Chuunibyou Challenge!! Book

novel - Fantasy

Chuunibyou Challenge!!


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  • 75 Chs

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Chuunibyous are weirdos who believe in the supernatural. But, what's to say the supernatural doesn't exist? Matt Lewin, a former Chuuni, decides to live a normal life after a traumatic experience in High School. He becomes a college student and his life is going pretty smoothly... until he is once again thrust into the madness of his past. After meeting someone he used to know, Violet, he discovers the hidden truth of existence, and the role he has to play to protect it. The world is divided into two parallels; Reality and Fiction, and the barrier between the two is collapsing. It is now up to the very Chuunibyous who are despised by the world, to save it. Confronted with this very precarious choice, what path will Matt take? Will he continue his mundane college life? Or... will he join the Chuunibyou Challenge and save the world? * * * The first few chapters are slow-paced, but they build up to a very good payoff. I would advise readers to read the first five or six chapters before deciding whether they would like to continue.