant her eyes landed on the first two words of the note.

'Hey Azula.'

Azula knew in an instant that something had happened to her spy and that someone had intercepted her message.

Not only that, but whoever intercepted the message knew that it was her who sent the note.

It quickly cut out a ton of suspects and Azula was left thinking about four possible people. Two, however, were instantly cut out since they would never begin speaking like in the note.

The last two were Ozai and Genji.

Ozai was quickly removed as well since he would never say 'Hey'. Not just that, but rather than a messenger hawk, the Fire Lord would rather send archers to send a message attached to arrows.

Narrowing her eyes and smiling, Azula quickly figured out who it was that sent her this note.

'Genji… you're a fool if you think I haven't figured out this is you,' thought Azula as she went on to read the next line of message in the note.

However, just like before, the smile on her face vanished.

'Wow! You're amazing to have deduced that it was me! Indeed you're very clever, Azula.

- Love Genji.

ಠ‿↼ '

Azula closed her eyes and after a second, she chuckled a little.


She quickly caught on to that little chuckle and covered her mouth with her hand.

Her eyebrows creased a little and she wondered what that feeling was.

She felt laughter before, but never like that. It made her feel weird… a good weird. Usually she would only laugh at the suffering of others and at the unfortunate.

To suddenly chuckle a little at something so silly like this piece of paper…

'What was that…?' Azula asked herself as she looked back at the piece of paper.

A smirk rose on her face once again and she quickly covered her mouth once more.


Azula was about to burn the piece of paper into ashes but she quickly thought otherwise and slid it into her clothes.

"I'll just respond to this nitwit," muttered Azula as a playful glint flashed in her eyes.

With a wave of her hand, Azula made the bird move away as she reached for a piece of paper and something to write with.

Writing on the paper, Azula unknowing smirked and after she was done writing, she put the paper back into the messenger bird's back before sending it out.

With the bird now gone and out of sight, Azula pulled out a book hidden underneath her chair after looking around herself.

"Great… another round of 'Fifty Shades of White'," muttered Azula as she smirked and read along the romantic plot of the novel with curiosity at the BDSM play within the erotic scenes.


Days passed by with the turn of a page as Azula and Genji continued to send notes between each other.

Often waiting for each other's message, Genji and Azula found pleasure and joy in talking with each other.


"Are we near the NWT yet?"

"I… don't think so…"

Atop of a furry animal floating along the cold sea of the north, three people were on top of this particular animal.

One too underclothed to be fine in the freezing temperatures of the north, and two appropriately dressed people in blue.

"Aang, we're really close to finding you a Waterbending teacher!"

The boy with a blue arrow over his head smiled joyfully and nodded before turning to the only girl on the animal, "And you will be able to learn more about Waterbending too!"

The teenage (18) girl smiled and nodded, "Yeah! I waited my entire life for this!"


The big furry animal roared and caught Aang's attention.

"What is it Appa?"

Aang looked over to Appa's head before looking around alert.

"It's the NWT!" said Sokka as he saw some boats with people on top of them surrounding them.

Quickly surrounded without knowing how, the group of three, including Appa and Momo, stopped and surrendered to the NWT to prevent any conflict.

"We mean no harm! We're traveling with the Avatar!"

Katara was quick to act as she raised her hands towards the closest group of waterbender approaching them.

"We know!" said one loud woman.

This surprised the group of three, but it quickly went away as they realized that stories of him traveling to the NWT must have spread already.

"Follow us," said another waterbender.

Aang made Appa follow the group of waterbenders as they were lead to the Capital City of the NWT.

"Wow! We're so close to getting a teacher!" Aang told Katara as he gave her his biggest smile.

On the other hand, Katara was looking up at the large walls of the city made of ice and the waterbenders controlling it.

"Wow…" she gasped in awe.

Sokka looked around and was also amazed, although slightly envious at how better off the North is compared to the south.

However, he shook his head and blamed the Fire Nation since the south used to be a great place as well.

Although not as much as the North who were united since the beginning unlike the south that were multiple tribes that were eventually all taken down by the Fire Nation.

In the end, small villages like Katara and Sokka's was all that was left in the south compared to huge cities in the North who were united.

'The importance of a great leader,' thought Sokka as he remembered his father's great leadership. As his respect for his father grew, the more Sokka wished to become like him.

As they passed by the city through the roads of water, Sokka noticed a peculiar figure, snapping right out his mind.

Passing right next to the group, Sokka caught the sight of a beautiful northern woman with white hair. A bright smile hung on her face and her blue eyes sparkled, bringing out her beauty.

Such a beautiful woman with a beautiful light brown skin tone.

However, the infatuation with the woman didn't last long as he noticed the man whom's lap she was sitting on.

"N-no… it can't be…" muttered Sokka in shock as he noticed who it was.

He just couldn't believe it.

Just how did he end up finding him all the over here and why is the NWT treating him like it's nothing.

"Guys… I think something wrong is going on here," said Sokka as he turned to Katara and Aang who were still looking at their surroundings with awe.

"Come on Sokka. Don't try to ruin the mood with your paranoia," said Katara as she turned to Sokka and looked at him with a somewhat disappointed face.

"Just relax and enjoy the trip, Sokka," said Aang as he smiled and relaxed on Appa's head.


"Sokka!" hushed Katara with a frown on her face.

Sokka frowned and turned away from Katara and Aang, "Don't say I didn't try to warn you. I'll investigate this on my own."

Quickly ignoring Katara and Aang's looks, Sokka turned around and looked back to where he last saw the familiar figure and the beautiful woman.

Night was approaching and the city had an entire feast prepared for the arrival of the Avatar.

"Wow! The food looks so amazing! I'm glad they knew we were coming!" said Aang as he smiled and grabbed various vegetarian dishes.

Katara grabbed some food when she finally began wondering a bit, "I wonder how they knew you were getting here. Wouldn't the Fire Nation have tried to stop us from getting here and getting a Waterbending teacher for you?"

Aang, not thinking at all, said, "Maybe the Fire Nation isn't as smart as the world thinks."

Katara gave Aang a glare, thinking that Aang doesn't know anything about the hardships she and her people, and the rest of the world, had to endure because of the Fire Nation.

'He has it too easy… Someone as young and naive as Aang wouldn't properly grasp the danger of the Fire Nation. He was born in times of peace unlike the rest of us who were born amidst the time when the Fire Nation was attacking the world,' thought Katara as she looked at Aang a bit enviously regarding the 'born in times of peace'.

Aang, on the other hand, was still grieving on the inside as he thought about his entire civilization of people being eradicated and not a single airbender being left alive.

However, he tried replacing that sadness by acting silly and playing around whenever he could.

Sokka on the other hand was being gluttonous and eating tons of fish and meat!

His mind wasn't anywhere near looking for clues on that familiar man at the moment.

Until he caught sight of the white haired woman walking into the building where the feast was being held.

"Welcome Chieftess!"

"Welcome Chieftess!"

Before Sokka could formulate a single thought, he was caught off guard by the people who stood up to welcome the white haired woman.

"What the-"



Chills ran down Sokka's back after hearing a simple greeting and he turned to see who it was only to notice two bright golden eyes staring him down.