Blood Bound to Elias

[Warning: Mature Content R18+] "My blood is keeping you alive, so from today onwards...you belong to me." - Elias Stone --------- Do you know the story of the boy who cried wolf? Amaira was the girl who cried, vampire! Of course, no one believed her because vampires don't exist, but how else would you explain what she saw that night? Her sexy and handsome neighbor, Elias Stone devouring a woman's exposed neck! "You're crazy!" they said. "Stop reading so many weird books!" they said. But Amaira knew what she saw and she was going to prove it! After many failed attempts, she finally got into his house disguised as a babysitter for his baby brother, Kenneth. 'Don't put your hand near the baby's mouth was the only rule given to her by Mr. and Mrs. Stone, but what choice did she have when the baby started choking on God knows what? Amaira stuck her finger in baby Kenneth's mouth and one bite from him changed her life forever because it was how she became a ghoul and ended up being bound to the devil. ----- Excerpt They told her to stay away, he was unstable under the curse of the red moon, but being bound to him, Amaira could feel how much he needed her and could hear his voice in her head begging her to come to him. Without seeing her, Elias could tell she was there when a surge of sexual desire infiltrated his body. "You shouldn't be here?" he started, keeping his gaze solely on the ground. "I could hurt you." Despite his warning, Amaira didn't leave but instead went closer to him. "Look at me, Elias." When he rose his head to look at her, she met his red eyes with her blue ones, "You won't hurt me." With those words, Amaira slipped off her coat before pulling her turtleneck blouse over her head and unhooking her bra. Her jeans went after, shortly followed by her lace panties. She was fully exposed in front of the horny devil chained to the wall. His hunger for her increased tenfold, but while the rest of his body betrayed him, words of concern still managed to leave his lips, "You'll freeze to death." Amaira had no idea what took over her, but all she knew was that she needed to please him. She smiled innocently before tracing the bulge in his pants with her index finger, "Then how about you warm me up?" {This story contains r-18+ explicit content, BDSM, horror, and gore} [Please check the author's review before proceeding to the story :)] Check out my other novels: Never A Bride [Ongoing] Blood and Butterflies [Ongoing] Let's connect: Instagram: dolly_.roma Discord: DollyRoma#7887 ** The beautiful cover art belongs to me and was commissioned by elkshan (Find her on Instagram)

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Two supernatural brothers

The ghoul Katherine's husband became charged towards Oliver, angrier than ever and even more disgusting looking since a large amount of its skin remained in the wall upon it freeing itself.

Blood was dripping everywhere and saggy flesh fell in its wake, but the creature was no weaker than when its body was more stable and wholesome.

A yellow ring formed around Oliver's irises and the once fast approaching creature slowed drastically. After barely a second of using one of his brother's abilities, Oliver was reverting to his original appearance starting with his hair which was slowly returning to its platinum blonde color.

"I can't hold this form for long, Elias, it's in your best interest to wake up now," Oliver urged.

Elias' eyes opened shortly after and a blush rose to his cheeks when the first thing he saw was Amaira's beautiful, sleeping face. 'She looks so peaceful,' he thought as he admired her, completely forgetting the situation they were in.

The rhythmic beating of her heart calmed him and made him feel relaxed, a little bit too relaxed because he was about to fall asleep yet again.


He shot right back up and that's when he finally acknowledged the crisis at hand. Elias looked at Oliver with a disturbed expression on his face, "I seriously hate when you do that, it creeps me out."

Oliver rolled his eyes, "Just shut up and come eat this thing."

Elias grimaced, "No, it looks disgusting."

"This is not the time to be picky, brother," Oliver argued.

"But it's gross, just looking at it makes my stomach churn. Would you eat that?"

"If it's to save my life then I most certainly would." Oliver hmphed, "I wouldn't be such a baby about it."

Katherine watched in confusion and shock as the brothers continued to bicker. 'How can they argue at a time like this?'

The ghoul's movements were picking up speed, but it seemed Katherine was the only one noticing. "G-Guy's it's not moving slowly anymore," she stuttered out, but she was being ignored.

Katherine's will to survive this traumatizing ordeal overpowered her fear of the two supernatural brothers she had the bad luck of encountering as her bravery skyrocketed.

'I'm not dying here because of these idiots!' she yelled in her head and was going to yell at them to stop bickering and focus on the matter at hand, but the room fell dead silent in a fraction of a second as two pairs of red eyes found her in the corner.

A shiver ran up her spine under their gaze and even her knees started quivering as the temperature of the room seemed to have drastically declined to a zero degree celsius reading.

Katherine was so terrified of her fate now that even her inside voice was stuttering as she thought, 'I-I didn't even say anything, w-why are they so angry?'

Oliver kept his eyes on her even as his Elias form completely disappeared and he became stark naked once more. The creature lunged at him, but it was stopped by Elias who threw himself on top of it.

With his sharp teeth, he took one of the creature's arms first, ripping it entirely from its body. He smirked as he stared smugly at the deformed face of the struggling creature, "Great, now we're even."

"Please pardon my nakedness, Mrs. Hendrix," Oliver told the horrified woman while approaching her. "I do not wish for you to remember any of this," he started while stooping down to her level and staring into her eyes, "I want you to forget all that you saw."

Katherine looked at him with her eyes filled with tears, "F-Forget? You want me to forget? How can I forget something like this?!" She sobbed loudly as she continued, "My husband was tortured and turned into a monster by you demons right in front of my eyes! How dare you ask me to forget?"

Oliver was taken aback by her reaction since he was actually compelling her to forget, not asking her to. "There's Mimosa Pudica in her blood, she can't be compelled," Elias told him with a full mouth.

Oliver grimaced, "Don't speak with your mouth full, brother, it's disgraceful."

"Says the guy walking around in someone else's home butt naked."

Oliver quickly dressed his lower half, "Now you're the only one being disgraceful."

Elias rolled his eyes, "So, what are you planning to do about her? Kill her?"

"Please, don't, I'll do anything," Katherine immediately started to plea, but she was silenced by Oliver putting his finger to her trembling lips.

"I won't kill you," he quietly told her as he caressed her hair.

Katherine calmed staring into his gentle silver eyes, and for a fraction of a second, she forgot he was a monster and just admired how good-looking he was.

Elias' laughter shook her out of her stupor and their eyes fell on him. He waved his bloody hand about dismissively from where he sat devouring her husband, "Don't mind me, just heard something funny."

Panic filled Katherine's heart again and instead of calming her first as he did before, Oliver hit her head against the chest of drawers she was seated beside hard enough to knock her out without bruising her head.

He got up from his stooped position, "When she wakes she will think of all this as a terrible nightmare."

"You're too merciful, Oliver."

"And you're not merciful enough."

"I returned your Anabel to you," Elias started. "That's enough good I've done for one day."

A teasing smile rose to his lips, "By the way, how scandalous that you were having an affair with the woman playing the role of momma vampire."

Oliver ignored his brother's teasing and quickly changed the topic before a blush could rise to his cheeks. "You look like your old self again."

Elias' arm regenerated, but that wasn't all, he had a darker skin complexion and even his hair was longer. His appearance from a century and a half ago fully returned, but still not all of his strength.

Elias opened and closed his fists, "That was one strong ghoul, the vampire that created it must be incredibly strong."

"Kenneth was taken and Helen must've already started spreading the word, they now know that you've been released," Oliver commented.

"They'll come after you," he added.

Elias smirked, "I know, which is why we're getting the family back together. The original Stone family."

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