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Thank you for the support! Kindly check my other work ‘EGOTISTIC’ [EXPLICIT 18+, nsfw, mature content] ‘No one can predict where life will take you or which direction your boat will sail. Despite the carefully crafted plans for a smooth journey, you'll never know what might happen along the way’ Ezra, a young man who decided to end his life due to depression and long unhealed trauma, suddenly woke up back in a familiar place, he opened his eyes wide, having a hard time processing what had just happened. He was dead, 100% sure, so why he woke up again to his life in two years ago? Anxiety and doubt mixed together to create fear within his chest, not to mention that there were so many things that were constantly changing, some things that were happening were so different from his previous life. Especially with his childhood friend— Raphael. He realized the hungry eyes the man was giving him, he had never paid much attention to it in his previous life but now—the way Raphael was looking at him with greed and adoration—Things were getting more and more complicated. "Which one is the truth?" Should Ezra take this chance to fix his past? Or should he remain drowned in guilt over his trauma? [Note : I wont give a warning for the 18+ scene, I will give a warning for a sensitive content]


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