Boy, bye!: His Wife Is Hot Like Fire Book

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Boy, bye!: His Wife Is Hot Like Fire


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With Pepper Hart, you can count on two things - She always get want she wants and you will most definitely cry yourself to sleep after encountering her. Her life is perfect. She got class. She was fun. She is the boss…Kind of. After draining her life savings to buy a beautiful house at the right side of town with hopes of a promotion, Pepper was passed over. Now she has two missions, making the man that got her promotion cry as often as humanly possible and getting the perfect roommate. Except her grandparents were board certified crazy and are going out of their way to set her up with a man...or woman, If Gigi and Gramps can find a hermaphrodite they would set Pepper up with them. Now, Gramps is dying and all he wants is a son in law and Pepper has to pull a one in a lifetime miracle…find the perfect man. But the perfect man wasn't Pepper's dream; all she wanted was the perfect roommate. But after her best friend jokingly suggests she enters in a contract marriage with her roommate in exchange for a reduced rent. Pepper hart jumped on the offer. It was the perfect solution except there was a teeny weenie problem. Pepper Hart forced the wrong person into marrying her and now he wants a real marriage. Can Asher tame the wild beast or will Pepper burn him to crisp? *************** "Asher!" "Honey… I am home" The man Pepper got married to earlier said with a big old smile. Pepper screamed louder. Asher watched the woman in front of him and he watched his wristwatch. Great! It's been two minutes and her mouth was still open and his eardrum was about to be damaged. He grabbed her shoulders and he rubbed his hand in a parallel motion on them. "Stop. Screaming!" He begged her but Pepper just kept on screaming. Taking a deep breath, Asher pressed his mouth into hers to shut her up. It was night and people might call the cops if she kept yelling like she just saw a cockroach in her oatmeal. Pepper’s eyes were wide open as the shock of being kissed without permission went through her. She simply stomped Asher's foot as hard as he could and he stopped kissing her. "Ouch! That really hurts" Asher complained while he hopped on one foot. "You don't kiss me without prior permission, pervert or touch me or breathe. In fact right this moment, you should minimize how much air you take in, in my expensive apartment" Pepper waved her hand as she talked. "God! You must have been a general in the army in your past life. That or you were Cinderella's stepmom" Asher finally stopped hopping. "What are you doing here?" Pepper asked him. "Yeah! I think we got married...for real" Asher whispered to her like it was a secret he was trying to keep from getting out. "I know I was there" Pepper yelled like she was disgusted. Asher waited about two seconds for her to feel whatever she was feeling before he made his proposition. "I want an annulment, darling wife. Staying married to you will reduce my lifespan considerably" Asher had a straight face and he nodded like it made perfect sense. Pepper clasped her hand together as she thought of a solution to their dilemma. "Annulment...no, I can't give you that until Angel Michael let's my Gramps into heaven. Apparently, he is unfulfilled and…" pepper was interrupted by Asher. "Wait! Gramps is still alive?" Asher asked her. Cover is not mine. Credit goes to the rightful owner and if the owner wants me to take it down, just say the word.