Corrupting Worlds

Avatar: The Last Airbender *** Transported to another world whilst sleeping, Genji found himself on a Fire Nation Ship. Without knowing what is going on or why it happened, Genji could only rely on his knowledge and memories to guide him forward. With no goals in mind, Genji has to grow stronger and find a goal to strive to and become the strongest in the world of Avatar. if he wishes to live in peace and feel safe. However, is the Avatar World truly the only world he will be in? With a system in hand, will he really only remain tied to just a single world and keep himself chained down? *** Disclaimer: Unlike my other stories, this story might not contain any lemon, but just in case I end up writing one, I had left the r18 tag on it.

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Growing Suspicious…

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Yue's eyes widened and she looked at Genji with a reproachful look on her face.

However, that was it.

No fear, no disgust…

She was taken aback and just didn't expect such a thing.

Suspicion grew within her as she began to doubt Genji for a second before shaking her head.

'No… Genji is a good person. He helped me and the Northern Water Tribe. I should listen to him and hear his story…' thought Yue as she looked into Genji's eyes.

Genji looked at Yue with a serious look on his face.

"Tell me Genji… why are you helping someone from the Fire Nation? Is it for glory? For fame? Or is it riches?" asked Yue as she narrowed her eyes as she wished to find out what Genji would choose.

Genji took in a deep breath before exhaling.

Presented with such a question, Genji felt like he really needed to say the truth. After lying his way around hundreds of times, Genji didn't wish to live his 'new' life with constant lies.

It wasn't only because he believed that one day they would come and bite him in the ass, but because he didn't wish to view everything as false or fictional.

Even if he's currently dreaming and he might be in a coma or something, Genji decided to live his life to the fullest. With freedom and perhaps return to his home one day in the future.

'And the system will help me with that…'

Taking in another deep breath before exhaling, Genji looked at Yue with resolute eyes, eyes that contained a tinge of loneliness and depression.

"I will stop this war and attain a life of luxury to live peacefully.


I will return home," said Genji before repeating the last sentence in a mutter as he fell into a short daze. "I will… return home…"

It was then that he realized that he missed his life back on Earth. It was fun living here in the Avatar World, but relaxing back at home with Video Games, cartoons, and eating lavishly with pizza and hot dogs is something much better than the current place he was in.

He misses such a life.

It was such a simple thought.

Missing home.

A home that's in another world.

A world that he doesn't even know if he could possibly return to it.

Suddenly, Genji found a goal. Not some goal of living luxuriously here in the avatar world, but a goal to return to his Earth.

'It was fun while it lasted, but this place isn't somewhere I'd like to spend the rest of my life,' thought Genji as he smirked and decided to find a way to return to earth.

With the help of the system, he could get stronger, learn skills, and within these options, there's hope of being able to return home.

"Return… home…"

Yue looked at Genji with a stunned look after hearing Genji. She had forgotten about the fact that Genji has a home as well. A home he wishes to return to.

It might be in another nation or even with a group of people, but she knew that it wasn't here, in the Northern Water Tribe.

For a short fleeting moment, Yue felt sad.

She knew that Genji had to leave one day and she can't do much about it other than to see him leave one day.

A day that may come sooner than she wishes.

Sighing, Yue cheered herself back up and looked at Genji with a calm smile, "Alright. I've decided to help you. But only you, I won't be helping your 'partner' from the Fire Nation."

"That's great," said Genji as he nodded.

"However, it will take some convincing to mobilize the Northern Water Tribe," said Yue as she thought about how everyone else disliked the Northern Water Tribe.

Genji nodded and said, "Don't worry about that. I'll do the convincing. You just worry about stabilizing your hold over your new post."

Smiling, Yue said, "Thank you Genji… I don't know what I would have become if you hadn't appeared in my life. Because of you, I can waterbend! It's such a life changing moment in my life. Not just that, but you helped the entire Northern Water Tribe finally change and allow women to waterbend.

If you ever need anything, and I mean ANYTHING, then I will do everything I can to do it."

Genji refrained himself from laughing out loud.

'Anything? More like she was desperate to drag me into her bed,' thought Genji as he narrowed his eyes and did a quick sweep over Yue's sexy body covered in heavy clothing.

He had seen her naked body before, she had a very nice and tight ass, perky breasts, and a slim waist. Hell, Genji almost did something unthinkable when he had performing acupuncture on her.

If it wasn't for him activating Calm Mind to its full potential, he might have…

Genji smiled and leaned forward as he looked at Yue's eyes, "I'm sure you and I both already have something we desire."

Understanding Genji, Yue suddenly jumped into Genji's arms and planted a kiss on his lips. It was a little forceful at first, but they eventually began to kiss each other.

Their tongues jumped mouths and fought against each other, rolling in the mouths of each other.

Yue closed her eyes and seemed to relish the moment as she lost herself in the sweet and intoxicating kiss.

The kiss seemed to last hours and within twenty seconds, they both separated with a string of saliva still connecting them.

With a flushed face, Yue fell on Genji's chest with a dazed look.

Genji looked down at Yue and smirked, 'That's it… get addicted to this feeling…'

Bringing up one of his hands, Genji pinched Yue's chin between his forefinger and thumb before lifting her face and giving her another deep kiss that intoxicated her further.

Knock knock!

The sound of someone knocking failed to wake up Yue as she lost herself in the new and intoxicating kiss. Genji smiled and brought her into a hug and letting her rest within his arms.

He turned to the door and spoke.

"Who is it?"

"Genji? It's Pakku," confused as to why Genji answered, Pakku still responded nonetheless.

"Hm. What is it that you need?" asked Genji as he looked at the shut ice door.

"I have come to talk with Princess- ahem! Chieftess Yue… about the progress of integration of the women in the schools and into the council of elders… is Yue there?"

Pakku didn't feel any suspicion regarding Genji's presence in the Chief's room or the fact that Yue wasn't saying anything. Because of his 'status' and 'involvement' in the White Lotus, Pakku seemed to believe that no one within that group could be a 'bad' person or someone corrupt.

"She's here, she just feels a bit unwell," said Genji as he gave Yue another kiss on her lips and played with her tongue before playfully nibbling on her lips.



Suddenly, Yue moaned and fell onto the ground with a flushed face.


Pakku burst through the door with his Waterbending and quickly rushed to Yue's side whilst sending Genji a look.

"What happened?!"

"Nothing happened. I told you, she isn't feeling to well. She said she felt an intense cold and she fell onto the floor," said Genji as he looked at Yue with a 'concerned' look on his face.

Pakku felt a little suspicious but quickly blew it off before focusing on Yue who was looking very dazed.

"Don't worry I'll take care of her, you go and get the physician. I'm still not too well versed with the Palace," said Genji as he got close to Yue and did a quick check on her before looking over to Pakku.

Pakku, a bit suspicious of Genji, hesitated before nodding and leaving in a rush to go look for the physician.

'With a bit of acting, I bet even God can be fooled,' thought Genji as he looked at the disappearing Pakku as he quickly rushed out of the room.


Genji heard Yue mumble a bit whilst she looked at Genji with glossy eyes.

"You almost got us in trouble, Yue. To think you would cum from a simple kiss," said Genji as he looked into Yue's eyes with a sharp look in his eyes.

Covering her face with her hands, Yue began to regain her strength. However, the embarrassment didn't let her stand up. She stayed still and laid on the floor, looking up at Genji with her big and beautiful eyes.

'Now, let's restrain her a bit…'

"Looks like I will have to hold back on kissing you for a while now if you're that sensitive to kisses," Genji told Yue as she looked at him with a bit of misery in her eyes.

"Y-you can't do that…" she weakly mumbled as she looked at Genji.

"Then how about this… I will kiss you as a reward whenever you accomplish or do something good. And if you surpass my expectations, maybe something more…"

Genji smirked and eventually stood up after saying that. Yue looked at him with pleading eyes and could just watch as Genji stood back.

Tap tap tap…

Pakku returned with the physician a couple of seconds later, making Yue blush even more since she had been feeling well since the beginning. The physician might even find out that she had just orgasmed.

However, her worries were unnecessary as the physician concluded his short examination.

"Hm… it looks like the Chieftess is coming down with a cold. It's a good thing we found out this early…" said the physician as he stood up and looked at Pakku who shot Genji a side look.

The physician soon left and Pakku quickly turned to Genji before saying, "Take good care of the Chieftess, I will head on out to perform my duties."

Nodding, Genji walked over to the side and helped up Yue.

"H-how… did he not find out that…"

"That you orgasmed and weren't really sick? I just did a little trick," said Genji as pressed a certain spot on Yue's body before getting her to stand up.

Earlier when he crouched down to 'help' Yue when Pakku left, Genji had used his acupuncture skill to make it look like Yue was sick.

Now, it was all undone with a simple press on her body.

"I will leave you alone to relax and 'recover' now," said Genji as he smirked and glanced at Yue as he left the room.

Walking out of the palace, Genji finally felt fresh and free.

It had been a while since he had seen the world with his very own eyes. Not only that, but he has his Awakened Senses that enhance his eyes and his other senses to high degrees.

The world was brighter and filled with life, it made him think of the world differently ever since he removed the blindfold with ideas like 'life is precious'.

'It's such a bad thought to have when I literally have a system that gains a lot of experience from people who die at my hands,' thought Genji with a smirk. 'Shit is very confusing… I'll just continue to focus on my skill leveling for now to get them all to Expert.'

Genji stretched and was just about to head home when he heard something flapping in the air.

Usually he would ignore noises like these, but he heard this sound from further away. His strong hearing surprised him, causing him to look up into the sky.

There, he saw a Fire Nation hawk in the sky waiting for something.

Genji narrowed his eyes and noticed something strapped to it's back.