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What is Corrupting Worlds

Read ‘Corrupting Worlds’ Online for Free, written by the author Sinning_Sovereign, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ADVENTURE Fanfiction, R18 Fan Fiction, SYSTEM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Avatar: The Last Airbender***Transported to another world whilst sleeping, Genji found himself on a Fire Nation Ship.Wit...


Avatar: The Last Airbender *** Transported to another world whilst sleeping, Genji found himself on a Fire Nation Ship. Without knowing what is going on or why it happened, Genji could only rely on his knowledge and memories to guide him forward. With no goals in mind, Genji has to grow stronger and find a goal to strive to and become the strongest in the world of Avatar. if he wishes to live in peace and feel safe. However, is the Avatar World truly the only world he will be in? With a system in hand, will he really only remain tied to just a single world and keep himself chained down? *** Disclaimer: Unlike my other stories, this story might not contain any lemon, but just in case I end up writing one, I had left the r18 tag on it.

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Volume 1 :Avatar: The Last Airbender
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The Most Perfect "The Last Airbender" Fanfic That I Have Ever Read, such clarity & schemes, though world building is missing, along with drama, still it is the best fanfic I have read so far. Kudos To The Writer 😍🤩😍


It's a really good fic. Pacing, plot, Mc, writing... The only fault it has is its inconsistencies with numbers and leveling up. I would advice the author to change the system for any future projects and make it similar to "the dark wolf shiro"s newer works wherein abilities/traits are set in stone and not defined by numbers.


Rare Fanfiction of "ATLA" and even a good one what do you want more? In my opinion author checks on all points, The author handles the perfect balance to write an original story but still having the canon as a world background. These aspect of his/her fanfiction makes it very interesting to read bc it gives a kinda "small" world in the anime a bigger setting, As for Stability of Updates author may doesnt update as fast as other authors tho thats not the point in "stability". Also until now author also seems to continue on even tho RL issues are there hard to find here as of most ff get sadly dropped when RL happens. All in All its a great fanfiction and I hope to read more of it.


The mc transmigrates into “Avatar: The Last Airbender” as a foot soldier on Zuko’s ship before Aang awakens. For some reason, he has a hate bon*r for the Avatar gang. Things I like: - I like how the system is working. Fast skill leveling, op skills, etc. - Shifts in perspective allowing readers understand the character’s emotions. Things I dislike: - Behavior of the mc is a miss. He acts like a cringe flirt that gets beat up by mc’s in other novels. He constantly creates conflict then gets upset about the conflict. - Author forgetting details is another thing. Little spoiler — Mc goes to Kyoshi island and his excuse is that he got stranded in the ocean while fishing and that his ethnicity is Water tribe. The author forgot that he flaunted the handsomeness of the mc and his gold eyes as a Fire tribesmen when he introduced the mc. It honestly wasn’t for me. Not that the writing was bad, but little details kept adding up and annoying me. If the Mc’s personality was better and random plot holes were kept to a minimum, I would have enjoyed this.


Excellent as of eight chapters being out and certainly worth following. My only complaint is that the protagonist could be a tad bit smarter and recognize the capability of his system more and value of grinding a bunch of skills to level 20 for the stats. The only major thing wrong is the protagonist somehow thinks Suki, who is mid at best, is hotter than Ty Lee!


I tried to endure it, but the character design for MC is really not good. in no way would he have survived with all the stupid things he keeps doing, and his personality is complete garbage.


Work of a kid about a 'mature' man, yeah pretty much explains it.


Writing quality - meh Updating stability - above average Story development - ……did you have that? Seemed very loose and aimless with a generic “get stronger” drive. Character Design - garbage Genji sucks. Annoying and terrible planning World background - your system is terrible and exposed minimal knowledge of the world’s power levels


It's from mlt not because it feels like a Chinese novel, frogs and wells, and the fact that katara blushes as she blushes for her sworn enemy the fire nation if they saw the program they know that if they harm their loved ones she is a capable murderous psychopath whatever it is, it's not being a hater it's just that chinese fanfic novels glorify their protagonist and despise the main cast that is not a woman who will end up with the protagonist


MC is against sexists, what a good simp. I suspect that the author is a feminist woman or is in a relationship with someone who is a feminist and/or a socialist. [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]


well, I am not gonna lie, this novel has immense potential, but the past 10 or so chapters have been less then desirable. The Mc seems to have regressed inside of progressing, he seems to have lost his edge and is not making best of decisions. I used to enjoy reading this, like a lot but now it doesn't feel the same, the starting chapters are great, but at current pace the story is going towards its ruin, and the author also doesn't seem to be taking any criticism or he just flat out ignores the comments, many people seem to have been voicing their but have been ignored, so I don't think that he plans to improve, so I would say that read it casually, but don't get invested into it, you might get disappointed.


I like the story so far, although it's quite annoying at first but after 10+ chapters it's good story ......................................


After reading Ascending to Supremacy and heaven's gene I am sure that it is going to be another banger from Sovereign .So here is my review before reading and I will give another review after reading .


This novel is pretty good it's only at chapter 7 but I think any Avatar fan will enjoy it and even if you don't know the Avatar series you will still enjoy it. Hope the rest of the novel is just as good . The author only just posted this novel so it still needs to be edited and checked but if you look past that it's really not bad compered to most gamer/system fics.


not bad. quite good actually... dont mind me im just filling the minimal amount of characters for a review. anyway, pls dont drop this! i quite like this!


One of the few Avatar Fan Fictions i've read. although the updates are rather faulty rn, its as good as it is. just the irregularity of the update is the issue which the author can fix in his own schedule. Very good! i'm not good giving critics so i'll just spout nonsense and praise this little god of ours.


love the story espachely the development with azula genji can be less edgy thou ,and he needs to stope hating on avatar gang for no reason i understand him not trusting a group of 12 year olds to save the world but hating them is too much


............................................................................... I like the story so far ...............................................................................


................................ This novel is pretty good and I think any Avatar fan will enjoy it and even if you don't know the Avatar series you will still enjoy it. ................................


I like the story so far here is five stars to keep you going I hope you keep the quality of the story up and I hope that it will reach its inevitable conclusion.


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