505 Beating Some Bullies Without Realizing


I tested my new World Boss Skill and aimed at a place that only had low level monsters to see its total destructive power, the results were amazing, a huge explosion happened in the middle of the Wild Grasslands.


"Ooh, it is pretty strong-"


[Your Attack has landed on some Players whose PVP Status was activated.]

[You have killed Player: Jasmin12]

[You have killed Player: Hector99]

[You have killed Player: DarkerNights34]

[You have killed Player: NoCapMage69]

[You have killed Player: Guild Master RedHanded88]!]

[You've annihilated the Guild: [Red Knife]!]

[You earned 120000 EXP]


However… something surprised me. Right in front of me, the System showed that I had killed… six players, and all of them belonged to the same, small Guild named Red Knife! What in the world?!

I thought Players were often with their PVP mode off, were these people always on their PVP on?! Not even my daughter who is a PVP Junkie does this!


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