Comparing The Two Lokis, The God Of Story Is Shocking And Diverse!

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What is Comparing The Two Lokis, The God Of Story Is Shocking And Diverse!

Read Comparing The Two Lokis, The God Of Story Is Shocking And Diverse! fanfiction written by the author Big_Eve on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Movies fanfic stories, covering magic, superpowers, overpowered, marvel, avengers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The comparison character is Loki!In the original world, Loki was emotionally extreme and was not only exploited by Thanos, but also caused his mother to die from the invasion of dark elves because of a word of revenge!He was afraid of being alone, but lost himself. When he woke up, he died at the hands of Thanos!But the other Loki was different from the beginning!Not only did he know how to think about himself and understand the world at a young age.He is also extremely talented, not only can he control the Runes, but he can also awaken the power of ice!And he also created all magic and became the master of magic!till the end!Time becomes his throne!Order and chaos are his servants!The dream turns into a shadow behind you!The story of the Almighty Universe….written by Him! !

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Waste of time, the grammer is effed, the character names are jumbled, sometimes chinese and sometimes the name itself is changes to something else entirely, way too many exclamation marks and the characters are shown as stupid two dimensional characters. I honestly do not recomend reading this to save your brail cells.


Honestly the best Loki fic I have read. They actually explore magic the world and other things. I just wish the updating was faster. Keep up the good work.


Just start reading it and I dare say that you wont't regret picking up this one.


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