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Born in Blood


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His mother died when she gave birth to him, his father a physically abusive alcoholic. Life is not kind to Darius King. Darius would have dreams of being in a world of magic, but alas, his dreams would always end. He hated life, and life hated him, so he ended both his and his father's. When reincarnating into a peasant-like lifestyle as Liam, in the town of Ucladd, Darius realizes he has entered the world of cultivation! With his ambitious, ruthless, and curious nature combining into one, he paves a bloody path to power. Shifting his gaze from the Earth towards the Sky, nothing will stop him on his path for strength. "I will touch the stars... or die trying." ==================== Note: NO R-18, R**e, Romance or pre-marital handholding. I take no pleasure in writing such things. There's a bunch of killing and gruesome descriptions though. The novel is a bit slow in the first chapters, but after that, it picks up and gets significantly better. Also, the power system is similar to BotDS, but I've asked the author for permission to use it. It's also heavily inspired my writing, but the beginning is where its most prevalent. Discord: due to spam bots joining, the server is invite only. My discord tag is: covidcandy I welcome criticism and feedback with open arms, as long as it's actual advice. Note, if your review has any spoilers without the spoiler tag, I will have to delete it. One last note, if you're going to, please don't buy privilege by the end of the month since it'll reset at the starting of every month. Art is not mine - source: no clue. Please comment if you want me to take it down.