42 Elena’s Side Of Things


Elena walked inside her classroom with an expressionless face. It wasn't obvious, but she was feeling rather sleepy, and only wanted to go back home already to play her favorite game and laze around. She actually hated school and how boring it was, and sometimes hoped that her mother could let her dedicate her adulthood to playing the game and making money out of it… But she also knew that her mother was working very hard to save money for her college, so it was very unlikely that her mother would ever allow her to do such a thing.

As she entered the classroom and took out her yarn hat and her gloves, her beautiful hair and fair hands were revealed to the rest of her classmates who were around the classroom talking and socializing. When they noticed her, everybody fell silent for a bit and various girls around the room glanced at her.

"Ah, here she is…"

"Elena looks as cute as ever…"

"How can she keep her hair so silky?"

"She looked adorable with that yarn hat…"

Elena didn't really hear their murmurs nor did she care about what anybody spoke about. She often thought that they looked at her because she was a silent and asocial girl, however it turned out to be wrong. It was mostly because of her beauty and gracefulness which she was unaware of. In fact, she was often called "Class Goddess" for a reason, and even other classes envied this class because they had such a pretty girl. Everybody thought and agreed that Elena could become a famous supermodel or a Hollywood star in the future. Her looks alone would allow such a thing.

…However, if they were to know that the girl they all praised was only interested in playing MMO games, their entire perception of her would probably crumble. Of course, they knew that she had a friend here, the one everybody kind of envied and was jealous of, Anna.

"Elenaaaa! Come sit at my side!"

The red-haired girl called Elena and ignored all the stares from the rest of the girls. They were all envious of her but unlike the bold Anna, nobody had the courage of speaking to the Class Goddess like Anna did, and never were able to form a friendship with her… Many got too nervous around her, and this was often why Elena sometimes thought that her classmates hated her because they never spoke to her.

Elena smiled faintly at her friend.

The sight melted the hearts of everybody, but immediately faltered as they quickly realized Elena smiled all for the sake of Anna! Their hate for her only grew bigger, and yet they couldn't do anything.

Or rather, they chose not to.

This academy was a private school where mostly girls with big families with a lot of money came to study and so they repressed their jealousy. Bullies were uncommon as they were all taught to be ladies, at most there would be verbal abuse, but Anna ignored them for the most part because Elena was her world.

"Good morning." said Elena as she sat down beside her best friend.,

Anna made everybody almost faint when she greeted Elena with a hug and even gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Mooch! How are you today?" Anna greeted. .

All of the girl's eyes widened. How could Anna do that?! It was blasphemy! Kissing the cheek of the Class Goddess made every girl in the class, for a faint moment, want to kill Anna as agonizingly as possible. They were very jealous to the point of insanity. Elena was way too beautiful and graceful for someone like Anna to taint her… yet it had been years since Anna became Elena's friend, actually almost four years by now, and they seemed quite inseparable.

Luckily for Anna, they didn't want to upset Elena or get on her bad side. Most of the girls usually didn't bully Anna for that reason, although sometimes some of the more temperamental girls couldn't contain themselves and verbally abused her.

Whenever that happened, Elena often gave her classmates an ominous glare. And so with her expressionless face and sharp eyes, it quickly shut them down. She was both beautiful and scary, and also overly protective of Anna.

"Do you really have to be so affectionate?" Sighed Elena as her cheeks turned red.. She was used to the overly expressive Anna, hugging and kissing (in the cheek) between friends wasn't abnormal, but Elena always felt embarrassed over such physical interactions.

"Heheh, you look as cute as ever today~ So how are you?" said Anna with a warm smile, her smile often soothed Elena's heart.

"I'm good… I… I had a few problems with mom this morning, but it was resolved." said Elena.

"Gah…! D-Don't tell me you fought with your mom?! You shouldn't! She's such an angel!" Cried Anna as she tried to make some sense of the situation.She often disliked how Elena was so expressionless and cold with her mother despite them being so nice and cute, a total opposite to Anna's mother.

"Eh? No, I didn't fight with my mother… Please let me finish and listen to what I am about to say instead of interrupting me midway through like you always do." Elena sighed.

"Ah…! S-Sorry…" said Anna.

"Anyways, my mother… Well, she had a few problems this morning. She was… When I woke up I heard her crying." said Elena.

"C-Crying?" Anna asked in surprise.

Elena glanced at her with a bored and angered stare, shutting her down for interrupting her again. When she was positive that Anna wouldn't interrupt, Elena continued speaking to her best and only friend.

"Yeah, she was crying… I thought something happened to her but when I went into her room she was just crying. She said she had a dream where… she dreamed about my father, so that made her cry a lot… Sigh…" Elena sighed.

"O-Oh… Poor Miss Elayne, she's such an angel, I wouldn't be able to bear seeing her cry…" said Anna.

"Hm… I-I tried to comfort her because I also couldn't bear… seeing my cheerful mother like this…" said Elena.

"You did good…" said Anna with a warm smile. "Is she okay now?"

"Yeah… She forced me to hug her over the bed for a bit…" said Elena.

"How cute!" said Anna. "Imagining you two cuddling together in bed is so cute…!"

"S-Stop it!" said Elena angrily, getting embarrassed.

"Hehe, even though you're so silent sometimes you really love your mommy, don't you~?" Anna asked teasingly.

"…Of course I love her." said Elena while blushing and averting her gaze. "She's the only person I have left…"

"Eeeh? What about me?!" Anna asked while feeling down.

"Agh, you don't count… I meant family." said Elena.

"Oh! But what about your grandparents?" Wondered Anna.

"I haven't seen them in a while, they live in the countryside so it takes very long to get there… But mom said that for vacations we are getting there…" said Elena. "Ah, do you want to come with us?"

"Eh? R-Really?!" Asked Anna. The moment Elena invited her best friend to spend vacations with her in the countryside, everybody lost their shit and were about to crucify Anna.

"Yeah… You don't want to?" Elena asked. Her disappointed expression, the way her eyes dimmed a little were so beautiful and adorable that Anna's heart skipped a beat.

"O-Of course I want! Gladly!" said Anna.

"Nice. That way we can play together." said Elena.

"Oi, don't tell me you're just planning on wasting all the vacations inside your room playing a game, right?" Anna asked, a bit disappointed.

"Isn't that how vacations are? I did that in the last one." said Elena.

"Seriously this girl…" Anna sighed. She was also quite addicted to games but not as much as Elena, her best friend was just in a completely different level of addiction.

Before the girls could continue with their conversation, the teacher entered the room and started their classes. For the rest of the three hours they spent doing boring math classes.

Elena was able to solve most problems easily, but would often not show them to the teacher.

Unfortunately for her, the teachers in the school were all fond of her and knew how much of a genius she was, so they always asked her about any of the subjects of the class, where she would be forced to answer correctly, which left everybody more impressed by both her beauty and intellect…

However she didn't know that. Deep down, Elena had begun to think that the teachers had some sort of hate against her by always calling her to recite, unaware they were just as fascinated as the classmates, but more in the academic aspect of her talents.

When lunch break finally came around, Elena took out her wooden bento box with her hot food inside. It was able to retain its warmth because it was tightly wrapped around by cloth. Elena removed several pieces of cloth, and when she opened it, a beautiful lunch awaited her.

Rice, small pieces of fish, sausage, pickled veggies, and egg beautifully decorated the rice, making a cute smiling face with some cherry tomatoes as the eyes… her mother always did this.

"Ooh! Look at that lunch…" said Anna, she only had a sandwich she brought in a nearby convenience store and a soda. Elena even brought some tea made by her mother as well, sweetened with honey.

"You want some? I don't like the cherry tomatoes…" said Elena.

"R-Really?" Anna asked.

"Hm." said Elena while nodding, as she picked up one of the tomatoes with chopsticks, which she had grown accustomed to using as her father, a weeb, taught her how to use them, and offered it to Anna.

Anna blushed a bit. Wasn't being offered food like this only something couples did though?! Nonetheless, she gulped down her saliva and accepted Elena's food, who was offering it expressionlessly, probably without realizing the implications it meant.

"Ahh~ Nom… Ooh, so fresh and juicy…" said Anna, devouring the cherry tomato happily. Elena smiled a bit, finding Anna's expressions cute.

"Here's the other." said Elena, pushing down the last cherry tomato into Anna's mouth.

"Guh… You don't have to be in such a hurry… nom, nom…" said Anna, squinting her eyes a bit.

The rest of the classmates were already furious, although Elena didn't notice anything, Anna could see all the classmates of the classroom that had not gone out during the break generating ominous auras…

"Alright, that's it…! I-I cannot bear this anymore!" Muttered one of the girls within her friend group. A beautiful blonde girl with aquamarine eyes and hair made into twin tails clicked her tongue. If one looked at her some more, they'd notice that she had quite a matured body, a big chest that struggled keeping itself tightly beneath her shirt, and wide hips. She was another of the Class Goddesses, although a lesser one compared to Elena.

"W-Wait, Elisa!"

"S-She really went there…"

Her friends looked at the blonde girl run towards Elena and Anna. Anna noticed her immediately approaching them, while Elena didn't see her as her back faced towards the girl.

Undeterred, Elisa suddenly poked Elena's shoulder with her index finger rather annoyedly.

"What do you want? Don't you see that we're eating?" Asked Anna angrily, being overly rude.

Elena finally noticed Elisa and looked at her."Hm?"

Elisa ignored Anna's intimidating words as she looked at Elena while blushing, containing her embarrassment of talking to such a talented and beautiful girl that her own aura was overwhelming to her, her emotions had gotten the best of her.

Elena thought she was somewhat angry for some reason, feeling like she would have to deal with some unwanted drama…

"Elena! I've gotten enough of this already! I cannot just let this girl be your only friend! S-So how about it? I'll give you the… P-Privilege of becoming my friend as well!" said Elisa, completely lacking common sense. It was obvious she was raised in a rich family where she always thought that she was the protagonist of the world… She couldn't bear seeing Anna being spoiled by Elena, so she was the only bold enough, mostly due to her background, to ask Elena directly to become her friend.

"Friend…? I've barely spoken with you ever before, Elisa…" said Elena while raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"W-We can talk some more!" said Elisa, sitting at Elena's side. If it wasn't because she was so pretty she would look like a creep. In truth, Elena had known her since she entered this high school but Elisa's every attempt at becoming her friend failed because of Elena's lack of interest for her.

"You're so annoying! Get out!" said Anna, being quite possessive of her friend.

"Y-You don't own her!" said Elisa. "A-And also, look…" Elisa smiled maliciously back at Anna before she then showed her phone to Elena.

"I got to know you play a certain VR game!" said Elisa. "A-Are you interested in this item?"

"T-That's…!" Elena muttered.


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